The Players

(Photo taken 2019, copyright held by: Robert L. Vaessen)
Pictured: From left to right - Player (playing)

Pete (Xaltor); Sean (Phulleigh); Stephen (Garreck);
Kim (Wistari-Rainn); Robert (Campaign master / Dungeon Master);
Floyd (Vern); Tim (Kasha); Brent (Phineas)
Note: For up to date listing of players, see the Players page.

The current campaign began on 02 November 2019.
Next game date: 11 Jul, 2020

(The f2f meetings on 4 & 18 April were cancelled, due to the COVID-19 'Stay at home' Executive order issued for Colorado by Gov. Jared Polis. As of 18 April, we are now continuing our campaign using 'Online' gaming options/applications (Discord & Roll20)).

3e Campaign
Rob's World! - A 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons® campaign

My cousin Eric introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons back in 1976, and I've been playing and DM'ing D&D® campaigns ever since. It's my hobby, it's my passion, it's a way to pass the time. The 3rd edition (and 3.5) is just another evolution of the game.

Listed below, and on the pages that follow, are some of the details regarding the current campaign. Hopefully it'll entertain a few of my players. Maybe you'll find something you can adapt to fit your campaign. One thing's for sure though. We'll have one hell of a good time playing the game!

(Distribution of some files is limited through the use of passwords. Passwords are used due to copyright concerns. If you're a member of my campaign, you've already got the required password(s). If you're not, don't bother asking).


Journal - An adventurer's journal. The story of the characters in our campaign. Written by a bunch of different players/characters. The journal is broken down by adventures, and each journal is updated after each meeting. If you'd like to keep up to date on the adventures of our characters, this is the place to visit. Direct link to journals from the Xterminators (adventures started on the date of 12 Janus, 1008 / real-world date 19 October, 2019.

3rd Edition feats - Some Dragon Magazine feats, modifications to official PHB feats and several original feats concocted by me and the players in my campaign. This rules supplement also contains expanded skills rules, character traits, flaws, and spells researched by characters in our campaign. Since this document contains some fully quoted, copyrighted materials, I've password protected the pdf file. Campaign members have the password.

Product Key - Wizard's of the Coast produced many products, modules, rule books, supplements, etc. Referring to each book by its full title; ex: "Masters of the Wild: A Guidebook to Barbarians, Druids, and Rangers" can get a bit tedious and overly wordy. Thankfully, WotC has produced a product key that they (and others) can use as an 'Official' product abbreviations reference. If you/players in your campaign need access to such a product key, I've made it available here (in a reformatted form/adding my house rules references to the document).

Weapons - Weapons related data for use in the campaign. When a weapon exists in the official rules, use these weapons rules (house rules) instead of the listings in the official rule books (released by Wizards of the Coast). If a weapon exists in the official rules, but is not listed here, use the statistics from the official rules.

3ewpnpfc.pdf - 3rd Edition weapons preface in pdf format. Description of statistics/columns on weapons list. - House rules

3ewpnlst.pdf- 3rd Edition weapons list in pdf format. Statistics for all of the weapons available in the campaign. - House rules

3ewpntxt.pdf - 3rd Edition weapons text in pdf format. Detailed description and explanation of each weapon on the weapons list. - House rules

weapons.html - 3rd edition weapons listing. See the statistics for all the campaigns weapons. Plus download links for the weapons data/listing in various formats. - House rules

Rules - House rules for our 3rd Edition (3E) Face-to-Face (f2f) campaign. Like any other D&D campaign, the campaign that I DM is a combination of official rules and house rules. I do not use all the ‘official’ rules, and one should not assume that I use a particular rule. If you suspect, or are unsure about any particular rule, please be sure to ask me. I’ll give you the lowdown on any and all the rules that you have questions about. Most of the house rules that I have developed were created by me, but I’m not averse to using good house rules from other sources. I only implement house rules when I find that the official rules make no sense at all, are overly burdensome, or are lacking in depth or playability. If you know of a house rule which has improved game play in your experience, and think it could improve my campaign, please let me know. I’ll take anything into consideration. If you notice any discrepancies, or would like to suggest changes, please email me.

Errata - Collections of corrections for printed material. In this case, Wizards of the Coast publishes Errata for the official D&D game material at the website. Under most circumstances, errata are considered to be official rules. The only exceptions to this general rule are instances where errata contradicts an established house rule. When that happens, the DM will have to determine whether to retain, modify or reject the affected rule(s). Here you will find a listing of errata which affect our campaign. Some are unchanged official errata, and some are original errata composed by me to address issues noted during game play.

Concordium - Also known as 'The Articles'. This document is used by the characters in order to help govern the adventurers group that they've formed. It includes a rudimentary set of laws, bylaws and rules which helps define issues, resolve conflicts, and clarify purpose. Not to be confused with the generic concordium posted outside these campaign specific materials; this concordium has been specifically tailored by the players in this group.

New Who's Who - In Nov of 2019, our campaign had a 'reset' of sorts. We started over with all new 1st level characters, and many new players. As these characters constituted a new group of adventurers with no connection to the previous groups, we started over fresh with a new "Who's Who?" listing. Here is a 'New' listing of Player and Non-Player characters for our 3rd Edition (3.5) f2f D&D Campaign (from Nov of 2019 to present). This listing includes description of all the major characters encountered in our campaign. Note that there may be duplicates here (some of the same characters as those listed in the Who's Who? listing above), but we've created this new listing specifically for the characters after our Nov 2019 'reset', in order to help avoid Player knowledge.

Who's Who - Here you will find a list of all the Player and Non-player characters in our 3rd Edition f2f campaign (from 2003 - Nov of 2019). This listing includes descriptions of all the major characters encountered in our campaign (Both Player characters and Non-Player characters are listed here).

Where Now - This is a listing of places in the Rob's World! Face-to-Face (f2f) D&D® campaign. This listing includes places the characters have visited (See the Journals). The locations of adventures in the realms. Caves, Forests, Dungeons, Towns, Hamlets and Keeps. The settings of high adventure. Tunadholm's last stand, the bridge over Wintercloak, The Cube of Nth. Those places which will live on in the memories of our characters.

New Monsters Known - In Nov of 2019, our campaign had a 'reset' of sorts. We started over with all new 1st level characters, and many new players. As these characters constituted a new group of adventurers with no connection to the previous groups, we started over fresh with a new "Monsters" listing. Here is a 'New' listing of Creatures & Monsterse known and encounterd by the characters (from Nov of 2019 to present). This listing includes brief descriptions of the creatures encountered. Intelligent NPC monsters/villains are not listed here. They are listed under 'The New Who's Who? listing above.

Monsters Known - Here is a listing of all Creatures/Monsters known and encountered by the characters (from 2003 - Nov of 2019). This listing includes brief descriptions of the creatures encountered. Intelligent NPC monsters/villains are not listed here. They are listed under 'The Who's Who? listing above.

Monster 'Types' - Here is a listing of common monster types. A player who’s character has knowledge of a monster ‘Type’ may download the hyper-linked document(s), print them, and consult them in game. If a character has knowledge of a specific ‘Subtype’, the player (of that character) may likewise keep copies of the relevant information for use during the game. Types associated with relevant Knowledge skill(s):

Knowledge skill Creature Type(s)
Arcana constructs, dragons, magical beasts
Dungeoneering aberrations, oozes
Local humanoids
Nature animals, fey, giants, monstrous humanoids, plants, vermin
Religion undead
The planes outsiders, elementals

Information on monster types and subtypes is also available in the Monster Manual(s). Whenever possible, the most recent rule book should be consulted. Additional information on 'Types', 'Subtypes' and 'Templates' is available at the Wizards website under the 'Rules of the Game' archive.

Races - Here are some campaign specific races (just one for now, but I'm planning on and working on three additional races). These races are available for use by players in our campaign. Some are available to visitors as well. Restricted use files (in pdf format) are password protected.

stonegnome.pdf - A new race of Gnomes for use in our campaign. Created/conceived of by a player in our group, these Gnomes will 'Rock' your world!

hakheerian.pdf - A new race of four-armed humanoids for use in our campaign. Created/conceived of by the Dungeon Master (Robert L. Vaessen).

Index cards - We use 3 x 5 index cards to keep track of the characters important equipment. Here's the rule, reasons, and format for the 3 x 5 index cards used in our campaign.


Any use of trademarks or copyright material on these web pages should not be viewed as a challenge to those trademarks/copyrights. Such materials are used without authorization, endorsement, or specific permission. Any commercial use of trademarks or copyrighted material without express permission is prohibited. Under no circumstances is any of this material to be made available for profit or compensation in any form. Some files have been password protected due to more stringent copyright concerns.

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