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Linked from this page are journal entries and notes we've been keeping. A recap of the party's encounters, adventures and journeys in "Rob's World!" - A 3rd edition D&D campaign world. Someone or somebody thought it'd be a good idea to write it all down. Just in case we might need it for some reason. Plus, I thought it might entertain you. So anyway, here it is.

Written by: A bunch of different folks. Players, Characters, Dungeon Master.


- ajournal01.html: The first adventure. The origin of the group, character intro's, introduction to the sponsor/host. The group goes on it's first quest. The party is sent to recover a set of books for 'X'. The lost island of Castanamir.

- ajournal02.html: The second adventure. Back in Willip, some departures, a new addition, and a new beginning. Off to investigate some strange goings on. The party investigates The Mysterious village of Orlane.

- ajournal03.html: This portion of the Journal chronicles our adventurers quest to find a Dwarven relic. The party has been hired to find the Rondolim, an axe of legendary might. Leaders of a Dwarven army feel that the Rondolim is their best weapon in an upcoming battle against a horde of Orcs and Goblins. Will the party recover the weapon in time to make a difference, or will the Dwarven army be slaughtered by the overwhelming horde? Follow our adventurers as they explore Tunadholm's Legacy.

- ajournal04.html: Our intrepid adventurers decided to assist a monastic order and it's leader. It was something of a mystery. A secret conspiracy. An enigma involving a bestiary, a meteorite, and the 'Books of Prophecy'. The adventure went well and you can read all about it by perusing the journal entries enclosed within. Check here for a map of the area where this adventure took place.

- ajournal05.html: Another new adventure. The fifth one for our group. The party has decided to look for an artifact. The quest for the sword of Nth is under way. Stay tuned to learn more about this new quest. Stay tuned to hear more about the newest party members. Stay tuned for adventure!

- ajournal06.html: After completing their last adventure, the party completed their training and began wondering what the next adventure would be. With their sponsor on an extended sabbatical, things seemed unclear. As it turns out, the party decided to stay in Whillip in order to help unravel a local mystery. Someone has been murdering the citizens of Whillip. The party has turned their attention to a group known as C.O.E.P.A.S. The Church Of Elven Supremacy And Superiority. A year long adventure which resulted in the destruction of C.O.E.P.A.S. and the defeat of it's leaders.

- ajournal07.html: Another new adventure. The seventh adventure for our group. The party has decided to help Tanar locate his father. Missing for the past twenty years, Tanar's father, Nigel, left long ago. He was searching for some sort of magical gateway. A diary page that Tanar recently received, contains many details regarding his father's disappearance. The party has set out to discover what happened to Tanar's father, and possibly uncover the mystery surrounding 'Firestorm Peak'.

- ajournal08.html: The eighth adventure for this group of characters. After returning from their adventure to find Tanar's father, they find themselves in an interesting situation. The original S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. are all but gone, and the party has changed considerably. Whillip's newest adventuring group - The H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights have struck out from Whillip. In search of glory, fame, and justice, they seek to right the wrongs of this land. To defend the weak, enslaved, and oppressed. Striking out at evil and taint, this group of characters vow to make their mark upon the land. Let H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights be a name feared by evil and revered by the good citizens of these realms. Departing on the 1st of Mavis, the party has decided to help the citizens of Deepwood in their quest to vanquish a Blue Dragon from their backyard.

- ajournal09.html: The ninth adventure for our group of heroes. The H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights completed their most recent adventure, leveled up to ninth level, then spent a very short amount of time researching their next adventure. This time they selected a quest to recover a rare book. Something called "Eivobrin's Incanabula". The book is known to be hidden beneath the tainted sands of the 'Dry Steppes'. Hidden away in the sewers of an ancient ruined city, finding this book may prove somewhat difficult, given the imprecise nature of it's location, the harsh conditions of the desert, a tainted wasteland and the deadly sewers beneath the tainted lands.

- Journals (2013 and beyond): In 2013, I fell behind in the upkeep of my website. There's a myriad number of reasons why that happened, but I won't bore you with details. If you're looking for journal entries beyond the 31 Aug 2013 journal entry, you'll have to visit the rather basic web repository. A directory on my webserver where I've been depositing journal entries since I fell behind in my website maintenannce. Here you will find the remaining journal entries for the ninth adventure (see ajournal09.html above). I want to get caught up and eventually resume my curated more connected (cross-linked) D&D updates, but until then, you'll have to suffice yourself with the basic PDF files I'm storing online.

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