Escape Art

Rogue skill

Point cost:4 skill points
Relevant attribute:Agility
Initial rating:5 or < on d20
Recomended for:All Rogues, Adventurers

     This Proficiency is the art of escape. A character using this proficiency has a chance to escape bindings such as ropes, chains, straight jackets, handcuffs, stocks, etc... By learning how to dislocate joints, and understanding the nature of various bindings and restrictive devices the character gains the ability to escape from such devices. This skill does not give one the ability to open locks under any circumstances. The character trying to escape may make one proficiency check, per set of bindings, provided that the character is not under close watch for one or more hours. For example: No attempt may be made if a guard is sitting nearby watching the character. Or if the guard is in and out of the room several times in that hour. If the guard leaves for an hour or more, however. Then an attempt at escape may be made. Each escape attempt takes 1 turn to complete. If an attempt is successful then the character has escaped from one set of bindings. If the attempt fails then nothing special happens, but the character may not try again. Unless the character is released, and then re-bound. Regardless of the outcome of any attempt the character must make a Constitution check or take 1d3 points of temporary damage. (from dislocation of joints) This damage is restored after 1d4 turns (Or by magical healing. Binding wounds will not restore this damage). The chance to escape is modified as follows:

Slack: +4,    Lose: +2,   Snug: No modifier,   Tight: -2,   Constrictive: -4,   With Locks: -10
All modifiers are cumulative.

     Any character with skill at using ropes, and this Escape Art skill gains a +2 to any escape attempt when ropes are used for binding. If a character has Pick locks abilities then attempts to escape from bindings with locks may be attempted as a normal Escape art check and by using Pick Locks ability at a -20% chance. Provided tools are available. Once again, any attempt to escape while being watched will automatically fail. In so much as; the character will be spotted attempting to escape. At that point the Guards actions will be determined by the DM. This Skill may be improved if the character specializes in the skill by taking the skill a second or third time. If the Escape Art is taken a second time, (costing 4 more points) then a second escape attempt may be made. If the skill is taken a third time (costing 4 more points) then a third escape attempt may be made. (At this point the Rogue will have spent 12 skill points on this skill.) The skill may not be improved further in this manner.

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