Imago (aka Lord Admiral Hyperium):
Chaos Gnome, Sorcerer/Monk
(Character illustration created using the HeroMachine character portrait generator)
Played by Sean O'Brien

The party knows very little about Imago. He was first encountered in Whillip after the party had returned from a recent adventure. Imago was looking for an adventure, and he found a flyer. An advertisement from the party was soliciting new members, and Imago happened to be in the right place at the right time. Iamgo continued adventuring with the party when they decided to look for an ancient artifact known as "Eivobrin's Incanabula". While searching for this book, the party encountered a powerful enemy. Engaged in combat with Glan Sarin and his minions, Imago decided to exit 'stage-left'. Imago left the 'Arena Of Doom' through a teleporting portal. The portal separated him from the rest of the party. He managed to escape to the desert. On foot and alone, he braved the dangers of that wasteland and actually made it back to Whillip.

Physical Description
By all appearances, Imago is a typical Chaos Gnome. 3'5" tall (small), weighing 50lbs. With green eyes, a well tanned hue and sun bleached blonde hair. The strangest aspect of his appearance is his lack of equipment, weapons, gear. The accutrement that defines a seasoned advenutrer. Imago carries a quarterstaff, wears a gee and sandals. He doesn't wear armor, he doesn't carry a big weapon.

Homeland (Country/City)
No one in the group knows anything about Imago's homeland, as he hasn't related any details to our party yet. The party knows virtually nothing about Imago. Accepting him into the group on trust alone, the party has displayed a great willingness to accept the unknown. To embrace the uncertain, to tempt fate and dare the odds.

Background / History
Imago is a wanderer. He's lived in Whillip a couple of years. He's adventured with a few different Whillip based adventuring groups. After returning from that group, he leveled up. Cashing in a few favors to get his training, Imago eschews money and material items (He's an ascetic monk who's taken a vow of poverty). His background is pretty random... Nothing worth mentioning in a storyline with the following exceptions.

He's traveled from place to place, city to city, helping where there is need until he gets bored again. He prays to Glittergold every once in a while, but if someone asks who he worships, the response varies on his mood; from none to the latest deity he's learned about. Of special note... Imago is looking for a name. Imago is a name that means 'Gnome', and Imago hasn't chosen his permanent name yet. Of course once he choses a name, he might change his name later.

Imago occassionally collects the odd trinket, bauble or gem now and then. Colorful shiny things that he can decorate his gee with. Something he can weave into his hair, something he can trade with or give away later. He finds the behavior of others to be confusing. The continual goal to accumulate money or items. It really doesn't make much sense. He already has two hands, a bright mind, strong legs and all his senses. His ability to enjoy life doesn't get better with money or material goods. They only serve to distract and tie him to the material.

Fragmented history/memory loss/recent events
While Imago managed to escape from the dreaded sewers (Junta, 1005), beneath an accursed desert, while searching for "Eivobrin's Incanabula" (see above). He managed to trek across the desert and ultimately make his way back to Whillip. Once he was back in Whillip, Imago went to the Mages guild and explained what happened… One of the higher level mages (can't seem to remember his name) decided that you represented a unique opportunity to train a an 'unorthodox' Sorcerer. As a result, he accepted what money Imago had left and trained him to the next level - With a caveat, Imago would have to go on a quest for him. He sent Imago and four other characters (can't seem to remember all their names, but one of them was Lauralei the Paladin) into the past (370 years ago) in order to prevent a cult of evil worshippers from destroying the extradimensional area that is "Fletchin's Swamp" - Your party of adventurers succeeded in your quest.

Unfortunately, Imago's memory was damaged by this time travel and he can't seem to remember all the details of the quest or how they defeated 'Balator' and his army of undead. All he remembers is the malfunction of a 'device' that was supposed to return them to the present. It made some god-awful crackling noise, there was a flash of bright light, a scintilating rip of static electricity, a numbing pain, a thunderous roar as if the heavens were torn asunder - and then… That's when the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights released Imago from some sort of magical supension. Now Imago is back in the 'present' - What year is it? How long was he missing?

High Light
High Light is Imago's familiar. High Light is a Lantern Archon. Lantern Archons appear as floating balls of light that glow about as brightly as a torch. Lantern Archons are very friendly and usually eager to give what assistance they can. However, their bodies are just gaseous globes, and they are much too weak to render any material aid. While most Lantern Archons speak in soft, musical voices - High Light's voice is a low rumbling baritone to bass.

Note about the principal player of this character:
Sean left our campaign on the 3rd of Feb, 2013 - After nearly 10 years with the group, Sean had this to say (in his parting email): "I've decided to stop gaming in your campaign. It has been a wonderful experience and a night that I have always looked forward to with anticipation." "I appreciate very much that both you and Kim have opened your home to me, for your friendship, and the awesome food." After Sean's departure from our group, another player ran the character until Imago's untimely departure from the group. Sean's departure (along with the departure of three other players) marked the end of an era. Over the last few weeks (the end of Feb, 2013), we've seen the departure of four long time players, and our campaign is currently (as of Mar, 2013) undergoing a drastic transformation. Kim and I will miss all those players who've graced our table over the years, and hope that the new players entering our campaign will find the campaign to be just as rewarding as those who've departed.

Update: As of Mar 2016, Sean has returned to our campaign. After a brief hiatus (Feb 2013 - Sep 2015), Sean has returned to our table. Luckily for him, Imago managed to survive during that interval, and Sean will resume play of his former character. Sean isn't the only player to leave our group and return later, and we are glad to see him return.


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