Pieces of Flame

     Ten pieces of Flame in a metal cannister. The flames can be picked out individually without causing any damage. The Flames may then be thrown or placed by the user.

When thrown they have a Fire rate of 2 per combat phase. And the following ranges: Short=30 yds, Medium=60 yds, Long=90 yds

     In order for the Flames to cause any damage they must be activated by speaking the following command words. "Burn you damned Interloper" Once the command words are spoken the flames blossom, and spread to cover a 10' radius. Any creature caught/struck by the flames takes 3d10 damage unless a successful resistance check versus magic is made. If the check is made the damaged is halved. The flames will continue burning for a total of three combat phases/minutes. On the second combat phase/minute the damage is reduced to 2d10. On the third round the damage is lessened further to a meager 1d10 damage. The flames burn out at the begining of the 4th combat phase/minute. If the flames have ignited some combustible source during the three minutes of burn time the new fire caused by the flames will continue to burn as a real fire.

     The flames must be stored in the 'can'. If they are removed from the can, and not used within 10 minutes they will expire. Permanently expended. What a waste. The can is 4" in dia., 8" high, and the top of the can simply screws on and off.

weight: Can weighs .5 lbs.
value: 200 gp per flame

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