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Here are a few examples of the titles and logos I've created using 'Logoist' software. I purchased it as a replacement for 'The Logo Creator'; an application I used for many years (since 2005 or earlier). Unfortunately, the developer took a long time (more than a year) to make the application compatible with Apple's 'Lion' OS (OS 10.7/released in July of 2011) , and I needed an application to help me create logos, titles and graphics. I waited patiently, but the promise of an update didn't come true, and I wasn't notified when the Mac update finally was released (in late 2012/after OS 10.8 was released). I only found out about the update (to work with OS 10.7) when I happened to make some routine updates to my 'Favorites' web page (in Feb of 2013 / More than two years after I replaced the application).

In Feb of 2012, I purchased 'Art Text 2' to replace 'The Logo Creator'. In Jan of 2013, I purchased the 'Logoist' as another replacement. This new software does everything that the Logo Creator did; plus, it works under the newest Mac Operating System (OS 10.8 / as of Feb 2013). I've been using it for a few months now, and I'm very happy with it's performance. It's a great application for creating Titles, Logos, Buttons and graphic for my web pages. I've even added it to my Software Favorites page. It's still competing with 'Art Text 2', but competition is a good thing. As long as these two compete to be my 'Logo Creator' replacement, I'll be assured a well stocked chest of graphic design tools.

Here are a few examples of titles and logos I've created using 'Logoist'. I may add more as time goes on. For now this is just a simple showcase to illustrate it's capabilities. If you'd like to see more samples, you may find the developers website provides more and 'better' examples. - Robert


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