the 'eMail-Stamp'

An animated connection creation

  This animated connection creation (I call it the 'eMail-Stamp') was designed and created by Robert L. Vaessen (That's me!). 02 March 1999. I used AppleWorks 5.0v3 to draw the component images, and GifBuilder 0.3.1 to assemble/produce the animation. I retain copyright to the animated 'eMail-Stamp' image, and it may not be used without my express permission. My 'eMail-Stamp' image is not used in conjunction with the sales, promotion, or brand name imaging of any product or service.  
My 'eMail-Stamp' animation is intended to be used as an animated connection creation. An easily recognizable icon, which conveys to the observer a clickable link, which will spawn an email client session, or take you to a feedback page. Park it on your web sites index.html page, and it should alert the viewer to the fact that email can be sent to the page contact, and/or facilitate that function.
If you would like to use this 'eMail-Stamp' (in the manner described above) on your web page, or just have some comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail me at the contact address listed below.


The eMail-Stamp used to be coded with a mailto: link, but spammers have forced me to remove all
mailto: links. It's just not safe to make textual email addresses available on web pages anymore.

'eMail-Stamp' image: Robert L. Vaessen, robert robsworld org, copyright 2003
GifBuilder freeware: Yves Piguet, piguet ia epfl ch, Copyright 1996

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Author: Robert L. Vaessen e-mail: robert robsworld org
Last Updated: Tue, Apr 30, 2002