General Skill

Point cost:4 skill points
Relevant attribute:Intellect
Initial rating:6 or < on d20
Recomended for:All Wizards, Adventurers

     This Skill is that of mathematics. A character using this skill can perform any type of mathematical tasks ranging from the simplest (i.e. 1 + 1 = 2), to the most esoteric. (i.e. Gandrinsons' uncertainty constraint principle of fluid Manna dynamics.

3,297fl × /7.22Þ (ß° G × 1.987fl) - (7.26 ÷ ß°))

     (No this doesn't mean anything, I just threw it up there for the heck of it.)) This skill permits a character to perform these skills in ones head with a -2 modifier, on paper or blackboard +1, or with some computational device (abacus) +1, or with both +2. When such aids are not used the amount of time required is increased by a factor of 1. With this skill a character can easily compute the maximum velocity of an object in free fall, based on it's wind resistance, and distance of the fall, and arrive at the amount of damage one would take if one fell that distance. The amount of damage calculated will be within 20% of the correct damage. In order to make such calculations, the character must spend a minimum of 1 round performing them. Another example of how this skill could be used is in determining how much damage a character will take from being breathed on by an Ancient Red Dragon. Again the answer should be within 20% of the correct figure. Yet another example would be the ability to determine the amount of time, damage, and the precise striking location necessary, in order to chop a hole through a 2' thick brick wall using a pick axe. Once again, the results should be within 20% of the correct figure. This skill can be used for a myriad of purposes, limited only by the players ability to come up with feasible situations. If the roll fails, the result should be off by 80%. It is up to the DM to determine whether the result was an over estimate or an under estimate. It is also up to the DM to determine the amount of time necessary in order to perform the calculation. Use of this skill in conjunction with others gives a +1 bonus to the chance of success, when the other skill is one of the following skills: Engineering, Navigation, Gaming. This skill may be improved by expending additional skill points on the skill. For each additional slot used, the character gains a +1 bonus, up to a maximum of +3 bonus. (+1 = Bachelors degree, +2 = Masters degree +3 = Doctorate degree). The DM must make any rolls for this proficiency due to the nature of it's outcome. Additionally a successful check may force the DM to reveal damages, or chances, before characters actually perform certain actions. No check should be necessary for simple arithmetic. (i.e. addition, subtraction, division, multiplication). Characters without this skill are assumed to have minimal mathematical skills, and will often make computational errors when performing the simplest of tasks.

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