No More Web Rings!

This Site is not a member of any D&D® Web Ring(s). Use the banner and links shown here if you are tired of the D&D® Web Ring Anarchy which is currently spreading across cyberspace.

I despise web rings. What's the point anyway? If you were looking for a page/site about D&D®, you could just search for one using any one of the many search engines. If you're so inept that you don't know what a search engine is... We won't go there. Just see the link below.

I had a nightmare one night. It was after numerous hours of surfing the net. I was looking for info about 'Final Fantasy VII'. Anyway.. On with the story. I dreamt that the entire web was made up of Web Rings! There were no search engines. If you wanted to find information about 'Chainsaw Blades'; you would have to navigate there by following a convoluted trail of web rings. Jumping from your current location... 'Soup is Us' to the 'Potato Chip' ring. The nightmare has begun. You'd remain stuck in the 'Potato Chip' ring until you found a banner which led to the 'Party favors' page. From there you would follow a convoluted path of snacks and condiments, until eventually you found the 'Salad Bowl' site, and the 'Tupperware' ring. These forrays would then lead you, via banner hopping, and ring linking, to the home of the 'Cuttlery Corner'. From the 'Cuttlery Corner' you would eventually hitch a ride to a hardware site. From the hardware site your hellish journey would finally end with 'Huskevarna's Chainsaw Ring'.

Now the nightmare I had, was not quite as detailed, and unfortunately I woke up before finding anything relevant to my original search. But the point is that Web Rings suck! Yep, that's pretty much it. I hate them. If you've ever been to a site/page that consisted of nothing but web rings (And I've seen a few) then you probabaly have similar feelings. Web rings hog bandwidth, are poorly administered, are ruled by tyrants, lack aesthetic appeal, bite, suck, Yuck!.. Umm, sorry about that. It's a rather clear sign that the ranting has gone on too long when the verbage turns to single syllable utterances.

Follow this link to the Rob's World Campaign page.

Rob's World! is a web site designed around my f2f (Face-to-Face) D&D® campaign which has been running since 1976. My campaign style emphasizes (or at least tries to) role-playing over hack-n-slash (Does every DM purportedly advocate this style of play?). My campaign is set in a somewhat renaissancesque mid-european environ. Gunpowder and electricity do not exist. Very few chemical reactions are known of. The tinkerers and blacksmiths of the campaign are a mighty folk, responsible for many wondrous inventions. It's a somewhat Leonardo Davinci type world. Where mechanical typewritters, rubber wetsuits, and silk parachutes co-exist alongside religious pog-roms, powerful wizards, and flying ships. Into it come your characters; Hell-bent on wreaking havok, and looting the tombs of forgotten old archmages. Not to mention saving the realms from the threat of...

For more glimpses into my campaign see my D&D® related web pages. The site consists of numerous original FRP materials suitable for use in any campaign. You will find house rules, new spells, magic items, maps, new skills, a complete list of equipment, an online dungeon (under construction), advice for game masters, and many more items of interest for the serious role playing fanatic. Enjoy!

This D&D® related site is owned by Robert L. Vaessen.

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