Quick Draw

Warrior/Rogue skill

Point cost: 2 skill points for warrior caste
3 skill points for all others.
Relevant attribute(s): Balance/Willpower
Initial rating: 6 or < on d20
Recomended for: All Warriors, Adventurers

     This skill is ability to draw/ready an item or weapon and use it in the same phase. This will allow swords to be drawn, arrows to be nocked, and wands to be readied and used in the fastest phase allowable by the character. It will not allow an item to be used faster than the item is rated for. Nor will it allow a character to use an item faster than that characters initiative phase (unless accelerated by an initiaitive roll of 1).

For example: Even though a character with this skill may be able to draw a Two handed sword (a slow weapon) in the fast phase, he or she will still have to wait until the slow phase to use it. On the other hand; a character with this skill could draw and use a short sword (a fast weapon) in the fast phase.

     Bows which are unstrung cannot be used until they have been strung. The item or weapon must be within easy reach (not in a backpack), and cannot be in a closed container of any type (such as a backpack or belt pouch). This would include using a potion. It still takes the same amount of time to open the stopper and drink the potion, although the delay in readying it may be mitigated through use of this skill.

Modifiers to the base roll are:
Standard bonuses for high Balance/Willpower. +1 for weapon of expertise. +2 for weapon specialization. +3 for weapon mastery (any sort).

     This skill may be purchased with weapon or non-weapon proficiency points. The cost is 2 points for warrior caste characters, and 3 points for non warrior caste characters. A failed roll indicates that the skill/proficiency may not be used for the remainder of the round. This skill may be improved if the character spends additional points in the skill. This will add a +1 bonus to the base roll per skill point expended. See S&P for more details regarding improving non-weapon proficiencies.

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