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My server-side search engine is Gone:

What happened?: In July of 2019, I removed the site-wide search function from my website. The site-wide search was powered by a server-side installation of the 'Fluid Dynamics Search Engine'. A php scripted search engine customized for my site. The publisher/author of that search engine stopped updating it in 2003. Since then there have been numerous php based exploits and vulnerabilities exposed and used against unwitting website owners.

Due to the fact that there were vulnerabilities with the server-side search engine that I was using, I was no longer willing to risk my content with a php script that hasn't been updated, evaluated and patched for vulnerabilities (since 2003). I removed the search engine from my website.

Now What?

Since the removal of all code/pages related to the PHP powered server-side search engine, I'm recommending that people use one of two methods to find things at the "Rob's World!" web site.

The first method involves the 'Site Index' that I've set up. The site index is basically divided into two categories of major topics. The first set of topics is D&D or FRPG information. The second category is everything else. You can find most information by directing your attention to my 'Site Index'.

The second method involves second party search engines. Most of my webpages, images, pdfs, text documents - in fact everything at "Rob's World!" is indexed by various search engines. If you still can't find what you're looking for (using the 'Site Index' that I've provided), you can try a search with your favorit search engine. My web pages are indexed by webcrawlers from many popular search sites. With Google and many similar sites, you can limit your search to content from "Rob's World!" using the delimiter '' in the search parameters.


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