Strategy & Tactics


Point cost:6 skill points
Relevant attribute:Intuition
Initial rating:6 or < on d20
Recomended for:All Warriors

     This proficiency is the skill of combat strategy & tactics. This skill allows a character to know the exact ranges of missile weapons, strengths and weaknesses of friends and foes, proper use of terrain, and cover. As well as how to perform precisely timed coordinated attacks. Use of this skill has two effects.
     The first effect; is to give a tactical advantage to the character and his companions. The character must spend at least a full, uninterrupted turn secretly observing an enemy or group of enemies prior to making an attack. At the end of this period the character must make an Intuition check. If successful, the character has correctly assessed the enemy's weaknesses and is able to maximize the timing of an attack. The character and his party automatically surprise the enemy and gain the initiative for the first round. If the check is failed then the character and his party attack at an inopportune time, or have failed to take some critical factor into account. As a result no surprise is gained, and the party will have a +1 on their initiative roll(s). A character with this skill can only attempt to gain such a tactical advantage once in a particular encounter.
     The second effect of this skill; is personal combat strategy. Any character who has this skill can use it during combat to improve his odds of striking/damaging an opponent, or of acting before the opponent. The character must spend a full combat round analyzing the combat style, strengths, and weaknesses of his opponent. After the character has been engaged in one full round of combat an Intuition check is made. If the check is successful the character may chose to use one of two benefits in the next combat segment. Either gain a -2 to his initiative roll. Or gain a +1 to strike with all attacks in the upcoming round. The character must chose one of these options before initiative is rolled for the next round. If the character fails his Intuition check then that character has misjudged the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent. As a result the opponent will have a +1 to strike the character with all attacks in the upcoming combat segment. If the character with this skill wishes to improve his odds of success, he needs merely wait an additional combat segment before attempting the Wisdom check. By doing so the check is modified by a -1 to the roll. The character may delay the check in such a matter, for up to 5 combat segments. Gaining a maximum of -5 to the roll. Keep in mind, that no matter what the modifier, a roll of a natural 20 is considered a failure on an attribute check.
     This skill can be improved further by spending two additional skill points on it. As a result, the Intuition check on tactical advantage is made at a -1. Additionally it permits the character and his party to have initiative for the next "two" combat segments. It also improves the personal combat aspect of the skill by giving the character a -1 to his Intuition checks. This skill may not be improved beyond this point.

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