Strike Number

Strike Number

In any Role Playing Game there must be a method of determining whether or not an attack has succeded in causing damage to an opponent. This then, is one such method. This method was developed as an alternative to methods used in games which are protected by copyrights. I developed this sytem in an effort to avoid any copyright infringements. It is based on the assumption that a novice character has a 50% chance of hitting a man sized target which is basically defenseless. The game system you are using will more than likely have a different set of rules for determining whether or not your attack has succeded in causing damage. (If your game system uses the same method as I have described here then I would like to hear from you. Please send me some e-mail.)

Strike number (SN):
The Strike number is one half of an equation used to calculate whether or not a Character, Monster, or Non-player character succeeds in an attack, and causes damage to someone or something. The strike number is based on a creatures level of experience or skill in combat. This number may be modified by special skills, magical weapons, or enchantments of some sort.

All player characters start out with a Strike Number of 10. As they rise in level the Strike Number also increases. The Strike Number of some character castes rises more quickly than others. Strike Number minus Protective Rating (PR) equals the characters chance to inflict damage. (DC).

Damage Chance (DC):
The Damage Chance is the number one must roll on on a d20 in order to cause damage to a target. The (DC) number or lower must be rolled. Note that failing to make the (DC) number does not necessarily indicate a 'miss'. Something may be struck numerous times without incurring any damage. Only a succesful strike causes damage.

Thus a 1st level character with a (SN) of 10 will have a relatively low chance of causing damage to a target. A 1st level character attempting to damage a monster with a (PR) of 3 will have a 7 in 20 chance of causing damage. (SN 10 - PR 3 = DC 7) Any result of 7 or less would indicate that the strike attempt succedded and caused damage.

Automatic Success/Failure:
Any time a natural 20 is rolled the strike attempt is automatically successful. Surpasing all defenses a natural 20 gives all attack attempts a 5% chance to hit any target regardless of how well defended/protected it is. In the same way a natural 1 indicates automatic failure. No matter how powerful the attacker, or how slight the defenders protection. Any roll of a natural 1 indicates a failed attack attempt. No damage is caused. No matter how strong the opponent all defenders have a minimum 5% chance to avoid damage from every attack.

converting this system of Strike Number rules to that used in your campaign should be relatively easy now that I have explained the Strike Number and Damage Chance roll. Of course, you may decide that my method is more logical; easier to understand and use, as well as Free! That's right, you may use my method at no cost to you. Of course; I still retain copyright to this method/rule. Please don't try to steal or sell my ideas. It just wouldn't be right :-(

Please see the "Disclaimer"  for some legalize gobledegook.

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