Daggers of Eldarath

Offensive Construct (force)

Spell point cost:16
Backfire possible:yes
Time to cast:6 seconds
Casting Range:180 feet
Area effected:special
Spell duration:5 minutes
Resistance check:for 1/2 damage
Reagent req'd:yes
Incantation req'd:yes
Gestures req'd:yes

     This spell creates one magical dagger of force per two levels of the caster. The daggers can be created at any time during the duration of the spell. A maximum of five daggers may be created with one casting of this spell. Each dagger of force causes 1d4 points of damage per level of the caster. A maximum of 10d4 damage can be caused by any one dagger. The caster must actually hurl the daggers of force at an intended target. The chance to hit the target is enhanced with an additional +2 bonus due to the magics of the spell. One or more creatures within 30' of each other may be fired at with no penalty for splitting ones attack between multiple opponents. Up to three daggers of Eldarath may be thrown in one round. The daggers may also be wielded in melee combat if needed. They should be treated as common daggers for purposes of melee combat. (except where damage is concerned). Any daggers available, which are not used before the expiration of the spell are forfeit. And do not appear.
     The reagent/material component necessary to cast this spell is one small 3" dagger per dagger thrown. The reagents are consumed by the energies of the spell when cast. The exact nature of the other components (incantation and gesture) are left up to the GM.

For information on Spell Points, Backfire, and magical Reagents, see my Spell Rules.

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