Point cost:3 or 4 skill points
Relevant attribute:Intellect
Initial rating:6 or < on d20
Recomended for:Adventurers

     A character with this skill has a basic knowledge of the creatures that may be encounted in a specific habitat (forest, grassland, subterranean, etc..) or an extensive knowledge of one type of creature. The habitat or creature must be declared when the character choses the skill. *If a character chooses the subterranean habitat 4 skill points must be devoted to the skill due to the number of species. (Dwarves and other races with extensive underground exposure may be allowed to ignore this rule at the GM's discretion). On a successful Intellect check the character with the general knowledge can identify the creature by sight and the society/ecology of the creature. Characters with knowledge of a specfic species will be an expert on the creature. The charcter will know all aspects of the creature and be able to identify it on sight without a check. If the character rolls a successful check he or she can determine what the creature's current actions mean. The following Habitats (Climate/Terrain) may be choosen. Players must choose Both a climate and a terrain. One must choose a specific combination. i.e. Temperate/Forests. (Except in some cases. i.e. Subterranean, Tomb/Grave, or a Specific Plane of existance (other than the Prime Material Plane)

Climates:  Arctic   Sub-Arctic   Temperate   Sub-Tropical   Tropical
Terrains:  Desert  Forrest  Hills  Mountains  Plains  Seacoast  Swamp
          Salt Water  Fresh Water  Rural/City  Jungle River  Tomb/Grave
          Planar  Subterranean

     The GM must decide whether a creature encountered fits within any given characters area of expertise, based on the particular Climate/Terrain of the particular monster. Of course some listings may be difficult to judge. It is however left to the GM to do so. In addition. The Frequency of the creature is also taken into affect. The characters Intelect/skill check is modified by the Frequency as follows: (Characters who choose a specific species are unaffected by this modifier.)

Frequency:  Very Rare: - 4  Rare: -1  Uncommon: +1  Common: +4

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