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Alcarenque: Male, Sun Elf, Wizard. Played by: Nicholis Bufmack

Alcarenque was a relatively short lived character. Nicholis had to drop out of the campaign after some surgery and changes in his life style left him unable to attend regular gaming sessions. The party knew virtually nothing about Alcaranque (pronounced Al-Car-En-Qway). They judged him solely on the basis of a few conversations. Accepting him into the group on trust alone, the party has displayed a great willingness to accept the unknown. To embrace the uncertain, to tempt fate and dare the odds.

As you can see, Alcarenque is an Elf. A Sun Elf to be more precise. Aloof and haughty, Alcarenque doesn't quite trust non-elves. He never did build much rapport with the party. He was always something of a loner. Always on the look-out for training funds, Alcarenque left the party after completing one adventure.

Perhaps we'll meet Alcarenque again? You never know where old PC's are going to turn up.


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