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Below you'll find the content of an email that I received in November of 2006. While the text of the letter was an unprecedented, vicious attack, I was still able to benefit from the letter. While I won't be leaving my 'opinions' out of my 'reviews', I am constructing an alphabetical index of all* the movies I've reviewed.

If you have any constructive criticism, I would welcome your suggestions. If you want to use me as your punching bag (or toilet), please look elsewhere for your amusement.





As for the character of the character who sent me this email, I can only conclude...

I would however, like to point out that this letter is a symptom of the worst that the 'internet generation' has to offer. Lacking true social intercourse - that afforded by 'face to face' dialog and conscientious consideration, some have turned to this example, as their normal mode of communication.

The author of this awful offal, offers only vicious vitriol in way of discourse. Lacking any consideration for others, he is a member of the 'me generation'. Gratifying himself at the expense of others, and lacking any social conscience. He considers himself above all others, and treats others as objects and disassociated avatars. If people spoke like this in 'face to face' meetings, they'd find themselves slapped, fired, shunned and socially ostracized for their outrageous cheek.

Imagine the prospects for this twenty-something author. Currently enrolled in college (according to his MySpace profile), this social misfit must have a very difficult time communicating with teachers, coworkers, prospective dates, tentative employers, and anyone else whom he interacts with. If someone 'spoke' like this to you, your daughter, mother or their boss, what would you/they do?

Remember the Golden Rule.

(p.s. It comes as no surprise to me, that this letter was penned by the sort of person who would defend the movie Gummo. See my review, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.)

* All the movies I've seen (since 2004), not include the following: Television episodes/series, concert videos, non-theatrical/ limited release videos, live performances (i.e. sports, comedic acts), bonus materials.



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