A Calendar for use in any Fantasy Role Playing campaign.


Designed for use with the "Rob's World!" campaign.

The year is composed of 12 months with 30 days each. Some months are extended to 31 days by a festival, or special day (as indicated in Italics). Each day lasts 24 hours; Each week 10 days; And each year 365 days. (A 'Leap Day' is added every four years. See 'Lunar Calendars' below)

Days of the Week

Full day
Full day
Full day
Full day
Full day
Full day
Although the week is ten days long, there are two days during the week that are full days of rest. Freeday, and Godsday. Most merchants and businesses work half days on Forens, Hafn'mor, Endsnear, and Newday (The days surrounding the days of rest). Closing early on Forens and Endsnear, and opening late in the day on Newday and Hafn'mor.

Months of the Year


12. Detenday = December
3. Marcav = March
6. Junta = June
9. Septev = September
1. Janus = January
4. Apros = April
7. Jularva = July
10. Octov = October
2. Febulus = February
5. Mavis = May
11. Novius = November
8. Augot = August

Midwinter - Nobles and monarchs greet the halfway point of winter with a feast day they call the High Festival of Winter. Traditionally it's the best day to make or renew alliances. The common folk enjoy the celebration a bit less—among them it's called Dead-winter Day, noted mainly as the halfway point of winter, with hard times still to come.

Greengrass - The official beginning of spring is a day of peace and rejoicing. Even if snow still covers the ground, clerics, nobles, and wealthy folk make a point of bringing out flowers grown in special rooms within temples and castles. They distribute the flowers among the people, who wear them or cast them upon the ground as bright offerings to the deities who summon the summer.

Midsummer - Midsummer night is a time of feasting, music and love. Acquaintances turn into dalliances, courtships turn into betrothals, and the deities themselves take a part by ensuring good weather for feasting and frolicking in the woods. Bad weather on this special night is taken as an omen of extremely ill fortune to come.

Higharvestide - Higharvestide is a contraction of High harvest and High tide. This holiday of feasting to celebrate the autumn harvest also marks a time of journey's. Emissaries, pilgrims, adventurers, and everyone else eager to make speed traditionally leave on their journeys the following day—before the worst of the mud clogs the tracks and the rain freezes into snow.

Moonfest - The feast of the moon. A celebration of ancestors and the honored dead. Stories of ancestors' exploits mix with the legends of deities until it's hard to tell one from the other.

Shieldmeet - In order to add lunar phases to the calendar a 'Leap Day' is added to the calendar every four years. This leap day is known as 'Shieldmeet' and it is also a holiday. It is a day of open council between the people and their rulers. It is a day for making or renewing pacts and for proving oneself in tournaments. Shield meet occurs once every four years, on years that are divisible by four. This special day falls on the calendar just after the 'Midsummer' festival.

In order to facilitate/create a 'Lunar calendar', four calendars have been created. One for years that are divisible by four (leap years), another for years with a .25 remainder (when divided by four), another for years with a .5 remainder, and finally a calendar for those years that have a remainder of .75 when divided by four. The lunar calendar is less generic than the 'one page per month' calendar. It was designed with the Forgotten Realms® in mind.

Thanks go to Mark Gipe (a player in my Face-To-Face (f2f) campaign) for the calculations that make this 'Lunar calendar' possible.


Lunar calendars: Years with remainder 0, remainder .25, remainder .5, remainder .75 - When year is divided by four.
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