Character Sheet

A Character Sheet for your AD&D® campaign.

This highly detailed character sheet was designed for use in my f2f (Face to Face) AD&D® campaign (Yes AD&D®, Version 2.0/2.5). In addition to all the standard datum, it also contains entries for many of the various 'Player's Option™' rules, as well as House Rules from my own campaign. The character sheet contains a table of contents, an index, several fully detailed footnotes explaining many of the character sheets entries, and three supplements. This Character Sheet was originally created using AppleWorks 6.0 and is presented here in three different formats. I hope that you find this character sheet to be useful or helpful in whatever capacity you use it.

Note: AppleWorks icons link to compressed character sheets. PDF icons link to character sheets in pdf format. Descriptive lines link to PDF documents (Compressed using ZIP compression).

Character Sheet components

chrshtcw chsht.pdf The Character Sheet version 9.7
chshtndx chshtndx.pdf Character sheet index
chrwpscw chshtss.pdf Character sheet weapons supplement
chreqpcw chshtes.pdf Character sheet equipment supplement
chrsplcw chshtss.pdf Character sheet spell casters supplement
chrmiscw chshtmis.pdf Character sheet magic item supplement
chrsbncw chrsbn.pdf Character sheet bank note
rdmetext.txt readme.pdf Character sheet readme file
  HTML version HTML version of character sheet plus supplements
  ZIP archive of PDF version (all character sheet components) ZIP archive of all character sheet components

View a set of Thumbnail images of the primary 'Character Sheet' components.

These files are presented in numerous different formats. By clicking on the "AppleWorks" icon you can download a compressed (using ZIP compression) character sheet in AppleWorks 6.0 format. By clicking on the "PDF" icon you can view a character sheet in PDF format; Provided your browser is capable (Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer plugin) of displaying PDF documents. By clicking on the descriptive lines, you will be able to view/download the pdf documents. By following the "HTML" icon you will be presented with a menu from which you can view each of the character sheet pages in an HTML format (HTML Character sheet version is slightly different than the downloadable documents), or you may download the 'Whole thing' in a compressed ascii text, or PDF format. If you are interested in obtaining some other format, please feel free to send me some e-mail: robert robsworld org and I'll see what I can do.

Note:  These files are compressed using ZIP compression standard. (Extension .zip) This is a common file compression. If you do not have any way to un-stuff the files, you can download a freeware version of the Stuffit Expander for MAC or Windows.

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This "Character Sheet" and all of it's 'Components' are copyrighted by the Author/Publisher: Robert L. Vaessen. Permission is granted to use, print, reproduce, or otherwise duplicate this "Character Sheet" for personal use only. ©2007. You may not post this character sheet to the Internet by any means or in any form.

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