Character Sheet

A Character Sheet for your AD&D® campaign.

This index presents the components of a highly detailed character sheet which was designed for use in my f2f (Face to Face) AD&D® campaign. In addition to all the standard datum, it also contains entries for many of the various 'Player's Option™' rules, as well as House Rules from my own campaign. The character sheet contains a table of contents, an index, several fully detailed footnotes explaining many of the character sheets entries, and three supplements. This Character Sheet was originally created using ClarisWorks 5.0v2 and is presented here in an HTML'ized format. I hope that you find this character sheet to be useful or helpful in whatever capacity you use it.

HTML Character Sheet table of contents

Character sheet page 1 (Cover sheet)
Character sheet page 2 (Table of contents)
Character sheet page 3 (Characteristics and statistics)
Character sheet page 4 (Movement, Race, etc.)
Character sheet page 5 (Skills & traits)
Character sheet page 2 (Encumberance and equipment)
Character sheet page 7 (Monies and such)
Character sheet page 8 (Magic items)
Character sheet page 9 (Notes and experience points)
Character sheet footnotes page 1
Character sheet footnotes page 2
Character sheet footnotes page 3
Weapons and Combat sheet
Weapons and Combat footnotes
Character sheet index page 1
Character sheet index page 1
Spells and Magic supplement page 1
Spells and Magic supplement page 2
Spells and Magic Footnotes

Download the 'Whole thing' at once in an ASCII text format. The archive is compressed using ZIP compression.

This HTML version of my character sheet was created solely to facilitate distribution of a universally printable version. If you are unable to make use of the ClarisWorks or RTF formats, you should be able to print the various pages directly from your browser using this HTML version. As these pages were intended to be printed from your browser, I have removed all non-pertinent coding. Thus the lack of navigation aids. As a result you may find it necessary to make many trips to this navigation page, and wear out your browsers back button in order to get to all the pages.

Note that variations in screen size, window size, browser font interpretation/presentation, and printers, may present some difficulties in obtaining a properly formated hardcopy of this HTML character sheet. If margins appear incorrect, and text overflows onto extra pages, you should try re-sizing your Browser window, reducing the printer font size (Try a 9 point Monaco or Courier when possible.), or changing other settings in order to correct the problem.
There are some variations between the HTML'ized version and the 'Whole thing' ascii version. Printing the footnotes and index from the 'Whole thing' download may prove exceptionally difficult (Try a 6 point font). Note that the weapons sheet portions of the character sheet are formated in a landcape orientation (Sideways). Be sure to change/correct your page layout/printer orientation prior to printout.

I used Netscape Navigator 3.04 and my Epson Stylus COLOR 800 printer to proof the printing process. The 'Whole thing' documents were created using BBedit Lite 4.1. The 'Whole thing' documents are ascii text with Macintosh line feeds. (ASCII 13).

If you are interested in obtaining this character sheet in some other format, please feel free to send me some e-Mail and I'll see what I can do.

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This "Character Sheet" and all of it's 'Components' are copyrighted by the Author/Publisher: Robert L. Vaessen. Permission is granted to use, print, reproduce, or otherwise duplicate this "Character Sheet" for personal use only. ©2001. You may not post this character sheet to the Internet by any means or in any form.

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