My Computer Headquarters

My office/Computer Headquarters is a single room in our new house.
Previously, my computer was always relagated to a corner, nook, or closet - Now it gets its own room - Hooray!


My Computer
My Computer Keyboard: (I'm not using the one pictured here) Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000. Ergonomic design with a zoom feature (tied to the Mac's universal access functionality), numerous customizable hot/favorites keys, internet/media keys, integrated palm rest, and an outstanding design - Microsoft makes some good stuff The iMac's built in monitor comes equipped with a built in FaceTime HD camera. The built-in 720p FaceTime HD camera (with an ambient light sensor) lets you make video calls that are so clear, it seems like everyone's in the same room. Make FaceTime calls from your iMac to any FaceTime-enabled Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The video is supported with the iMac's dual noise-canceling microphones. The camera has an indicator light that illuminates when the camera is in use, but it doesn't have a manual shutter like the old Apple iSight camera, and I can't disconnect it at will like a second party USB camera. Bose Companion 3 - Series II mulimedia speaker system iMac (27-inch, late 2013). I chose an iMac instead of a Mac Pro this time around. In comparisons of computing power for my needs, I now find that the iMac line has sufficient power to handle my computing needs. You no longer need a Mac Pro to do video editing, rendering, production. In the past, the iMac line couldn't adequately handle this type of application (in my opinion). Since occassional video production is now my most CPU/Graphics intensive application, I can easily switch over to the iMac line for my needs. The iMac doesn't come with any media drives (CD or DVD). I purchased a USB SuperDrive for any disk reading/writing needs. Model MD564ZM/A is a slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVDA±R DL (double-layer)/DVDA±RW/CD-RW). Writes DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL discs at up to 6x speed. Writes DVD-R and DVD+R discs at up to 8x speedWrites DVD-RW discs at up to 6x speed and DVD+RW discs at up to 8x speed. Reads DVDs at up to 8x speed. Writes CD-R discs atup to 24x speed. Writes CD-RW discs at up to 16xspeed. Reads CDs at up to 24x speed. I used an awesome 30" monitor with my previous Mac Pro, and I liked that monitor so much that I bought another for use with my new iMac (I gave the old one to my Neice (along with the old Mac Pro (see above for additional details)). The second monitor is connected to my iMac's video card (it can support two monitors) using a video adapter cable that I purchased from Apple. Dual-Link DVI to Mini DisplayPort Adapter. The second monitor is a Dell UltraSharp 30" monitor - 3007WFP-HC. LCD / Widescreen Flat-panel. Resolution is 2560 x 1600. I mounted the second monitor on the wall behind and above my iMac desktop (see the photo above) using a Mounting bracket for the 30” monitor - VideoSecu Long Articulation LCD LED TV Monitor Flat Panel TV Wall Mount, 20 inch extension 55lb loading capacity VESA 75mm/100mm 1US. I'm truly amazed that I mounted the unit correctly the very first time. I set the screws into a 4x4 stud that sits adjacent to a window frame in the corner of my office. I hit the studs dead-on, and the height was perfect for mounting the monitor - I'm awesome!
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Some equipment is not pictured: See my computer page for additional details.

Computer Room - In our new house
Command Center
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Computer Room - Prior to the new office
The old computer room was a bit cramped - Here's two views
Ouch - That's a bit cramped - How cramped?
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Last Updated: 04 June 2015