Teeth & Claws

Using teeth & claws as money - A standardized barter system for your campaign.

I am establishing guidelines to use when Barbarian, or Berserker type characters use teeth and claws for currency. Not understanding the sense of value inherant in minted coins, these characters only understand the value of slaying a creature and using it's teeth and claws as proof of personal risk. This being a measure of true value.

Whatever the justification, here's some guidelines so I don't get all wishy-washy on the subject from one year/day to the next.

1. The value of any teeth or claws is based on the creatures Hit Die before it was slain.

              Claws or Teeth
     Creatures HD     Value in G.P.
     up to 1 incl. =  1/1000th gp
          to 2     =  1/500th gp
          to 3     =  1/250th gp
          to 4     =  1/100th gp
          to 5     =  1/50th gp
          to 6     =  1/10th gp
          to 7     =  1/1 gp
          to 8     =  1/2 gp
          to 9     =  1/5 gp
          to 10    =  1/10 gp

If a Barbarian/Berserker slays a creature with greater than 10 Hit dice then add to this chart as you feel appropriate.

2. Note that each such tooth or claw will have a weight of .01 per hit die. This ruling is just a guideline. There will of course be circumstance when applying this rule will make no sense whatsoever. Be flexible. Your the GM!.

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