Armor deterioration

due to critical hits:

Any time a character suffers a critical hit there is a chance that the defenders armor may be damaged to such an extent that it's protective rating will be lessened by one degree. Any magical armor is permitted a saving throw/resistance check. Magical armor's gain a +1 for being magical, and +1 for each enchantment/bonus of the armor. Non magical armor is not afforded a saving throw/resistance check. Any armor can be completely destroyed in this manner. Any time magical armor is damaged in this way (Failing it's saving throw/resistance check) it's enchantment is eliminated and it becomes mundane armor of it's type. A suit of armor can be reduced in protective value only so long as it has protective value left.

     For example let's say that a suit of +2 plate mail provides 9 levels of protection. (AC 3; with a +2 bonus = AC 1. Base 10-1=9 levels of protection). The first time this armor suffers damage as a result of a critical hit (and the subsequent save versus crushing blow is failed) it's protective rating will drop by 3! It drops by one due to the damage inflicted by the critical hit, and then it drops by an additional 2 points because it is no longer magical armor. It's magical bonus is no longer in effect.

This damaged armor may be repaired in order to restore it to it's original protective potential. Sometimes it's best just to replace the armor. Depending on the amount of damage sustained. To repair the armor requires a skilled armorer who will charge twice the original cost of the armor as divided by the number of protections it provides.

     For example: If plate mail costs 400 gp, and provides 7 levels of protection (AC 3; 10-3=7). Plate mail can take 7 critical hits before it is totally useless as armor. (Personnaly I'd ditch it way before this. It's only serving as an anchor after a certain point.) Back to our example. 400 / 7 = 57.14 multiplied by 2 = 114.28 (A kind armorer will round down) or 114 gold pieces to repair one protective rating to this armor. Magical armor on the other hand will cost four times the original cost of the armor. And the magical enchantment cannot be restored by an armorer. This requires the attentions of a skilled Mage.

Any armor that is reduced to no protective rating through the effects of critical hits cannot be repaired. Start over. For further information on Defensive/Protective ratings follow this link.

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