Below are links to tables containing equipment separated into categories.
The tables contain Equipment & Services that an adventurer may wish to proccur.

  checkbox.gif   Various forms of Ammunition used by weapons.  
  checkbox.gif   Sometimes adventurers prefer to wear partial suits or Armor Composites.  
  checkbox.gif   A few resourceful characters will not be satisfied unles they assemble their own specialized ensemble using Armor Parts and pieces.  
  checkbox.gif   Most adventurers prefer to select one of the standardized Armor Suits sold in most towns.  
  checkbox.gif   As most adventurers can afford the finest apparel. We have prepared a selection of the finest Clothing. If you're interested, I have a set of threads so exquisitely fine, that they have only been tailored for Emperor's in the past.  
  checkbox.gif   When characters are in town any GM will appreciate this listing of Food & Services. All players should keep in mind that these prices are highly variable.  
  checkbox.gif   Eventually the characters may wish to purchase a horse or even a trained war-elephant. In that case I've assembled a listing of Livestock for the discriminating husbandman.  
  checkbox.gif   Of course the most commonly selected items are the most unusual. As such I've gathered together this list of Miscellaneous Equipment for those intrepid explorers.  
  checkbox.gif   Those who appreciate the equine form will wish to acquire the finest accouterments for his steadfast companion. Here then is all manner of Tack & Harness for the discriminating equestrain.  
  checkbox.gif   Getting to where the actions at, will always require some form of Transportation. Here then are a myriad collection of such conveyances.  
  checkbox.gif   Finally, the most important item in any adventurers possesion is a sturdy Weapon with which to vanquish the forces of evil.  

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