Clone Insurance


The following insurance can be purchased by certain wealthy adventurers. This insurance is only available from the Mages guild of Whillip (Hadeska). Terms of the clone insurance are as follows:
  1. Initial Payment. 60,000 gp
  2. Tissue sample taken at 3 month intervals with payment of 10000gp. Earlier if desired.
  3. Failure to pay sample fee in time required will terminate contract.
  4. Once every 3 months your body will be scryed for. If not detected, the mages guild will begin the cloning process.
  5. Cloning process takes 3 weeks (30 days) to complete.

Note that the clone is the person as he/she existed at the time at which the last sample was taken. See step B. above. As a result; Any clone created using this form of insurance will not have any knowledge of the method or circumstances surrounding his/her demise. Once the clone is completed however, it will realize that it is a clone. That it did indeed have clone insurance, and that obviously, it is now alive because prior to being a clone it/she/he died somehow. One thing a person would most likely do in an instance like this is try and figure out how it died.

(That sounds peculiar, doesn't it? How did I die? Did you see me die? Did you kill me!)

Something else you should plan for, if you plan on buying clone insurance. Is a cache. Your clone will be nude, and without resources if you did not prepare for this contingency before hand. Stash away a suitable amount of money, and or supplies. So that you can carry on with your new life. The wizards at the mages guild will provide you with a set of modest clothing when the cloning process is complete. So that you need not walk out onto the street completely naked!

Something else that would indeed be interesting was something a player suggested. You might want to write letters to your clone. So that when it does finish it's incubation process it can catch up on current events.

This brings up an interesting topic. The legal status of clones.   Does the government recognize a clone as the original being? Is that clone entitled to any moneys, or items, that were formerly owned by the clones originator? The answers to these sorts of questions are of course up to the Game Master. Be assured however that in Hadeska the law does not distinguish between clone and original life form. As a result a clone is entitled to all belongings and possessions of the original being as if he/she were that entity. There may be problems however, if a clone and original exist simultaneously. Since they both have equal claim to the properties.
     Of course the nature of a clone spell will create greater problems than trying to civilly distribute properties. Both parties to such an occurence will be aware of the others existance and will seek out the other in order to slay him/it/her.

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