A letter to my Clone

Thai Khetasi's Clone
c/o The Mages Guild, Bldg 195.
Whillip, Sembia.

Dear Me?

I'm you. And your probably wondering where things went wrong.

     Well, I've decided to write you this letter so that I'll have a better idea of the events leading up to my death. Last time I made a specimen deposit with the Mages Guild of Whillip (Money Grubbing Bastards!) was 12 Detenday, of the year 1012.
     As you already know, we had been planning to go on a Quest to find this sword. The Sword of Nth. What you don't know, is that after the mages teleported us to the small village outside of the Great rift, our mage had another "Vision". This time he saw us climbing down into a mist shrouded valley. As you know, we had thought that the sword might be down in the great rift. Well, that's not where we went.
     We hired a Gnomish guide of the name "Kagnythus". Who professed to know of a mist shrouded crevice not more than ten miles from town. We left for the valley in the morning and arrived some short time later. The guide showed us to a place where we could descend into the mists, but refused to accompany us. Claiming other duties, and fear of heights. (Likely story.)
     Anyway, it is at this point where I penned this short note. Knowing full well that you/I would not have these memories once the cloning process was completed. That's right. Cloning process! You are, you see, a clone. A clone of me. And as you read this, you are me. For I am dead. But you already know all that. I gave the note to the guide, and paid him 10 gold to have this message delivered to the Mages guild in Whillip. Apparently my monies were not wasted. Perhaps a more suitable reward will be forthcoming.
     Anyway, now it's time for you to find out what happened. If any of the others made it out of the rift they would surely have headed back to our party headquarters. the "Drop Right" Inn. That should be the first place you should look. If they are not there, it's possible that they are either still adventuring down in that canyon, or they may have perished as well.
     Well, I'd best sign off now. That Gnome is begining to look annoyed, and the rest of the party is looking at me as if I'm somewhat addled. Goodbye and goodluck. By the way. Doesn't it feel good to be alive!

Signed: Oddly enough
Thai Khetasi (You!)

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