Apparatus of Zane the Mad Ninja

     A hood, made of some semi-malleable clay like substance covered with 100 tentacle-like appendages. The appendages are anywhere from 1 to 8 inches in length. These tentacles continuosly wave & writhe in an almost hypnotically graceful manner. The hood is light brown & the tentacles are light brown to tan in color. The hood has no other openings other than that to place it over ones head. When donned the wearer will find that s/he can see both in normal and infra vision. With a range extending out to 120'. The wearer can hold his breath for double the normal amount of time. And is able to breathe and hear normally and unhindered. Speech is not possible while the hood is worn; as any attempts at speaking are hopelessly garbled by the hood. While worn the wearer gains a +2 to all resistance checks versus gases, spores, and airborn attacks. When worn by a rogue class character all thieving functions are enhanced by 10% (to a max. of 90%) A +1 bonus is also added to the wearers attribute checks when dexterity is the determining factor. The hood is a rather frightening sight to look at but it's appearance is far outweighed by it's benefits.

weight: 1 lb
value: 20000 gp

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