Magic Items

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This is a spoiler warning. If you are a player, go no further. Turn back now!

(If you are a player turn back now!  Don't spoil your gaming experience. Enjoy the game as it's meant to be enjoyed. With a sense of wonder, excitement, and anticipation. Tell you GM about my site, and retreat. Explore the other offerings I have made. Quench your thirst at a different trough! Begone!)

     GM's rejoice!  for here it is. The "Treasure Trove", the wondrous "Stash", the "Mother Lode". That's right, a compilation of original Magic Items that will be sure to befuddle, delight, and amaze your players. If you have questions or concerns regarding copyright ownership please see the Disclaimer.

     My collection of Original Magic Items exceeds 500 Items, and is still growing. I find great joy in creating unique items. And usually have no trouble thinking up new ones at the drop of a hat. I often create unique items based on the characters background, and character type, so as to enhance the players Role-Playing opportunities. Although my Magic Item collection is extensive, I cannot post them all here. I just don't have the time, money, or server space to complete such an arduous task. Below then, is but a sampling. A taste of the original items, that I have created for use in my AD&D®, Forgotten Realms® Campaign. These items have been created at some point during my twenty plus years as a GM. (I've playing and GM'ing since the spring of 1976) They have all been used in play, and are not campaign wrecking Artifacts of godly might. Fear not fellow GM. They can be safely introduced into your campaign as well. I hope that they might bring as much enjoyment to your campaign as they have to mine.

     As with all other materials presented on my web pages. I have strived to describe the items in a generic manner, so that they may be easilly adapted for use in your FRP game setting. No matter what rules system you use. Hopefully you will find utility in one or two of the items. Enjoy.

     Although you may have seen/may see items similar to these in other places; let me assure you that these are original items created by myself fo use in my campaign. Great ideas sometimes can't help but be discovered by more than one person at a time. The best stuff, is always the stuff, you create yourself. Even if you don't use one of the fine items I've presented here; I hope that they may inspire you, to create your own Magic Items.

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