Bookshelf of the Portable Library

     A wooden bookshelf with dimensions of 10' high, 8' wide, and 10" deep. There are seven shelves upon which books may be placed. The bookshelf has two chains w/tassles on the end, attached to the right side of the bookshelf. One tassle is blue, the other red. When the blue tassle is pulled the shelf and all the books solidify into a single book weighing 1 lb. This book has dimensions of 10"x8"x1". The book will have a red tassled book marker in it. When the tassled bookmark is removed from the book, the book grows/transforms back into the bookshelf. (When in book form the book contains random letters, punctuation, style & size of print, as combinations of print from all the books on the book shelf) Any book placed on the bookshelf, shrinks, or expands, to a standard 12" high, 6" wide, 1" thick book. (96 books/shelf × 7 shelves = 672 books max) These books will all have a black cover and no label. Any book on the shelf can be called out/located by its title. The book named will then glow briefly. When a book is removed from the bookshelf it reverts to it's true size/dimensions.

weight: book 1 lb/bookshelf 100 lb + 1 lb per book value: 15000 gp

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