Xanyth's Cloak of Flames

(Note that cloak at left is not yet activated (i.e. immolated in flames)

     A red velvet cloak that immolates the wearer in a shroud of flames that do not harm the wearer, or the wearers worn/carried items/possessions. The flames will not start things on fire, but will damage anyone/thing that attacks (melee/close combat) the wearer. Causing 1d6+1 dam/combat phase. The cloak also provides light in a 30' radius when the flames are on. The cloak also gives the wearer a +5 to resistance checks versus fire attacks & keeps the wearer warm at all times. If attacked with a water based attack the cloak will be extinguished for 30 days.

weight: 3 lbs.
value: 2500 gp

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