Can of dehydrated giant Worms

     A can containing twelve, dehydrated, giant worms. If water is added to a worm it grows & animates. Size: 10' long, 3' dia. It takes 1 minute for a dehydrated worm to rehydrate, growing to full size; at this point the worm(s) will attack opponents under the direction of the owner/grower.

Worm Statistics
Defensive Rating:8
Move per combat phase/minute:45'/270'
Nr. of Attacks:1
Damage per attack:1d8
Size:Large (10')

     If a worm is eaten while dehydrated it will sustain the character for 5 days. No other food or drink needs to be consumed during this time. Unfortunately there is a slight side effect. They give you gas. Bad gas! Were talking about more gas than you know what to do with. It's not especially toxic. But it's certainly annoying, and might even cause some problems.

     The worms are found stored in a can. The can is 4" in dia., and 8" high. The can itself has no apparent opening. The words "Lithicum", and "Tarbel" are embossed on the can. "Lithicum" on one end, and "Tarbel" on the other. The can may only be opened by speaking the word "Lithicum" out loud. When the command word is spoken the top of the can simply vasnishes. (The end emobossed with "Lithicum") To re-seal the can one must speak the command word "Tarbel". At which point the top of the can reappears. Even after the worms have all been used and industrious adventurer should be able to find a use for such a can. When sealed the can is of course; water & air tight.

weight: .5 lbs
value: 250 gp per worm

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