Kharthandials Claw

     A 3.5' long emaciated bony arm. With exposed bone, torn flesh, and tendons at one end. At the other end is a claw like hand, with 3 fingers, and one thumb. When held, the claw will perform actions as mentally desired by the wielder. The claw acts as if it were an extension of the wielders own body. It can be wielded like a weapon for slashing or bashing attacks as desired. Causing 2d4 damage versus small or man sized opponents. And 1d10 damage versus large opponents. The claw does not have any magical bonuses to strike, or damage. But is considered a magical weapon for purposes of combat. The claw can also be used to grab, grasp, or manipulate objects. The claw is extremely tough, and difficult to destroy or damage. It gains a +5 to any resistance checks. An additional power of the claw is granted to the wielder. The wielder is able to perform one free hard block, or parry, using the claw each combat phase. This parry/block will be performed with a +5 bonus to the attempt.

     Although the claw is gruesome to behold. It is not an evil item. And just using it would not be considered an evil act.

     It also makes one hell of a backscratcher. :-)

weight: 2 lbs
value: 7500 gp

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