Spam Offer by Robert L. Vaessen
To senders of uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations

Copyright (C) 2010 Robert L. Vaessen

Notice of permission

I permit anyone who receives an uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation by email ("You") to include my name and my email address(es) given below in Your reply to the sender or the sender's agent, on the following four conditions.

  1. Your reply must consist of the Notification and Offer quoted here (or any similar version published by Junkbusters) and the copyright notice. It may also include the names and email addresses of others who have also issued this same Notice of Permission.
  2. The reply must be made in a responsible and reasonable manner. It must not be sent in large or bulk email messages.
  3. You must not do anything that imposes any cost, liability or obligation on me.
  4. Your reply is Yours, not ours or mine. You are not authorized to act on my behalf in any way.

I permit my name and my email address(es) below, to be included in lists published on the Web of people who have adopted the same Notification and Offer and Notice of Permission.

Notification and Offer

I do not want to receive uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations by email ("Junk Email") phone, or fax. I am unwilling to receive uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations freely because they cost me time and money. If you send me any uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations other than on the terms of the offer set out in the following nine points, I will take this to mean that you plan to use what I offered you without paying for it. If you ever try to do this I reserve my right to take any action available to me without further reference to you. Actions available to me include taking proceedings against you for negligence or breach of contract, which may result in substantial damages being awarded against you by a court. The unauthorized use of my computing resources/facilities may even be a crime.

  1. I offer to receive all further uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations from you on the terms set out below. If you send me any uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation by email, fax, or phone, without my express prior written consent this will be taken as your acceptance of this offer.
  2. For the purposes of points 3 and 4, you will be taken to have sent any uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations, by any entity apparently associated with you for the purpose of sending uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations .
  3. You must pay me five thousand US dollars for each such item of uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation that you send me.
  4. You must pay me five thousand US dollars for each copy of each uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation that you send to anybody or any address referred to below, even if you don't send a copy to me. You may also have to pay other persons as well if they have sent you a similar offer.
  5. I may join with any of those persons for the purpose of efficiently collecting your payments.
  6. You must mail payment by certified check to me within five working days of the transmission of the email. If you do not know where to send payment, you must state this in the uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation and give me an easy way to tell you.
  7. Each uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation item must be uniquely identified, and each payment must clearly identify the relevant item or items.
  8. You must tell me your name and full business and residential addresses in each uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation message.
  9. I may vary the terms of, or terminate this offer, at any time (even after you have accepted it). Any new terms will apply to all uninvited commercial/bulk solicitation you send after you have been notified of a variation.


Name : Robert L. Vaessen

Email 2: robert robsworld org
Email 3: robert vaessen net
Email 4: rvaessen mac com
Email 7: rvaessen comcast net
Email 12: robert vaessen name
Email 14: rvaessen hotmail com
Email 15: rvaessen spamcop net
Email 18: robert vaessen ws

(Note that this does not constitute all of my email addresses (some are not listed, some have been deleted/cancelled) and any email address that ends in one of my domains (,,,,,,, is considered to be my email address for purposes of this offer.)


End of Spam Offer

You may have noticed that these email addresses, and all the email addresses at my web site, are in the form of graphics. I've given up on mailto: links and textual email links of all sorts. They're all vunerable to the email address harvesting techniques used by spammers. If you're interested in protecting your email address(es) from evil spambots, you may want to read about how I converted ascii text into a .png image file.


You may not, under any circumstances, sell, lend, barter, trade, give away, or provide in any manner, any of my email addresses to anyone else, without my explicit permission. Nor may you add any of my email address to any data bases or lists used for, or in conjunction with, your email solicitations and or bulk mailings.

If any of my addresses are in your data bases or lists for the purposes of solicitations and or bulk mailings, I hereby insist that they be removed immediately - provided I have not given you prior explicit permission to use my email address(es) for the purposes of sending me uninvited commercial/bulk solicitations.

Spam is Bad!

It's crap, pure and simple. The opt-out model of email marketing is a sham. It will not work, and is wide open for abuse. The only feasible and responsible model is an opt-in solution. If I didn't ask for it, don't send it to me.

The amount of Spam I'm receiving in my inbox is getting steadily worse. More than living up to the origin of it's name. 'Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...' What's a person to do? Fight back. There are hundrends of resources available and a multitude of methods. Don't give up, fight back!

I used to be an avid Spam hunter. Continuosly tracking down responsible parties, constantly writting ISP's, running trace-routes, etc, etc. All it ever got me was a head ache. The amount of time and effort I spent on it was growing, and there was no end in site. I even had a few web pages devoted to spam hunting. I have since throtled back a bit. Occasionaly, I track down offenders, and write sys admins of the responsible ISP's. I save my time and effort for the more severe cases now; those where fraud is involved, or the spammer is persistent enough to send a continuous stream of garbage my way. Hopefully, someone with some legislative power will be bothered enough by constituents and personal spam experiences, to draft some effective legislation (unlike the 'Can Spam' act). Until that happens, I'll delete all the crap that comes my way, and reserve my special attention for the more rancid spam.

Does SPAM cost you anything?

It certainly does! A recent study done by The National Research Council concluded that U.S. businesses spent about $12.3 billion to clean up the damage from spam in 2001, and predicted even higher costs in 2002. Wow, that was 2001. Can you imagine how much businesses spend today?

Critics of UCE/UBE estimate that for every $5 a user pays to an ISP, $2 goes towards spam-fighting efforts such as filtering systems, abuse desk staff, downloading, sorting, and handling UCE/UBE, as well as service costs associated with the effects of spam on ISP equipment and networks. These costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher rates for internet services.

If you think that spam in your inbox is a minor matter, easily dealt with using the delete key, think again. Are you really content with the fact that you are paying for the spam you're receiving? How would you react if the post man insisted on payment for each piece of junk mail delivered? Would you be a bit upset? Oh, but spam doesn't bother you, or does it? Even if you've never received spam, you can bet that your ISP spends money dealing with all that spam hitting it's servers. You're paying for it alright, maybe you're just now coming to realize it, but you're paying for it!

Can SPAM be stopped?

There are a lot of theories, methods, and ideas out there regarding SPAM elimination. Some are merely detection and avoidance techniques. What everyone should be looking for is a way to eliminate SPAM. Some say that it can't be done. I for one don't believe this defeatest talk. See my proposal/idea for a description of a SPAM elimination technique.

No, I didn't send you any Spam!

Read all about my bout with a Spammer (During November 2002, and later) who stole my identity, and forged my domain name/email address to the headers of his/her Spam. If you think I've spammed you, please see the information that I've made available here.

I try to send out an electronic newsletter once a month. I try to get the newsletter out during the first week of each month, but sometimes it's a little late. The newsletter covers what's going on with Kim and I, as well as the latest happenings at Rob's World! If you'd like to receive this newsletter, just send an email to Additionally, if you're currently receiving the email, and you'd like it to stop, please send an email to I will honor all remove requests.

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