Rings of Fire

Defensive Construct (fire)

Spell point cost:16
Backfire possible:yes
Time to cast:special
Casting Range:special
Area effected:special
Spell duration:1 minute/level
Resistance check:for 1/2 damage
Reagent req'd:yes
Incantation req'd:yes
Gestures req'd:yes

     With this spell the caster is able to draw circles of flames around his person. (1 ring/2 levels) The rings are 5' apart and begin 5' from the caster. Each ring takes 30 seconds to form. The rings are 8' high and move with the caster. An opponent crossing a ring takes 1d4 damage per level of the caster. Any undead crossing a ring takes twice the normal damage. Creatures which have an enhanced vulnerability to fire take and additional 2 points of damage per die of damage. Any time a creature crosses or takes damage from a ring the ring disappears. If a creature crosses two such rings his clothing or person will catch fire and take an additional 1d4 damage. These rings can be de-sensitized at will by the caster. Remaining visible but causing no damage to objects/creatures touched. The spell effects may also be dismissed at will.
     The reagent/material components necessary to cast this spell are a pinch of sulfur and a small copper ring. Both components are consumed in the casting of the spell. The exact nature of the other components (incantation and gesture) are left up to the GM.

For information on Spell Points, Backfire, and magical Reagents, see my Spell Rules.

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