Original Spells

     Finally; some original spells! By now I'm sure your tired of all the re-releases of the complete net book of spells. Spells that are half baked, half thought out, and incomplete. The spells presented here have been created by myself, and players in my AD&D®, Forgotten Realms® Campaign. They have been thoroughly play tested and have contributed greatly to the gaming enjoyment of players in my campaign over the years. As with all other materials presented on my web pages. I have strived to describe the spells in a generic manner, so that they may be easilly adapted for use in your FRP game setting. No matter what rules system you use. Hopefully you will find utility in one or two of the spells. Enjoy.

     Although you may have seen/may see spells similar to these in other places; let me assure you that these spells are original spells created by myself or other players in my campaign. Great ideas sometimes can't help but be discovered by more than one person at a time. The best spells are always those you create yourself. Even if you don't use one of the fine spells presented here, for your campaign; I hope that they may inspire you, to create your own spells.

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