3.5 Campaign PC's

Here's a photo of the players in the Rob's World! Face-to-Face (f2f) campaign. This photo depicts all current players in the campaign. It's a group photo with hot spots. Pointing to the photo will reveal information, and clicking on various sections of the image will link you to that players character. If you'd like to see a more extensive listing of the player and non-player characters in the Rob's World! campaign, check out the Who's Who? page. For a listing of past and present characters, check out the Gallery of Hero's.

Watch your browsers status bar as you move your mouse over the players. There are links to the character(s) they play. Click on the image to see a description of that player's character.

The players Leah - Playing Farro Floyd - Playing Arco Deb - Playing Lauralei Sean - Ld. High Admiral Hyperium and Hith light (aka Imago) Deb - Playing Lauralei Kim - Playing Enola Brian - Playing Mot Micheal - Playing Azura Robert - Campaign Master / Dungeon Master The rule books Sean's leg - Ld. High Admiral Hyperium and Hith light (aka Imago) Brian's foot - playing Mot


Pictured (left to right): Micheal - Playing Azura; Sean - Playing Lord Admiral Hyperion, aka Captain Hyperion, aka Imago (Imago returned from Missing status, and Sean rejoined our campaign in July of 2015); Deb - Playing Lauralei; Kim - Playing Enola; Robert - Campaign Master / Dungeon Master; Floyd - Playing Arco (Floyd came back to our group in May of 2016), and he has resumed play of the character he created in Dec of 2013); Brian - Playing Mot; Leah - Playing Farroheena. Not Pictured (Three 'drop-in' players): Roger, Kelly and Dino - These players are willing to fill-in when we have a temporary vacancy due to vacations or illness.

These crazy characters constitute the players in our campaign. Many players have graced my Gaming Table over the years, but this group is the latest crop. Some are old friends, some are new, but in the end - friends are what I call them.

If you are interested in joining our group (As with most D&D campaigns, there are occassional openings), please feel free to send me an email and I'll put you on our 'waiting list'. The Campaign Master/Administrator: Robert L. Vaessen.

(*Note: This photo is 'current' as of 09 Sep, 2017 - Copyright Robert L. Vaessen)

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