Map of Level 1

KEY: Level 1 Map.

Scale: 5' per square.
Ceiling: Height is 10' unless otherwise indicated
Stairs: Arrows point towards bottom of stairs. Each 5' length of stairs also indicates a 5' rise/drop.
Direction: North=Top of map, South=Bottom of map, East=Right of map, West=Left of map.
Notes: Small "s" indicates secret door. Small "t" indicates visible trap door. "X" areas indicate open pits or concealed pits/traps. Be sure to read text so that you do not reveal the location of a hidden/secret pit/trap. Dotted areas are spike covered. Numbered areas are covered in the text. Lettered areas are covered in the appropriate numbered areas of the text. Dots or target symbols indicate areas of interest or trigger points of certain traps.

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