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Note: Although this scenario/adventure may be used with any 'Fantasy Role Playing' game system, it was designed specifically for use with the AD&D® game. The characters (Player characters and Monsters/Non-Player characters) in this adventure are described in AD&D game terms. I have not published/provided any of the AD&D game rules here (For obvious reasons). As a result, access to a suitable system of game rules will be necessary in order to effectively utilize this adventure/scenario.

Spoiler Warning

If you are a 'Player' in a Fantasy Role Playing game and would like your GM to run this adventure you should STOP here. Proceeding further will seriously degrade your gaming experience. Simply notify your GM of the scenarios location and let him/her take it from there.

The Refuge is a scenario designed for 1-6 AD&D® characters of levels 6-10th. It may be played as is with characters previously created by players in your campaign. Or as a tournament module using the pre-generated characters provided.

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