A fantastic frappuccino concoction, created by Kim Vaessen

Kim is an unbelievably talented cook. Her cooking blows me away just about every day. While visiting her parents one year, we were introduced to a blended iced espresso drink that simply blew us away. Reminiscent of Italy, It was creamy, cold, rich and chocolaty. Sweet, with a touch of caramel and carried that unmistakable bite and pickup of an espresso drink. It carried us through that summer day like a dream on a whipped cream cloud. Unfortunately, we couldn't find that amazing drink at any of our local coffee shops. So, being the extraordinary chef that she is, Kim went about re-creating that summertime treat from the truly remarkable taste.

It's still a bit of 'this and that - test and taste'. The mixing isn't completely nailed down, but it's time to stop experimenting and reveal the secret recipe. I'm sure you'll appreciate it. I sure do! :-)

Espresso - Kim recommends authentic 'Illy' brand medium roast fine grind.
Caramel syrup
- Kim uses the Davinci gourmet brand.
Vanilla syrup
- Kim uses the Davinci gourmet brand.
White chocolate sauce
- Kim uses Torani brand (keep refrigerated).
Heavy Whipping Cream - Your local grocers brand should work nicely.
Half & Half - Once again, a local brand will work well.
3 cups of Ice - If you can't locate this, it's time to move out of your shack.
One espresso maker - We sure like our little Bialetti stove top model.
A kitchen blender - Cuisinart is the best.
Whipped cream - Just for looks. Local grocer brand works well.

Making it:
Brew the espresso - Prepare 2 demitasse cups (appx 6 oz). Let cool to room temperature.
Add to blender - Add 1/4 cup white chocolate syrup.
Add to blender - 3 cups of ice.
Add to blender - 1 tbsp caramel syrup (more to sweeten/cut espresso bitter)
Add to blender - 2 cups heavy whipping cream (lighten with half & half )
Add to blender
- Splash of vanilla syrup.
Blend it - Blend until the ice is crushed but not completely puréed.
Serve it - In a tall glass with a spoon if necessary.
Top it - With a dollop of whipped cream for looks.

That's it. This treat ought to help you beat the summer heat. Kim and I love this drink. It's cold and frothy and packs a nice little punch. The espresso bitter perfectly complements the creamy chocolate flavors. Kim and I were first introduced to iced coffee drinks back in 1987. At an adriatic beach outing with some friends, Evie recommended an iced coffee. We were surprised, we'd never heard of such a thing. All it took were a couple sips. What a fantastic treat! That spot of iced espresso sure beat heat of that hot Italian beach.

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