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If you were searching for information on the Southlands Mall, you've been directed to my web site. It's not a scam, or a money making redirect. I used to maintain an online index of the businesses at the Southlands Mall. I've since stopped maintaining that index, but I've left up this redirect/explanation.

In January of 2006, I decided to create an online merchant listing of the stores in the Southlands Mall of Aurora, Co. As a resident of SE Aurora, I was satisfying a need for a community service. When I first posted my page, there was no index, no official web site, and very little information about the Southlands Mall. I (and many other residents) needed to know what businesses were located in the mall. We needed to know how long the stores were open, we needed some phone numbers, we needed a centralized location where we could go in order to get all that information. Well, my web page satisfied that need. I kept it up to date, I diligently sought new and more accurate information for the web page. I did my best to provide a service that was otherwise lacking.

As time went on, I made some contacts with the developers of the mall. They told me that there were plans to create a web page, and I knew the day would come when my web page would no longer be necessary. After eight months of work, I've decided to shut down my web page. I'll leave this page up for now, redirecting people to the 'official' southlands page, but I'm no longer updating or providing a merchant listing. The official web page does a pretty good job, and now I can turn my efforts to other web site projects.

I provided my on-line index at no charge, I never collected any ad revenue, or monetary compensation. What I did receive, was the thanks and gratitude of residents in this area. Merchants and private individuals emailed me on a regular basis. Thanks to their continued support and recommendations, I was able to make my index into a valuable community service. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me maintain and improve that index. Thankfully, the official web page is a responsive and accurate index for the residents of the Aurora community.

Sincerely; Robert L. Vaessen

Author: Robert L. Vaessen e-mail: southlands at vaessen ws
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