Continual Natural Darkness

Enviornmental Alteration (light)

Spell point cost:9
Backfire possible:depends
Time to cast:6 seconds
Casting Range:180 feet
Area effected:60' Rad. globe
Spell duration:Permanent
Resistance check:special
Reagent req'd:yes
Incantation req'd:yes
Gestures req'd:yes

     This spell is similar to a
Natural Darkness spell. Except that it lasts until negated by some form of magical light, or the casting of a dispel magic. It creates a 60' globe of natural darkness. The area of darkness is equivalent to the darkest moonless night. Those without infravision (an ability to see in the dark) within the globe, can barely see their hand in front of their face. Objects outside the globe cannot be seen from within the globe. The spell is centered on a point selected by the caster, and must be within sight of the caster when the spell is cast. The darkness can be made to spring forth from any substance. The effect can be centered on a mobile target, including creatures, or characters. If this spell is cast on a creature or character any applicable resistance checks should be made. A successful resistance check causes the spell effect to be centered in the air immediately in front of the target creature/character, rather than upon the creature/character itself. A natural darkness spell centered on the visual organs of a creature/character effectively blinds the target for the duration of the spell, unless the target has infravision or some other means of seeing in the dark. If blinded by this darkness the attack and resistance rolls of the target are reduced by 3. The affected creature/characters defensive rating is also reduced by 3. The caster of the spell can cancel the effect of the spell at will. The effect of mutiple castings is not cumulative in any way. If cast on an object which is placed in a light proof enclosure, the spells's effects are blocked until the object is removed from the enclosure.
     The reagent/material component necessary to cast this spell is a marble formed of obsidian worth at least 20 gp's. The material is crushed during the casting, and the remains are consumed by the magic when the spell is cast. The exact nature of the other components (incantation and gesture) are left up to the GM.

For information on Spell Points, Backfire, and magical Reagents, see my Spell Rules.

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