Llorriannes hand of Fate

Fate Alteration (minor)

Spell point cost:9
Backfire possible:no
Time to cast:6 seconds
Casting Range:0
Area effected:1 die roll
Spell duration:10 minutes
Resistance check:none
Reagent req'd:yes
Incantation req'd:yes
Gestures req'd:yes

     When cast this spell permits the character playing the spell caster to adjust one d20 die roll by one facing. The player is not permitted to adjust a natural 1 or 20. The spell remains in effect for a maximum of 10 minutes, or until a die adjustment is made. The player may adjust any die roll made. Including those made by the GM. The adjustment may be made after the die itself is rolled.
     The reagent/material component necessary to cast this spell is a 20 sided diamond of 1000gp value. Each time the spell is cast the diamonds value is reduced by 100gp's. When the value drops to zero the diamond turns to dust. The exact nature of the other components (incantation and gesture) are left up to the GM.

For information on Spell Points, Backfire, and magical Reagents, see my Spell Rules.

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