Fate Alteration (moderate)

Spell point cost:25
Backfire possible:no
Time to cast:12 seconds
Casting Range:30 feet
Area effected:creature touched
Spell duration:2d10 minutes
Resistance check:none
Reagent req'd:yes
Incantation req'd:yes
Gestures req'd:yes

     With this spell, the caster creates a positive pattern in the random forces surrounding one creature. Random chance falls into a lucky pattern. Any action involving random chance (i.e. any time a die roll affects the character) performed by the character during the next 2d10 minutes requires two separate rolls to be made. The better/more favorable result is then applied. The recipient of the spell rolls twice for all attacks, damage, resistance checks, etc. Always using the better die roll, for as long as the spell remains in effect.
     The reagent/material component necessary to cast this spell is a silver plated rabbits foot. Which may be re-used. Or a gold plated four leaf clover which is consumed in the casting of the spell. The exact nature of the other components (incantation and gesture) are left up to the GM.

For information on Spell Points, Backfire, and magical Reagents, see my Spell Rules.

If you are offended by the magical reagent mentioned in this spells description, please keep in mind that this is just a game. And this is not an actual spell. Nor should it be construed as a recommendation to harm a rabbit in any way. I am not a sadistic animal abuser. I'm just playing a game. A game which makes use of fanciful descriptives of various aspects of the game.

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