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I'm Robert; the author and creator of these web pages (and two other websites). Most of the content you'll find here (text, images, photos, and articles on my website (with noted exceptions)) was created by me. I started writing these web pages in September of 1996, and I haven't given up yet. The website contains my personal views, hobbies, rants, raves, movie reviews, gaming info, community involvement, some photos and an assortment of other odds and ends. It's my blog, my personal website. It's not work related, political, religious or designed to advocate any particular life style.

I designed the website to please me, and provide some information to friends and family. If you find it amusing, entertaining, informative or amazing, then I've accomplished my goals. If you hate it... Oh well!

Note: The internet is a far different place today than it was back in 1996 (when I first created my website). There are identity thieves, hackers, spammers, scammers, and all sorts of nefarious individuals scouring the internet looking for personal information, vulnerabilities, and any kind of information they can exploit, sell or steal. As a result (and taking the advice of counsel interested in my well being), I've decided to remove much of my personal background information. I may find it necessary to alter or remove additional information in the future, but I'm not planning to shut my personal website down any time soon. (Personal information/My bio, and some genealogy info) was removed on 27 Apr 2011. If you're that interested in me you might be a threat to my security. I have friends, family and co-workers who I trust with this type of material, but the days of trusting first are long gone. I wish this weren't the case, but I've learned from my mistakes, and others have convinced me that the best policy is restraint in the public posting of personal information.

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