You can consider "Rob's World!" to be your ad-free leisure zone. Never had 'em, never will!


No Advertisement!

During June of 2006, I added a new graphic and link to my front page. This graphic represents my stance on advertisement. I'm not trying to make money by posting my drivel, and I don't expect anyone to pay for it*. It's my drivel, and I’m making it available to you for Free!

Imagining that someone might want to read my blatherings amuses me immensely; and besides, I wouldn't stop if no one read this. Posting to my blog/web-site (Rob's World! Was a blog (online journal) before there were 'blogs'), acts as my personal social catharsis. Getting it off my chest helps, and when there’s no one around, I sometimes rant to the walls! I despise blogs and web sites that are littered with advertisements. I left GeoCities (now Yahoo!), because they insisted on putting advertisements on my web page; even after I started paying for the hosting service! What crap! Anyway, I don't see the point. I'm not trying to sell anything, and I don't think you need to see advertisements 24/7.

My ‘No Advertisement’ graphic is based on/is a derivative of the image promoted by the folks at the ‘Ad-Free Blog’ website. Despite some harsh criticism of the ethic promoted by the creators of that website, I maintain my ‘No Advertising’ ethic. I’m not against all advertising, I just find it offensive on a web site that’s not serving as the author’s primary source of income.

You can consider "Rob's World!" to be your ad-free leisure zone. Never had 'em, never will!
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- Robert L. Vaessen -