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Battling KnightsFirst let me make it clear to anyone who might be concerned, (WoTC/TSR Search Bots!, Overzealous copyright attorney types, impure thought police, Communist co-conspirators, etc!...) I am not an employee of Wizards of The Coast (WoTC) or any other gaming company. This is not an official WoTC web site, and I am not receiving any monies or services for making these D&D® related web pages available. I just love the game, and like sharing my campaign with others. See the "Disclaimer" for more legalize gobbledygook. If this isn't enough to placate any who might be interested in suing me, hassling my ISP, or SPAMing me with vehement hate mail, then please, by all means follow this link to receive a very special message intended just for you!

On the other hand, if you're really interested in Fantasy Role Playing, then follow this link
for some serious  <GAMING MATERIALS>  that I've developed for use
in "ANY" Fantasy Role Playing Campaign.


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