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Human Monk, played by: Kim Vaessen

A human monk, Duracell was the last remaining member of the original group. She died twice while adventuring with our group of adventurers, but she's still ticking.

Duracell spent more than two years game time (01 Janus 1001 - 19 Augot 1003) adventuring, before she was killed a second time. Kim played the character the whole time (11 Jan '03 - 22 Sep '07), and now it's time to start a new character. After dying two times, Duracell's character level was two lower than the rest of the party. That makes it a bit difficult to keep up with the challenges they'll face.

The party traveled to a monastery, and paid for her resurrection. Afterwards, she informed the party that she would no longer be adventuring with the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. She headed back to Whillip in search of a more suitable line of work.


Physical Description
Duracell is a young (22 years old) female Human. With black hair, green eyes, and olive skin, Duracell is slightly better looking than most Humans. At 5'8", and 160 lbs she's a lightning fast snap kick ready to pummel the forces of evil.

Homeland (Country/City)
Duracell's family hails from the city of Selgaunt, but she spent several years traveling the Dalelands and Sembia, before settling down in Whillip. That's where she met the original members of the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. That's where her life as an adventurer began. That's where she's living now.

25 Jularva 982: Duracell M. Everedy was born to two proud parents; Einar and Freya of Selgaunt. The middle of nine children, Einar and Freya's families have a long history of involvement in martial arts, the circus, acrobatics and the church.

Like her siblings, Duracell spent much of the year visiting various relatives, and learning their trades. This family of gypsies traveled about on 'Vacation', earning what money they could, and teaching their children the ways of the world by first hand experience. One of Duracell's favorite 'vacations' was a month spent with an aunt and uncle who taught her everything they could about acrobatics, tumbling, and gymnastics. Duracell was a natural, and her skills helped the family earn enough money to send her on another vacation.

Her fathers brother taught her a great deal about self-defense and unarmed combat. She soon became quite adept at beating her brothers in hand-to-hand combat. By the time Duracell reached the age of 16 she had learned everything her family could teach her. It was time to seek instruction outside the family.

One summer there was a visitor to the family's church. Lisp, a high level Monk, and disciple of Ilmater. Duracell's parents introduced themselves to this man, who was rumored to be a skilled trainer and disciple of the church's ways. Duracell's parents asked if he would offer his instruction to Duracell After a short trial period of two days, Lisp was impressed by Duracell's natural ability and agreed to provide what instruction he could. The family made a generous donation to the church, and Duracell began training as a Monk.

Two years of intense training with Lisp were provided while traveling about the realms; primarily in the Dale-lands, Sembia and Cormyr. Duracell 'graduated' at the age of 18, deciding to follow the path revealed to her by Lisp. She journeyed home to visit her family. She informed her family of her intentions and decided to leave on the morning. That night she spent several hours praying to Ilmater for guidance and resolution. When she awoke, she was in a cave with a bunch of strangers (See the first journal entry) and her journey had begun!

Since that day, Duracell's parents have fallen on hard times. Freya can no longer work. Taking care of nine children has taken its toll on her. The circus days are over, and the couple has settled down outside of Selgaunt. Einar does his best to support the two of them and six children, but a gold piece just doesn't goes as far as it used to.

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