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This is a listing of the characters, adventurers, villains, and non-player characters (NPCs) introduced in the Rob's World! Face-to-Face (f2f) campaign. This listing includes all current player characters and non-player characters introduced in the game to date*. If you'd like to see a more extensive listing of characters from the Rob's World! campaign, check out the Gallery of Hero's. A listing of past and present player characters.

A reminder to the players. The information here is 'player' information. Keep in mind that this information may not have been revealed to your character yet. Use it only as a player reference until revealed unto your character.

The Campaign Master/Administrator: Robert L. Vaessen


The player characters
Members or friends of an adventuring group known as "H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights" (Holy Adventuring Licensed League Of Whillip)

Enola: Female, Elven, Ranger
(Sul: The Dire Wolf, an animal companion)

Mot: Male, High-Elf, Cleric (Radiant Servant of Pelor)

Azura: Male, Goliath, Barbarian/Dragon Shaman

Lauralei: Female, Half-Elf, Paladin

Arco: Male, Human, Wizard/Sorcerer (Ultimate Magus) Farro (aka Farroheena): Female, Cat-Folk, Scout (Streetfighter)
Ld. Adm. Hyperium - aka Imago: Male, Chaos Gnome, Sorcerer/Monk (High light: A Lantern Archon familiar)
(Note: Imago has his own page, and isn't included in descriptions below)

Back in 2013, the characters reformed their organization as a new adventuring group. Some characters were previously members of the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. That adventuring group is now composed of non-player characters. Player characters formed a new adventuring group known as the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights (Holy Adventuring Licensed League Of Whillip). The player roster underwent a massive change in 2013, and now the 'party' is composed primarily of 'Knights'. Occasionally there will be non party members - associates, allies, friends traveling with the party. These members will be indicated with an asterisk* before their name(s).

The Dungeon Master: Playing everyone the party encounters




Former party members / Character's who've adventured with our group

Alcarenque: Male, Sun Elf Wizard Thalidimar: Male, Human Cleric
(Ravek: A bonded item familiar. A sentient weapon)
Ashedyn: Male, Human Rogue / Fighter Ysoac: Male, Painted Elf Druid
(Scorch: A Celestial Wolf accompanies Ysoac as his companion)
Brock: Male, Human Fighter/Barbarian Zeddishous Zolander: Male, Aasimar Ranger (Back from the dead!)
Caed: Male, Fey'ri Swashbuckler Quinton: Male, Human Cleric (Radiant servant of Pelor)
Dokren: Male, Dwarven Ranger Gregor: Male, Hakheerian Barbarian
Duracell: Female, Human Monk Jusarian: Male, Moon Elve, Rogue
Eilownwy: Female, Wild Elf Ranger Pyrceval: Male, Half Elf, Bard
Emrikol-Oz: Male, Human Wizard Crucifer: Male, Star Elf, Warlock
Grenco: Male, Mountain Dwarve Scout (Back from the dead - Again!)
(Previously Half-Orc, and before that, Whisper Gnome)
Kyrin: Female, Moon Elf, Druid
(Sliver: The Wolf, an animal companion)
Greven: Male, Hakheerian Rogue/Monk Skifander Sun: Male, Whisper Gnome Cleric/Rogue/Shadowbane Stalker
Kethri: Female, Raptoran Druid Allurean Ji-Axiom: Female, Star Elf, Sorcerrer/Mage of the Arcane Order
(Chartruz: Coure Eladrin Familiar)
Khurshel: Male, Illumian Wizard/Beguiler (Ultimate Magus)
(Esma: Khurshel's familiar is a little black bat)
Solmar: Male? Warforged Paladin
Belt: Male, Human Cleric/Monk/Sacred fist Anton Mortimer Helsing: Male, Human, Cleric (of Tempus)
Kassera: Shapechanger Wizard
(Aliases: Dynnera, Mutteran, Barrera, Clydeera, Ortega Blanc)
Talrath: Male, Drow Sorceror/Rogue
Nibori: Female, Wood Elve Ranger Ryx: Male, Wild Elve Ranger
Lumiarti: Male, Elven Wizard Rascal: Male, Halfling Spellthief
Rezigrene: Female, Orog Fighter Leif: Male, Human Cleric (of Tempus)
Solindria: Female, Half-Elven Paladin Ditty: Male, Chaos Gnome Sorcerer (Wild Soul)
(Rex: A pseudodragon familiar)
Julianne: Female, Human Fighter Capt. Erik Redbeard: Male, Dwarve Fighter
Scott: Male, Half-Orc Cleric Falco Hearthfoot: Male, Halfling Rogue/Druid
Tanar: Male, Human War-Mage  
(There may be additional former PCs that are not listed here. See my 'Gallery of Heros' for other former PCs)
(Deceased former party members are lined through)

The non-player characters

Friends & Allies
The Boy. 'Ellis' Ramne, Hermit (Wizard) Hectar Venkary - One of Hoar's wandering priests
The Driver. 'Lenginth Moorels' Greywing: (aka Vy or 'Bob') - Male, Illumian Monk/Cleric/Warmage Siegrid: Ranger who slew Il-I-Kay
Nathis. The House Man Farin Proballi. A high priest of Tymora Yorgel: The Druid. Protector of Willip's natural places
Castelly Hothmana. The manor's Groundsman. Ironstump Nailbitter. Dwarven warrior Too-Ate the Samurai
The Master. 'Maghrehv Eiddiesse Ekhhs'. Otherwise known as "X" Thereman Ulath. Ruler of Highmoon Bravic: The healer/priest of Belotar IV
The Raven. The boy's companion? Telkan Nacklu . A renowned smithy and surgeon Pleedir the Druid of Rift Canyon
Peera Nelsonson. House maid at the manor Villaine Cutrow. High priestess at temple of Tymora (in Whillip) Dalek Nordell: Constable of Whillip (Chief of investigations)
Nikel Pilewhite. One of the guards at the manor Shalfey the Monk The Baron; Kyle Lans Gentwell. Ancestral ruler of Whillip.
Eric. The pimply faced kid at the Mages guild in Whillip Derwyth the Half-Elven star watcher Kelton Lantis Gentwell. The Baron's 2nd oldest son.
Cussath Uthtah. Lizard Man who works at the Mages guild in Whillip Hadley the ferryman Cirilli. A young victim of Abramo's
Zakarias Ormond, Mayor of Orlane Alain Clayborn, Ranger and Farmer Darius Osaleate of the Nether Mountains. Leader of a monastery.
Garivek: Priest of Helm. Slain during the time of C.O.E.P.A.S. Resurrected afterwards. Inaen Whitherclaw, 14th level cleric of Helm in Waterdeep Ike Edwards: Ships counselor aboard the Palisade.
Westlin: The law in the town of Longbridge. Vorick: Male Troll, 8th level priest of Tyr Edvard Kititch: Mayor of Deepwood
The Dread Witch: A mysterious ally? Palindar and Kabeckum: Duergar from 640 Veyatar: Male Kzinti from Willip. Skyship Captain
Theradyne priest of Moradin Felivat Barketh: Priestess of Tymora Madge Madgerson: Dwarven Innkeeper at the Hostel of the Sacred Stone
Eludecia - A Succubus Paladin! Conrad Heider: Priest of Tempus Inaen Whitherclaw: Cleric of Helm - Serves at temple in Waterdeep. Friend of Solmar, ally of the party.
Llvarniq - A Leprechaun who lives on the Astral plane Prince Kedris Peolan: Oldest of two brothers from Tashluta, Capital of the Tashalar States. Zodar: Mechanical companion and guide
Adventuring Groups, Associations, Organizations
The "Clean-up crew". A group of NPC adventurers from Whillip (Many former player characters). The S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. An adventuring group from Whillip (Previously a player character organization). C.O.E.P.A.S.: The Church Of Elven Purity and Superiority. A supremacist cult based in Whillip.
Order of the Night Sky. A monastic order serving at the Tower of the Heavens That 'Other group of adventurers'. A group of sextuplets? A group of evil? adventurers looking for our party? Nothing But Trouble: An adventuring group from Whillip (Rescued during adventure in Sewers of Lingice Enz).
Tax Collectors: The city of Whillip has a powerful regional government, and among it's employees are a group of people who enforce taxation codes.    

(Members of Ekhhs' staff (NPC residents of the manor) are indicated above by italics)


Employees of the Inn - An Inn/Tavern/Headquarters, located in the city of Whillip. Owned/operated by the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights
(Below is a list of employees hired by the party. These individuals work at an Inn that the party maintains. The building serves as a headquarters for the party, but is also operated, for profit, as an Inn and Tavern. The ownership of the Inn is publicly disclosed, and used as a draw for patronage. Many local citizens feel honored at the privilege of staying in the party's Inn. The clientele and patronage is small now, but the party hopes that the Inn will soon become a regional hot-spot.)

Position Name Sex/Race/Age Pay Notes
Raven Thurinough
Sebastian Gannett
Carl Gronnik
Felicia Stanislaus
Vella Atrissa
Tracy Nasally
Wenda Garith
Garina Sale
Sagev Vitoran
Nerria Tusonka
Kedri Sanitovar
Fiddereck Tico
Jareena Tico
Jhabwah Nosa
1gp / day
2sp / day
2sp / day
2sp / day
1sp / day
1sp / day
1sp / day
1sp / day
1sp / day
1sp / day
1sp / day
2sp / day
2sp / day
1sp / day
5sp / day


Carries a nasty looking knife.


Has a glass eye.

Keeps a pet mouse with him.


(At this point, the party knows very little about the employees they've hired. As time goes on, as they learn more about these employees, I'll update this table, and add separate entries (below) for employees of note.)
(Defeated (but still alive) foes in italics - Dead foes are lined through)
Abramo, High level corrupted Priest of Tymora Nigel Stormcloud: The Father of Tanar Stormcloud. This man bent his soul to evil when he willingly joined the Mad alienest Madreus of Firestorm Peak.
C.O.E.P.A.S.: The Church Of Elven Purity And Superiority. This group was routed and defeated by the party.
Ozzwehlyhxganhhakheron. A High Elf who is involved with C.O.E.P.A.S. Defeated, but never captured. Ozzy was a worthy foe.
Chaswelli: A cohort of Ozzy. Together they were part of C.O.E.P.A.S.
Piyarz the Sage. Shalfey's former pupil
Explicita Defilus an evil Dark Naga
Sion the pupil. Piyarz's understudy
First Mate Serati Vurgrom the Mighty
Gavarize: An evil adventurer in search of a powerful evil sword. Wellfast - Leader of the Duergar community inside FireStorm peak
Glan Sarin: A Human Necromancer. Bane to our all our heros. Zhabovekh, leader of the rusty hinge tribe
Il-I-Kay the Warlock Gamorette - A god-blooded Orc. Leader of an outlaw band of Orcs
Madreus the mad alienst of Firestorm Peak Sapharia - A Marilith (9ft tall demon) foe of Eludecia.
Misha Devi, Corrupted Priestess of Tymora Armon Bistle: Deepwood financier/sponsor.
Naentoth - A high level Duergar priest within Firestorm peak. Oerth First - A group of 'Evil' Druids? Environmental terrorists.
Unknowns, Acquaintances, and Neutrals
(Dead characters are lined through)
Almel: Male, Dream Dwarf Hank of Deppershire Poro the sage
Arach-Nid: Grey Elve - Trainer, member of Thieves Guild in Whillip Jatani: A Duergar gem cutter living in 640. Prince of Constructs: A mechanical being of some sort. Seems to be some sort of prince or important figure.
Auberge: Former warden of the Tower of the Heavens Karesh Nahmesek a chosen Dwarven warrior Roche Setaphone': Slaver in city of Whillip
Bidvar Minitin: Halfling merchant/businessman in Whillip Kelond & Danieth. Just two more victims of the Dark Naga Sabatoo: The juggling jester
Capt. Highlander Khoronach the Storm-trooper of death Scroggis: Dynnera's Female Golbin sex slave!
Capt. N'drs Kraetia the weapons mage Takaél Gathar. Evil Gnomish engineer
Castanamir the mage Lt. Cdr Vitus Gothings Teferon, Eiderry, and Llandris are Killoren Hunters
Constable Billet Lt.Cdr Shamus Sabertooth Terrance Enkirrit. Merchant from Ordulin
Donald Duck: An intelligent duck? Lurg the sage Thastick: Capt. of the Guard at 640.
Dorian and Llywillan, Elven residents of Orlane Maalthiir: Ruler of Hillsfar Trade Delegate Ekhahar
Ellies: A Gnome who was holed-up in the Cube of Nth Malakai: Revered saint of Fharlanghn. Trelles agent of Kraetia - Weapons expert
Ere’ Cretharis: Victim of C.O.E.P.A.S. Menelmacar: Swordsman of the sky Tunadholm. Dwarvish general of great renown. Wielder of the Rondolim, an axe of legendary might
Galor Norivox. Dwarven priest of Claggedin Silverbeard Nallond: The Duergar elder of 640 Whenit: A celestial emissary of Menelmacar
Gary Johnson the cook Nesbit the Deputy Zacharius Thybender: Captain of the Skycruiser Palisade
Hammerinoch: Burrow warden of the Kagu-Svirfnebli Nth: A celestial magic user. Created the 'Sword of Nth' Maximillian Novius Mandelbrot: (aka 'Mad Max') - Human Wizard/Wild-Mage/Rogue? of Whillip
Quik: A Kobold guide from the 'Aqueduct tribe' Armon Bistle: Resident of Deepwood Tekelut Thringus: Mage/sage from town of Kester. Sponsor for one of the party's adventures.
Winston Churchill: A distinguished, well-mannered gentleman; who seemed a bit confused. Old man Geete The Prince of Constructs: A living construct of some sort. The prince was imprisoned on the plane of 'Mechanus'.

Campaign Master:
The Campaign Master in a Dungeons & Dragons® game is the campaign manager. He creates/manages the world that the player characters adventure in. He sets up the campaign, designs and manages the theme, flavor and overall direction of the campaign. In "Rob's World!" the Campaign Master is: Robert L. Vaessen - DM™ and Player of D&D® campaigns since 1976. Email: You can also reach me on iChat, AIM, and a few other chat services.

I'm currently running a f2f (face-to-face) D&D® campaign. The Rob's World! campaign is based on the 3rd edition rules (3.5), with some house rules thrown in to spice things up. For more info on the Rob's World! D&D® campaign, see the website. <https://www.robsworld.org/3ecampaign.html>

Dungeon Master:
The Dungeon Master in a Dungeons & Dragons® game is the game administrator. He/She prepares the adventure(s), facilitates play through rule adjudication, and plays the characters and monsters that the player characters meet (the non-player characters (NPCs)). In the Rob's World! campaign, any of the highly experienced players (or the Campaign Master) may DM an adventure or encounter. Currently, Robert Vaessen (the Campaign Master) is the Dungeon Master.


Player Characters:
These are the characters that the players run. They role-play the persona of the characters listed below. The players decide the actions of their characters based on the character traits, skills and abilities of the character that they are playing.

If you'd like to see the players as a group: I've posted a link to a photo of the group here. I'll do my best to keep it up to date

  Enola the Ranger

Elven, Ranger - Played by Kim Vaessen
(Character illustration created by Richard Tran - copyright 2009 (Used with permission))

The party knows very little about Enola. She was first encountered at the Monastery of the Nether Mountains (aka the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine). She was there with another adventurer; Beltashazzar. They were both employed by the Monastery, to help fight a recent onslaught of tainted creatures plaguing the surrounding communities.

Physical Description
Enola is a Moon Elf, the most common type of Elve found in these realms. At 132 years of age, she's still quite young as Elves go. At 5' 1" tall and weighing 82 pounds, she's quite petite. With brown hair, green eyes, and fair ivory colored skin, she's somewhat more fetching than your typical Elve.

(Note: On occasion, Enola has exhibited the ability to actually transform into a large python with subtle green and golden hues. It is unclear how she is able to accomplish this transformation.)

Homeland (Country/City)
Enola hails from the Moonsea region of the Realms. She's spent much of her life in the area around the Moonsea; the Dalelands, Sembia, the Vast and the forests of those regions. She recently moved to Whillip, and from there made her way to a taint infected region of the North, near Firestorm peak.

Background / History
Enola was born in Hillsfar, in the Moonsea region in 871. For her parents, both Elven, this was their second child, they had a boy - Ciqala about a century earlier. He has since moved to Elmwood to be a farmer, marry and raise a family. In 891, when Enola was 20, she was sent to Ciqala and his family, to help raise his children. Her parents hoped Enola would settle down and start a family of her own, but the lifestyle her brother had was not for Enola. She longed for something more challenging and less lonely. She found this in the Elven Court. She was at peace in the woods. The animals kept her company, so as she didn't feel lonely. It was as if the woods recharged and sustained her.

For the next several years her interest in the woods grew. She continued to help raise her brother's family and travel to Hillsfar once a month to check on her parents. When her brother's oldest reached the age of consent, he was sent to Elventree with Enola as a guardian. Once arriving at Elventree, where Enola's Aunt and Uncle reside. Enola began her studies to be a ranger. Her Uncle had been a ranger before getting married and starting a family. So he began training her with the long composite bow. She was studying ranger skills and nature lore from her Uncle for about 12 years. Until there was a coup in Hillsfar, the council government was overthrown and Maalthiir was put into power. He decreed when he took power, that all non-humans had three days to leave Hillsfar, after which any non-human found within the cities walls without permission will be sent into the arena, to certain death. Enola and her brother begged with her parents to leave and go live with her brother in Elmwood. But her parents refused, they had lived their married life in Hillsfar and raised a family. They refused to become refugees and travel from one city to another. They believed they could stay in Hillsfar as long as they stayed in hiding. It worked for about six months. Until one day there was a group of Red Plumes going house to house in their neighborhood looking for non-humans. They seized her parents, put them in a paddy wagon and delivered them to the arena. A week later Enola's parent found themselves in the arena fighting for their lives.

Enola has vowed to help remove Maalthiir from power and/or make him pay for removing her parents from her life so early. Shortly after the capture of her parents, Enola left for Whillip. She found the region was becoming incredibly instable, and no city was safe from the evil powers around the region. She met Balding Near-Eye, and apprenticed with him for a few years. He eventually encouraged her to join an adventuring group to increase her archery skills, so that one day she can come in contact with Maalthiir and deliver a just punishment to him.

Sul was companion to Ryx (a departed adventurer) for many years; until Ryx's tragic death - Left orphaned by the tragic loss, Sul eventually bonded with Enola as her new companion. Ryx’s lupine companion, Sul can be intimidating at first glance, and second for that matter; for as a dire wolf, Sul tends to make a scene whenever he shows up near any settlement that is not strictly inhabited by other Wild Elves. Sul himself however, tends to confine himself to Ryx’s side when not hunting, being generally distrustful of others. Oddly, unlike Ryx, the dire wolf actually dons armor when asked; his black and gray fur and fiery red eyes peeking from underneath the hide.

For quite some time, Enola was accmpanied by 'Fang', a medium sized Viper. This snake was Enola's constant companion. With a poisonous bite and shady motives, the party kept clear of Fang - Fang was usually found wrapped around Enola's torso, it occasionally pokes it's head out the sleeve of her robes. Unfortunately, during a rather deadly contest with 'Glan Sarin', Fang found itself on the recieving end of a fireball. Enola mourned for a whole day! [Top]

  Azura leathalu

Azura (Ram Chaser) Leathalu:
Goliath, Barbarian/Dragon Shaman - Played by Micheal Scanga
(Character illustration (at left) is from a Deviant Art portfolio belonging to 'Lordrhino15' <http://lordrhino15.deviantart.com/art/Goliath-barbarian-288848554>. I want to make sure everyone realizes that I am not asserting copyright. In addition, I have not obtained permission to use this illustration. If the rights holder wishes, I will remove the illustration. I'm not using it to promote any product or service. I'm not receiving any fee/compensation for posting the image, and I don't make any money by running this website)

The party knows very little about Azura. He was first encountered on the trail. The party was on their way to an adventure far to the south when they met Azura. He was found unconscious, battered, and relieved of all his equipment.

Physical Description
Larger than the largest Half-Orc, at 7'8" and 320 lbs, Azura is typical for a Goliath. His skin is grayish, with light and dark mottling. The colored patterns on Azura's body can be interpreted by some Goliath Shaman; portending the Goliath's fate. Lithoderms - coin sized bone-and-skin growths as hard as pebbles - speckle his arms, shoulders and torso. His skull has a jutting eyebrow ridge, a wide jaw, and occasional lithoderms. Azura's scalp is bare of any hair, but he does have a fine, light coat on his limbs.

Azura's eyes are a brilliant blue and they often seem to glow a little from underneath his furrowed brow. Because skin mottling has cultural significance, Azura generally dresses as lightly as possible. While most Goliath's eschew standard tattoos (which cover the patterns on Goliath skin), Azura has a 'tattoo' of sorts. Scarring in the shape of an intricate bow adorns his upper back and shoulders. Stretching from one shoulder to the other, a raised ritual scar creates the appearance of a bow across Azura's shoulders. As the party has already observed, this scarring is also imbued with magic, as Azura always has access to a magic weapon by 'drawing' forth a totem bow from his shoulders.

Homeland (Country/City)
Azura hails from a place so fantastic that it must be made up. A land of frozen ice, tundra, and drifts of snow so deep that the ground lies miles beneath ones feet. Surely a place where all water is solid must be the result of a fever dream, for no one could survive in such a harsh climate. Azura refers to this place as 'The Great Glacier'.

Background / History
The party first encountered Azura along side the "Giant's Run Road" while traveling south along the road. The party was on their way to an adventure far to the south. The party was on it's way to Deepwood, to investigate rumors of a Blue Dragon in the vicinity of the town. Azura was found unconscious, battered, and relieved of all his possessions. Azura had fallen victim to a group of evil, thieving Gnomes who'd recently stolen a powerful magic item from the party. Both victims of the same foe, the party and Azura traveled together to recover their belongings. Afterwards they discovered another common interest. Azura was also traveling south to investigate the rumors of a Blue Dragon. With a common mid-term goal the H.A.L.L.O.Wed Knights decided to accept Azura as a traveling companion and interim/temporary party member during their current adventure.

Over the course of the next few nights, Azura told quite a tale. The tale of a young Goliath from a very cold climate...

Dragon Shaman

While growing up in the mountains in around the Great Glacier I spent a lot of time exploring the peaks and valleys around camp as our tribe moved around.

While ranging though the mountains I would frequently see someone who appeared to be an old flatlander. I usually noticed him after I caught a glimpse of something reflecting light out of the corner of my eye. I would look around and see this frail old man just sitting there and looking back at me. I’d wave and he would wave back at me and just continue to sit. Occasionally I would see if I could make it over to him, but by the time I’d get there he was gone leaving no trace that anyone was ever in the area.

My brothers were typically chosen to captain the hunting teams. I was still too young for the hunt so I was usually chosen to help with the ram herd. Even with this job I was able to find away to challenge myself. I used to see how far away a ram could stray away before I would start to go and find it. Each time one got away I would wait longer and longer before I’d go in search for it. It was during one of these searches that our tribe came under attack from a group of giants in the area. By the time I rounded up the stray and made it back to the main herd the members of my tribe were either captured or killed.

I was despondent since I wasn’t there to help the tribe. After some time I knew that I had no choice but to exile myself since I failed the tribe. I was very deep into the mountains and knew my chances to make it to the lowlands was very slim. I still set out to make it. While traveling I once again caught site of the old man. This time however I set out to find him and wouldn’t give up until I did. I would see him on a boulder or at a stream but by the time I reached the site he’d be gone. I’d look around and see him sitting on a boulder further up the slope. No matter how fast I moved he always stayed ahead of me. I didn’t understand how this old man could move in the mountains like he did.

We kept this up for a couple of days. He was across a stream from me when an avalanche occurred and swept away the boulder he was sitting on. I rushed to the bottom of slope and started to dig though all the rocks and debris. I finally found him trapped under a fallen tree. Lucky for him the tree helped form a pocket that protected him from many of the larger boulders that tumbled down during the avalanche. Carefully, I moved boulders and tree branches away from the tree trunk. Once I had if fully exposed, I looked for a way to lift the tree off of him. With great effort I managed to lift the tree enough for him to slide out from under it.

Once he was out he just stood up and brushed himself off. Not saying a word, he walked over to a nearby boulder, sat down, and looked at me. From a distance he appeared to be very old. Up close however there was an underlining strength and sense of power to him. Looking closely into his eyes I felt like I was looking into the eyes of an ancient soul.

He told me his name was Ag’Chazore. He was a researcher of anything Dragon. He’d heard rumors of an ancient silver great wyrm that had a lair somewhere in these mountains. I told him that there have been old tales of such but nobody has seen or heard of this dragon for generations. That didn’t seem to surprise him. He just nodded to himself and kept on walking.

I spent years traveling with Ag’Chazore. He would teach many things to include many survival skills. He taught me the way of the barbarian warrior, which was the way most fighters of my kind followed. Once I had learned the basic tenants and gained the ability to rage he began to teach me the lore of the dragon. He knew everything there was to know about dragons but had a special affinity toward the Silver. He taught me that it was possible to obtain enough knowledge that one could begin to take on aspects of dragons themselves, to even include a version of their breath weapons.

After many years, I came across a large cave way up toward the summit of the highest peak of the glacier searching for game for our dinner. I cautiously entered the cave and looked around. As I was exploring I heard a faint noise coming from deeper inside the cave. Could this be the lair we’ve spent years looking for? I continued deeper into the cave with growing excitement. Rounding a corner the cave opened into a huge chamber. Light entered the chamber from an opening at the top. I gazed around in wonder. The light showed a large pile of treasure covering every surface on the floor of the cavern. Light reflected off items made from precious metal. Huge mounds of every gem imaginable were scattered all around. Many weapons and pieces of armor were scattered throughout the area. The sight was completely overwhelming. Finally after years of searching, Ag’Chazore would finally know what could only be the lair of the silver dragon we’d been seeking. I couldn’t wait to get back to camp and tell him what I found.

Running and climbing as fast as I could I returned to our small camp. When I got there Ag was nowhere to be found. Calling out his name, I searched the surrounding area. For hours I tried to find him. What could have happened? After all the time together we reach our goal and now he’s nowhere to be found! Finally exhausted I sat down and tried to think about what could have happened. Suddenly it occurred to me that he may have followed me earlier and found the cave himself. Rushing back to the cave I ran in excitedly calling Ags’ name. Running headlong into the large cavern I saw one new sight I wasn’t prepared for.

Lying on the floor was the largest creature I have ever seen. Its scaled skin seemed to be made of large plates of silver. From head to the tip of its tail had to be at least 85’. I stood there transfixed with fear and awe. The dragon turned his head to look at me and exhaled a cloud of cold mist at me. Deep in its chest I swear I heard a sound issue like a chuckle. Suddenly the air around it blurred and when everything cleared Ag’Chazore was standing right where the dragon used to be.

I just stood there stunned and speechless. Ag then walked up to me with a huge grin on his face. Leading me to a pile of treasure he prompted me to sit down and then began his story.

"As you have probably figured out by now, I am the dragon for whom we have been searching." He began, "I’ve lived in this cave for almost a century and haven’t interacted with another being for half of that time. I’ve watched the tribes wander these mountains and began to feel the urge to interact with them. My experience has taught me to be cautious when approaching mankind. I decided to watch and find one individual with whom I would approach. This person was to be you. The giants however lead me to make our introduction much sooner than I was planning. I took advantage of the situation to help guide a young one in his growth. I’ve never had a young one to rear and relished the new experience. You didn’t let me down. Watching you grow into manhood and teaching you what I could in survival and the ways of a barbarian fighter brought me much joy and pride. Then beginning to teach you the ways of the dragon while at first joyful, eventually brought me sadness. It reinforced the fact that I have never brought up a young dragon. These feeling began to grow and since you were now a young man, I decided it was time for me to reveal my true nature and release you on your own path."

For many days we talked about our time together and what the plans for my future should be. I was grieved to be leaving him, but I was also excited to journey forth on my own and see the places he had described to me during our time together.

When it came time for me to leave Ag gifted me with items from his treasure so I could manage in the world. He also gave me a pendant in the form of a small silver dragon. Set up with supplies, he allowed me to ride his back and flew me down into the lowlands. He told me the name of a person whom he had befriended years before, and encouraged me to find and continue my training from him. He was a Gnome called Dreanrop. He told me I could find him in a city on the Inner Sea, in the Dragon Reaches. He set me down as near to the city as he could without being seen and bid me a fond fair well.

I set out and located Dreanrop. After introducing myself and telling my story, Dreanrop agreed to continue my education as a dragon shaman. Our travels consisted of searching out clues and rumors of good true dragons and then trying to find and interact with them. Thanks to the gifts and teaching of Ag’Chazore we were able to meet with both a young gold and copper dragon. While agreeable and willing to talk, they were fairly reserved and I think humored us out of fear and respect for Ag’Chazore, who it turns out, is one of - if not the oldest dragon in Faerun.

About a year ago, I set out on my own when Dreanrop decided he was too old to travel any more. I have made it my life’s ambition to encounter each type of true dragon whether good or evil. The good to talk to and learn whatever they are willing to impart and the evil to stop whenever they are causing problems.

So now I find myself following rumors of a young blue dragon causing problems in a town called Deepwood. Hopefully, I can use my skills to help these people. I also hope to find others who are willing to help during my journey. All dragons even the very young are not to be taken lightly and I am nowhere skilled enough to challenge a young evil dragon. YET. [Top]


Human, Wizard/Sorcerer/Ultimate Magus - Played by Floyd
(Character illustration (at left) is a D&D Online (DDO) Avatar. I don't know exactly who holds the copyright, so I want to make sure everyone realizes that I am not asserting copyright. In addition, I have not obtained permission to use this illustration. If the rights holder wishes, I will remove the illustration. I'm not using it to promote any product or service. I'm not receiving any fee/compensation for posting the image, and I don't make any money by running this website)

The party knows very little about Arco. He was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Arco and a few other characters (Members of an adventuring group known as 'Nothing But Trouble') were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing coccoons. They were engaged in a quest to find Eivobrin's Incanabula when they encountered a powerful group of spiders. Thanks to the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights, they were freed from their cocoons and given a second chance at life.

Physical Description
At 5'6" and 150 lbs. Arco has a typical build for a non-Warrior Human. The only thing exceptional in his appearance is the scar that bisects the left side of his face. Surely the result of some arcane explosion or alchemical experiment gone wrong.

Homeland (Country/City)
Arco grew up in the small town of Shadowdale.  He was orphaned at the age of 12.  The owner of The Skull Inn took him in.  Seeing as Arco was a bright lad she taught him some of her brewing secrets.  This started Arco out but soon he wondered about mixing other things together what would happen. Upon discovering the wonders of magic, Arco soon realized that Shadowdale was just the first stop on his journey. There was much to be learned, but Shadowdale wouldn't be the place to discover the mysteries of magic.

Background / History

Arco grew up in the small town of Shadowdale.  He was orphaned at the age of 12.  The owner of The Skull Inn took him in.  Seeing as Arco was a bright lad she taught him some of her brewing secrets.  This started Arco out but soon he wondered about mixing other things together what would happen.  This caught the eye of a traveling wizard Crowden of Sembia.  In exchange for a few barrels of ale he would train Arco to further his interest of alchemy.  Arco was intrigued by his command of magic and wanted to be trained in that instead. On Crowden’s next visit through brought Arco some books teaching about the basics of wizardy.  Arco devoured these books and learned some cantrips.  Crowden did not really want an apprentice while he was doing so much traveling, so he wrote Arco a letter of recommendation to the wizard college in Ordulin Sembia.

Arco soon set off to study wizardy in the big city of Ordulin. These were some of Arco’s best years of life.  He learned the basics of wizardly study and because he knew how to make good ale he had many good “friends” and was able to pay as he went at the college.  Crowden checked in on Arco from time to time.  A couple of his teachers were concerned with Arco’s incredibly quick ability to master new spells.  One of his teachers (Thomas) revealed that he was also a sorcerer and thought Arco had this gift as well and trained him to bend small amounts of magic to his will alone.  After this Thomas recommended to Arco a colleague of his in the town of Whillip.

With Thomas' recomendation, Arco journeyed to the nearby town of Whillip; renowned as a home for famous adventuring groups and it's "Wizard's Guild", Arco was soon ensconced amongst the arcane walls of the mystical Mage's Gulid. His new instructor/mentor was Kalinda of the mages guild. She could help blend both methods into a powerful union if he kept studying.  It turned out that Kalinda was also an accomplished potion maker.  It took some time but Kalinda agreed to train Arco as long as he learned how to brew potions and how to make magical items as well. Thus Arco made Whillip his home. He bought a small wooden house on the outskirts of town.  Arco joined the mages guild Whillip Chapter.  Arco is willing to go adventuring to continue his study of magic. He is known to some an excelling brew master and makes a tidy profit that he pours into his alchemy habit. 

After a few adventures with a group known as 'Nothing But Trouble', Arco is now based in Whillip, searching to uncover more of the mysteries of magic as a Ultimate Magus. [Top]


Mot Torva:
High-Elve, Cleric/Radiant Servant of Pelor - Played by Brian Seim

The party knows very little about Mot. His first adventure with the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights was the 'Black Flame of Fletchin's Swamp'.

Physical Description
At 5'6" and 90 lbs. Mot is typical for a Male High-Elve. Of course being an adventurer makes him atypical for his race. His skin is covered in Red Dragon scales (from a permanent enchantment), his head and shoulders are often immersed in a shroud of black flames and he wears a copper crown fashioned in the likeness of fangs with diamond tips. Carrying a skull-like mace, Mot is sometimes mistaken for a Lich or servant of darkness.

Homeland (Country/City)
No one in the group knows anything about Mot's homeland, as he hasn't related any details to our party yet. The party knows virtually nothing about Mot. About the only thing we know about this mysterious Cleric is his 'family curse' which sometimes results in the manifestation of undead bent on his destruction. Accepting him into the group on trust alone, the party has displayed a great willingness to accept the unknown. To embrace the uncertain, to tempt fate and dare the odds.

Background / History
We know nothing about Mot's background. Considering the fact that he's plagued by a curse, and unusually fearful of the Fey, it ought to be pretty good story. [Top]


Lauralei Galanodel:
Half-Elve, Paladin - Played by Debbie Berg
(Character illustration created using the HeroMachine character portrait generator)

Lauralei has been very forthcoming about her background. She has related the tale of her origin to many members of our group. Her first adventure with the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights was the 'Black Flame of Fletchin's Swamp'. She joined our group as a companion of Imago, after his return from a rather interesting journey...

Physical Description
At 5'6" and 110lbs. Lauralei has a typical build for most Female Half-Elves. With a black pony tail, perfect skin and emerald green eyes, it's easy to see why many opponents succumb to her looks before they're banished by her sword.

Homeland (Country/City)
Lauralei was raised as a woodland Elf in the Reaching Woods with her father and his clan. She was raised learning woodcraft from her father but loves making jewelry in her free time. She was part of a small clan of elves who remained behind in hiding when the Gnolls eradicated the Reaching Woods of other races and claimed it for their own. Very knowledgeable about animals she preferred to spend her time communing with nature.

Background / History
Lauralei had known from her earliest memory that living the life of a paladin was her true calling and she trained with a paladin elf (a member of her clan) named Erumollien in secret under the canopy of nightfall. Erumollien, one of the clan’s elders, was a gifted paladin and more like a father, Lauralei felt, than her own. He had always seemed interested in what Lauralei had to say and encouraged her beliefs, even though he knew that her father would use them as an excuse to shun her. Already feeling different and alienated Lauralei kept her religious beliefs and training a secret and pretended to worship Ehlonna (goddess of the woodlands and her father’s deity) until, at the age of 19, her father caught her worshipping Pelor. Seizing the opportunity (as Erumollien knew he would) Lendian banished Lauralei from The Reaching Woods. Knowing she would miss Erumollien but pleased to finally be free of her childhood tormentors Lauralei stepped out beyond the boundaries of The Reaching Woods and never looked back. She thought of Erumollien often and, certain their paths would again someday meet, she carried on alone.

You can read more of Lauralei's extensive and interesting backstory online (be sure to read all about the adventures of Imago and Lauralei in the strange and mystical city of 'New Orc'):
<https://www.robsworld.org/dndcampaign/Characters/_Lauralei/Lauralei%20Galanodel%20Backstory.pdf> [Top]


Farroheena (aka Farro):
Catfolk, Scout/Streetfighter - Played by Leah Seim

The party knows has learned a great deal about Farro since she first joined the group. For example, the fact that she's a she. For quite some time, everyone was confused about her gender. It has only become apparent of late; after a friendly fireside chat where Farroheena opened up and told the rest of the party the sad tale of her family and her early years growing up with SethVar. Her first adventure with the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights was the 'Black Flame of Fletchin's Swamp'. She joined the party during that adventure.

Physical Description
Standing (or crouching?) 5'1" tall and weighing 132lbs, most of us are uncertain as to whether this is a typical build for Farro. With a fine coat of black fur and bright yellow eyes, her feline appearance always makes heads turn. Especially when she tumbles in and out of combat like a whirling dervish wild-cat.

Homeland (Country/City)
The party knows a little about Farro's homeland. It's called the 'Shaar'. A land of rolling prairies with long grasses and gentle hills. A few members of the HKs have been there before, and tales of the great plains are often recounted around the party's campfires. Aside from the general tales of the Shaar, the party doesn't know much more about Farro's tribe.

Background / History
Farroheena has a special hatred of all undead monsters, since a pack of them ransacked her village and left her bereft of the only people who held value to her in her young life-her parents and three older brothers. Their blood-soaked corpses shielded Farro from death, until the decaying monsters wandered off in search of other victims.

Eventually, a kindly old warrior named SethVar took in the wayward, half-starved child, after he noticed how quickly she could avail herself to choice morsels at the local tavern and then disappear without anyone noticing the lack. Under SethVar's tutelage, Farro began her training in earnest, vowing to rid the land of undead vermin to vindicate her slain family and village playmates. After years of disciplined fight-training, foraging in the woodlands, and helping SethVar complete odd jobs as he traveled from town to town, Farro felt as much at home in the forest as in a warm bed at the Inn.

When Farroheena became an Eldrakin, or an adult cat-person, SethVar presented her with disturbing news. SethVar explained that he had been the captain of the guard for the Royal household of Enthertan, of which there had been seven sons to Good king Ricolach. However, the youngest son, Tasharo, endeavored to learn evil magic in secret. When he mastered his craft, Tasharo raised the dead and destroyed his father, his brothers and all their kin. Then, Tasharo declared himself king of the land; settling any dissent with surprise, undead attacks during the darkness and plunging the surrounding countryside in terror.

SethVar himself had been lured out of the castle right before the massacre, to take care an urgent matter that turned out to be a trap ending with ten mercenaries waiting for him. Within minutes, SethVar struck down his adversaries and raced back to the castle as fast as he could. But, he was too late to save the king. So, he vowed to search out the other royal kin and serve them until such time as they could be reinstated in their rightful place within the kingdom. "I was lucky to find you Farroheena, since your father was only a few years older than your uncle Tasharo, and sixth in line for the throne at that," SethVar admitted with a chuckle. Then, SethVar explained that all the royal children were given a tiny, special tattoo on palm of their left hand, and instructed on how to brush their fur the right way to hide it. Gently, SethVar stroked the fur back on Farroheena's hand, to show the mark that Farro had wondered about, but dared not speak of, from the time she was a young kit back in her parent's house. Farro now understood that SethVar had continually moved from place to place to keep her safe. "Nobody notices or remembers a couple of vagabonds out on the streets," SethVar agreed. "Plus, it makes it easier for me to train you up. Eventually, you'll need to face your Uncle Tasharo and restore the kingdom to its former glory. When that day comes, appeal to the people in the towns we have helped these several years past. They will put their lives on the line for you, Farroheena! But, for now, we must train. You are still years away from being able to take on your Uncle. He won't die easily, you know. And, you will need to learn skills from other's beside myself."

During their adventures in the hinterlands, Farro and SethVar encountered other horrors that were nearly as bad as undead, since they were constructed rather than birthed naturally, and in most respects fairly similar to the undead beasts she loathed. Farro learned to hate elementals as well, as they seemed to be yet another aspect of evil spawned without souls or even bodies to call their own. Unfortunately, one day, SethVar was slain in battle, and Farroheena was forced to strike out on her own.

Farro came in contact with a party of adventurers called the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights as she was traveling through the countryside and trying to figure out her options. Farro was immediately impressed with their odd appearance and how easily they handled their weapons. Secretly, Farro hoped to learn more skills by watching the way Enola handled herself. [Top]


Non-Player characters/Former Player Characters:
These are the characters that are encountered by the players characters during the course of the game. Some are allies, some are foes, some are former characters, and some are simple acquaintances. The player characters don't know what will happen when they meet an NPC (Non-Player Character), because the Dungeon Master controls their actions.

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Abramo: According to Alain, Abramo is a high level Priest of Tymora; something of a regional administrator in the Vilhon Reach. After questioning/interrogating a guard that we defeated, we have since learned that Abramo has been corrupted by some evil influence/creature, and is leading some sinister goings on at the temple of Tymora in Orlane.

We fought and defeated Abramo during a raid on the desecrated temple of Tymora in Orlane. Unfortunately, Abramo escaped during the battle. He used some kind of teleport, uttering the words "Explicita Defilus" just before he vanished. Abramo is a tall, thin human in his 60's, with gray hair and blue eyes. According to Kragus, Abramo tried to cave in his skull. Abramo spoke to Kragus, saying "Death awaits those who dare confront the servitors of the dark one. Die unworthy one. Your soul shall serve my masters purposes". That was enough to convince Kragus that the priest was evil. Kragus tried his best to do him in. Not being one for fancy speeches, Kragus quipped, "Evil priest, I will destroy you!", before he tried to separate Abramo's soul from his body.

We fought Abramo three times before we finally captured him. He's pretty good at that 'hit-n-run' technique. We finally captured him when he tried to run away yet again. He appears to be charmed, but some of us doubt whether he'll ever recover from the twisted trip his mind has been through. Right now he's manacled to a pillar in a somewhat secure area. Hopefully he'll stay put until we get back!

The Clean-up crew extracted Abramo from his makeshift prison, and transported him to Orlane. Once he arrived in Orlane, he was watched by uncharmed members of the community. Now that the Naga is dead, the full extent of Abramo's injuries has been revealed. Once the charm wore off, it was quite apparent the Abramo was insane. The dark influence of the evil Naga has rotted his mind. [Top]

Ag'Chazore : An old man who really isn't an old 'man' at all. A figure from the background/history of one Goliath. Encountered in the frozen wastes of the Great Glacier, at first glance Ag'Chazore looks like a frail old human worth barely a mention or concern. As one pays closer attention, he seems a sprightly old man with surprising agility, fortitude and intelligence. He has a underlying strength and sense of power to him. Looking closely into his eyes, one feels like they're looking into the eyes of an ancient soul. He presents himself as a sage, an expert on Dragons, magic and lore of the North. In truth, to those who know him by name - Ag'Chazore (If that's really his 'True Name') is actually an old Silver Dragon. Disguised as an old man, Ag'Chazore finds that he can interact with humanoids more freely when they're at eye-level. [Top]

Almel : Almel was a male Dream Dwarf. A Wizard (War Weaver) played by Richard Tran. The party knew very little about Almel. He was first encountered aboard the Skycruiser Palisade. Almel came aboard the Palisade while the party was on the way back to Whillip. Returning from a recent adventure, Almel and the party have just now started to learn about each other. Almel decided to accompany the party on their journey back to Whillip, and joined them aboard the Skycruiser Palisade for a rather short journey. After receiving a less than warm welcome from some party members, Almel departed without so much as a goodbye. [Top]

Thuris Anetti: A large, very well muscled human male. Everything about him, from his piercing blue eyes and vice-like hand shake, his neatly groomed long black hair, his waxed handle-bar mustache, and his flatteringly tailored uniform, indicates that he is very well suited for his job as a Constable in the city of Willip. [Top]

Arach-Nid: An Elven (Grey) Wizard/Rogue of unknown level (above 9th). Arach-Nid is a freelance trainer/burglar for the Thieve's Guild in Whillip. He trains guild members for guild set fees. He's a chaotic, freewheeling, entrepreneur who enjoys gambling, mysteries, and archery. Arach-Nid runs a small burglary ring under guild auspices, but he also goes on the occasional adventure. He has been seen flying about Whillip on a broom. [Top]

Auberge: An elderly human male. Auberge is the warden (Innkeeper) of the Tower of the Heavens. He runs the visitors hostel on the smaller of the two islands. Attended by a small staff. Auberge is fond of alcohol, but no alcohol is permitted in the tower. Auberge was later found to be collaborating with Sion, and enemy of the 'Tower of the Heavens'. Uncertain of his loyalties, and worried that he might compromise the tower's security. Auberge was forced to retire. His fate remains in the balance as Shalfey ponders his fate. [Top]

[ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ]

Balding Near-Eye: A Human middle-aged male. With a rugged, weather beaten face and a shock of white hair on his head, no one knows exactly how old he is. Balding is the leader of Whillip's Ranger's guild. Friend of druids and animals, Balding acts as a trainer and mentor for many adventurers in the vicinity of Whillip. A powerfully built man, Balding has an amazing physical strength. Capable of lifting 10 times his own weight. His eyesight and skill with a bow is unmatched in all of Sembia. [Top]

Felivat Barketh: this frail, red-haired human female is a specialty priest of Tymora.  She trains Tymora's clerics from from 5th to 8th level, inclusively.  She is very adept at coin tricks.[Top]

Bidvar Minitin the Halfling: Buildings in Whillip are addressed numerically. And building #52 is of supreme importance to any adventurer. Building #52 is also known as 'Where Now?'. The building is a small house with attached news stand. The proprietor/owner, a Halfling (Bidvar Minitin) possesses an exclusive contract with the city of Whillip. The only person who may dispense directions (in any manner) to places of business (Private residences are exempted) is Bidvar. The city of Whillip enforces this contract, and it is illegal for any resident to give out directions to places of business within the city of Whillip. Those caught violating this 'contract' can be fined up to 250gp, or jailed, depending on the severity of the violation. Bidvar is middle aged and cheery. Who wouldn't be with that sweet contract? [Top]

Constable Billet: Billet protects the citizenry and enforces the law in Deppershire. Constable Billet also owns and operates an inn called the Shire of the Blue Knight. A rotund halfling of larger than normal proportions - or perhaps he's simply a short Human? In either case, his brilliant and luxurious head of red hair distinguishes his appearance. [Top]

Armon Bistle: Armon Bistle was first mentioned in a letter that the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights received. A letter of introduction, and an offer of reward to those who would help the town/area of Deepwood with their Dragon problem. Armon was listed as the newest resident of Deepwood, and the benefactor for this quest. Offering a reward of 150,000gp to those who can rid the area of a Blue Dragon assaulting the good people thereabouts. Further investigation revealed Armon Bistle to be a wealthy, retired trader (from Riatavin) of potions, drugs, ointments, and other apothecary items.

Armon built a lavish home in Deepwood approximately 1-2 years ago (1002-1004). Madge believes that Armon grew up in Gesenta (sp?).

Upon reaching Deepwood, our party of adventurers met Armon for the first time. Solmar detected an aura of evil about Armon, but judged it to be weak. He also indicates that a powerful aura of evil emanates from some object about his neck. According to Crucifer, Armon is carrying a powerful magic item. This item emits a strong aura of Transmutation magic. In a direct confrontation/conversation with Kyrin, Armon's answers about his nature/past were elusive and defensive. This conversation/encounter also revealed Armon's ability to detect alignment.

What secret is Armon protecting? According to Crucifer: “Armon is the Dragon luring adventurers here to build his treasure hoard!” Later, Skif opined (in a journal entry): "there’s something about this guy that I simply just don’t like. Crucifer was wrong about Bistle actually being the Dragon and luring adventurers here to kill them and take their loot, but I think he was right to suspect him of being crooked".

As it turns/turned out, Armon was hiding a deep dark secret. The greedy bastard was actually an evil Werewolf who'd subjugated the people of Deepwood. He was responsible for a couple of murders and was forcing the villagers to mine gold for him. Our party of adventurers defeated (killed) the evil werewolf, and helped restore relations in the village. [Top]

The 'Boy'. Ellis: Ellis is a small human male child, approximately 8 years old. Ellis has reddish blond hair and blue eyes. A disarming smile adorns his face. A cheerful demeanor dispels your doubts. Ellis wears knickers, tights, a brown vest and a white cotton shirt. His feet are clad in hiking boots. He is an apprentice to 'X' the Magic User. He has exhibited uncharacteristically high intelligence for someone so young. His mannerisms are not what most would consider consistent with those of an eight year old child. [Top]

"Hello in the cave below! Hello to all below! Be still your cautious hearts. Know now I mean no harm. I've come to help you. I mean no malice. I am unarmed. Gather near, be not afraid. Let knowledge now dispel all fear."

Bravic: The healer/priest of Belotar IV. An old man wearing a long, white beard and blue robes with silver trim. When we encountered this Human cleric, he was meditating under a pyramid shaped frame in one portion of the Cube of Nth. He claimed to have been sent by Belotar IV (the god of Courage and fate) to heal brave individuals who have ventured into the cube. A former adventurer who journeyed to the Cube of Nth in search of the Sword of Nth. Bravic journeyed with Gavarize, Ellies, and others. All that remains of this former party are Ellies, Sabatoo and Bravic. Thanks to the party, Bravic was able to escape from the cube along with a handful of his former party members. [Top]

Wellsfast Brightblade: Former leader of the Duergar community inside Fire Storm peak. Wellfast was one of Nigel's former adventuring buddies. Wellfast took over this Duergar community 640 years ago (as of 1003), and he took to adventuring with Nigel several hundred years afterwards. Apparently, some sort of corruption - Surely it must be taint! rotted his mind from the inside out. His face was contorted into a permanent grimace of pain, covered in some sort of scales, and something unnatural moved beneath his skin.

In a recent battle with the party, Wellfast spat some sort of grublike worm at Belt. Wellfast's motives were unclear at best, but it seemed that he was in communication with some powerful foe, as he claimed to have been warned about the party's coming.

Wellfast died in his meeting with our party of heroes. He died while defending a crystal shard from discovery. Luckily for the party, taint had dulled his intellect, and he never had a chance to summon reinforcements. His stinking corpse occupied a blood soaked bearskin rug at the bottom of the party's portable hole, until his body was spirited away by unknown agents at the Monastery of the hallowed doctrine. [Top]

[ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ]

Castanamir the Mage: A magic user who borrowed some of X's books. Castanamir borrowed some books from X a long time ago. When Castanamir went missing (For a century or so), X summoned and hired the adventurers to recover the books from Castanamir's Isle. [Top]

Chaswelli: The party doesn't know much at all about Chaswelli. Through discovery/research and second hand information, they've come up with this very brief profile: A High Elf Black Knight. Chaswelli is a fellow high-ranking official in the same secret organization as Ozzwehlyhxganhhakheron. As a leader of C.O.E.P.A.S. and a cohort of Ozzy, Chaswelli is on the party's shit-list by default. Chaswelli and Ozzy were defeated by the party, but they were never captured or brought to justice. [Top]

Cirilli: Cirilli is a teenage (14 or 15) Human girl. She had been forcibly taken with the rest of her family deep into the swamp near Orlane to meet with a Dark Naga she identified as "Explicita Defilus"  She watched as her family was brainwashed into following the Naga, but resisted the charm herself.  Abramo then kept her caged in a room, and subjected her to unspeakable depravations for several months until we rescued her. Now that the Naga is dead, Cirilli has been reunited with her family. [Top]

Alain Clayborn: Alain Clayborn is a human, and a self-proclaimed "simple farmer . . . with some hobbies." He appears to be a Ranger, and the people of Orlane bring sick and injured animals to him to be healed. His wife's name is Marieke.[Top]

The "Clean-up" crew: An adventurers group in Whillip. This adventuring group has made it's mark by cleaning up after the player character adventurers. Wherever the players had been, there was the clean up crew; looking for opportunity and any possible treasures left behind. Here's the most recent line-up of this enterprising adventuring group:

  1. Kragus: Male, Half-Orc (Half-human?), Barbarian
  2. Lumiarti: Male, Elven, Wizard
  3. Kusindra: Female, Half-Orc Fighter
  4. Eilownwy: Female, Wild Elf, Ranger
  5. Maidel Ysydriel: Female, Fire-Genasi, Fighter/Wizard
  6. Brenton Targigo: Male, Human, Rogue
  7. Greven: Male, Hakheerian, Rogue/Monk
We first learned about the 'Crew', when Solindria and Emrikol-Oz joined the PC party. The two characters joined our party in order to help clean out the underground lair that we were sanitizing. At the same time, Kragus and Lumiarti left the dungeon in order to return to the surface to help fight Troglodytes and cult members.

Later, we met Nibori. Eventually, Solindria, Emrikol, and Nibori all joined our group; while Kragus and Lumiarti joined up with the clean-up crew. Maybe we'll see them again. [Top]

Villaine Cutrow: Villaine Cutrow is the high priestess of the temple of Tymora in Whillip. She is the 2nd highest ranking priestess of Tymora in all of Sembia. Good natured and well mannered, she is a middle-aged human who keeps her body and mind fit to meet the demands of her position. Villaine has been known to help the party by providing them with information and advice. [Top]

COEPAS symbolC.O.E.P.A.S.: The Church Of Elven Purity And Supremacy. A subversive organization based in Whillip. The party is not quite sure who all constituted the leadership of this group, but they did discover some of their goals. According to one of the groups flyers, one of their goals was "The elimination of all non-Elves from Toril" Based on the fact that numerous Half-elves, Halflings and Half-Orcs were murdered under suspicious circumstances, the party concluded that C.O.E.P.A.S. was behind the murders. In the year 1002, the party embarked on a dangerous and difficult quest to take apart this deadly organization.

On the 2nd of Detenday, 1002, the party was attacked by a group of Elves & some strange creatures. The Elves were dressed uniformly and seemed intent on destroying X's manor. The Elves were being controlled in some manner by a strange type of cranial grub.

The party managed to capture one of these foot-soldiers. After an initially unsuccessful interrogation, they brought the prisoner to the church of Tymora where a healer performed surgery to remove a worm from inside the Elve's ear. After the grub was destroyed, the party was able to question the Elve. They learned quite a bit about C.O.E.P.A.S. and it's 'Church'.

One of the leaders was a person referred to only as "Ozzy". The party knows that Ozzy wasn't the top of the organization, and they know that he has a Black Knight underling named Chaswelli. The party needs to find out more about this subversive organization and it's leaders. Ozzy and Chaswelli used COEPAS as a front for some nefarious plan. A plan which involved murder, arson, and chaos. It is probable that they were working to overthrow the leadership of Whillip.

After a bit of investigative work, the party eventually discovered the primary lair of C.O.E.P.A.S. They entered the lair, went through a teleport portal, and found themselves in a large trap-ridden complex. After a protracted 'bug-hunt', the party eventually (on the 10th of Detenday) encountered and killed a creature called a 'Taxini'. This evil outsider was responsible for creating and controlling the army of townsfolk which constituted the bulk of C.O.E.P.A.S. forces.

The Taxini, Chaswelli and Ozzy, through a proxy army of mind controlled victims, waged war on Whillip toward an uncertain goal. The party never learned the groups true intentions, and there is some speculation that the Taxini itself may have been working for, under the influence or control, of some stronger entity or group. With the Taxini slain, and the leaders C.O.E.P.A.S. on the run, Whillip is released from the thrall of subversion and fear. The good citizens of Whillip are no longer enslaved by a mind-controlling fiend. While the city struggles to restore order, the party has completed another hard fought adventure. [Top]

Ere' Cretharis: A relatively young Elven resident of Whillip. Ere' is just one of the victims of C.O.E.P.A.S. Ere' was subdued by the cult, and implanted with a mind-controlling grub. After being implanted, Ere' became a servant of the cult. The control was so powerful that Ere' went so far as to attack innocent citizens and commit other criminal acts against his will. [Top]

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Explicita Defilus: A primary opponent. Explicita was the malevolent force behind the mysterious happenings in Orlane. Explicita wasn't your typical foe. Explicita was a Dark Naga, an intelligent snake like creature, capable of charming people and casting spells. She was a powerful foe; until Kragus chopped off her head! [Top]

Hank of Deppershire: Hank conducts tours in the area surrounding Deppershire, mostly to the Rift Canyon.  Don’t even try getting him to start out before mid-afternoon, ‘cause it ain't happening. A man who really enjoys his sleep. [Top]

Derwyth: Derwyth the Half-Elven. A star-watcher, astrologer, astronomer and Druid. Derwyth once studied at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. Now days, Derwyth lives in and acts as the protector of Earthwood forest and all it's inhabitants. Derwyth provided us with the location of a fallen star in return for a bestiary (a book about the creatures of Faerun). Derwyth is a friend of Hadley, Shalfey, and the monks of the Tower of the Heavens. Derwyth also helped the party to find a pass through the mountains. The party traversed the pass in order to reach the Kagu-Svirfnebli; a tribe of creatures living in the Earthspur mountains.

Derwyth shares his forest home with many animals; two of these animals are 'Tinkerbelle' a Sabertooth tiger and 'Jeeves' a large forest ape that acts as a butler of sorts!

Derwyth is on the lookout for something called a 'Sfsob' seed. A rather peculiar orange pod shaped seed that grows into a creature known as a Susurrus. [Top]

Misha Devi, Corrupted Priestess of Tymora: Misha Devi is/was the Head Priestess of Orlane's Temple of Tymora. She acted friendly enough when we first met her, but was obviously deceptive when we asked her about the strange reports about Orlane. After questioning/interrogating a guard that we defeated, we have since learned that Misha has been corrupted by some evil influence/creature, and is part of some sinister goings on at the temple of Tymora in Orlane.

The party fought and defeated Misha in Orlane's Temple of Tymora. The parties cleric cast a command on her, and she was forced to surrender. We disarmed her and started to tie her up when she uttered the words "Explicita Defilus". As soon as the words fell from her lips, she vanished with a loud popping noise. According to Lumiarti, she used a teleport to travel instantly to a different location.

Later, the party learned of Misha's demise. She was tracked down by a group of adventurers called "The 'Clean-up' crew". The 'Crew' tracked her from Orlane to the entrance to of an underground lair in the midst of Rushmoor Swamp. [Top]

Ditty and Rex: Chaos Gnome, male, Sorcerer/Bard (Wild Soul) - Played by Monte Chambers. The party knew very little about Ditty. He was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Ditty and a few other characters (Members of an adventuring group known as 'Nothing But Trouble') were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing coccoons. They were engaged in a quest to find Eivobrin's Incanabula when they encountered a powerful group of spiders. Thanks to the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights, they were freed from their cocoons and given a second chance at life. After adventuring with the HKs, Ditty returned to 'Nothing But Trouble' in order to reform that former group. At 3'3" and 37 lbs. Ditty is the smallest member of the party. As Gnomes go, he's typical - As adventurers go, his stature far exceeds his height. With green eyes and silver hair, he isn't a Gnome you'd soon forget.

Traveling with Ditty is his familiar, Rex. As is common with many wizards, Ditty has a familiar. As isn't familiar with many wizards - Ditty has a pseudodragon as a familiar. Pseudodragons are tiny members of the dragon family. They have a tiny cat-like body, approximately one foot long, and a two foot tail. The body is covered with fine scales, a pair of sharp horns and needle like teeth. The color of a pseudodragon is brownish red to a rusty orange. They weigh approximately seven pounds. They can communicate (in common or sylvan) telepathically and can vocalize animal noises. While pseudodragons can bite, their main weapon is a stinging, poisonous (causes sleep) tail. [Top]

Donald the Duck: Yes, this is actually a duck. The white kind, with an orange bill. Fond of bathing, singing, and wearing clothing? (of a sort). Donald the Duck is something of a mystery at the moment. Supposedly he's a legendary figure. Characterized as immortal, indestructible, and prone to temper tantrums, this creature was spotted on an adjacent surface in a hypercube room. The party has yet to interact with this unusual character. [Top]

Dorian and Llywillan: Two Elven residents of Orlane. Zakarias had hired to investigate the strange occurrences around the town. Shortly after that, they were woken up in the middle of the night and kidnapped by a group of Troglodytes aided by the carpenter and one of the local farmers.[Top]

The Dread Witch: A mysterious ally? This creature/person lives in or on the outskirts of a very dangerous place - The charnel bog of the Nether Mountains. Allied with the occupants of a nearby monastery, the Dread Witch helped our group of adventurers by providing them with information. Apparently, she has some control over the weather in the area, and it is certain that she has a vast network of spies working for her. An ally of the bog's denizens, she seeks to remove the corrupting influence of taint from the bog and its occupants. The party doesn't know her real name or true nature. Is she really an ally, or does she simply find convenience in using the party to further her goals? [Top]

Dreanrop: Another character from the history/background of a party member. The Gnome called Dreanrop lives in a city on the Inner Sea, in the Dragon Reaches. Dreanrop is a trainer for those who might be a Dragon Shaman. Of indeterminate age, there are some who think Dreanrop might in fact be a dragon, or have some dragon blood. No one knows for sure just how old he is. Short for a Gnome, Dreanrop is nonetheless full of tall tales. Tales of encounters with dragons of all sort. Of alliances, blood feuds, and mysterious secrets known only to dragons and the bravest of Gnomes. [Top]

The Driver. Lenginth Moorels: We first saw him sitting astride the cabbies bench of the carriage which conveyed us to see "X" for the first time. The driver is a Dwarve of middle age? It's hard to tell with Dwarves; who's beard is nearly as long as he is tall. You notice that his hands are very large and worn. He wears a livery uniform, and aside from the rather long beard has a clean and well kempt appearance. His steely gray eyes focus directly on yours. He seems friendly towards our group. According to the boy he has some healing skills. He must know something of horses and horsemanship. We saw him checking the teams harness and his name is 'Lenginth Moorels'. He speaks with a slight accent.. [Top]

"Good day young sirs. Me name be 'Lenginth Moorels'. I'm a stableman, smithy, coachman and more to master X and the young Ellis. Nathis tells me that the master has employed your services. It appears he's chosen well, you look to be a strapping fity group. Nathis says I'm sposed to take ye' into town for shoppin. If ye've nay questions we'll be on our way. Where would ye like to go? Straight to Emberden's; or to a dinning establishment affore your business?"

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Ike Edwards : Ike is a Human male, in his late 20's. He is short, with a fair build, and short blond hair. Ike is the ships counselor aboard the Skycruiser Palisade. Highly skilled at counseling and interaction in all social situations. Ike is a highly valued member aboard this merchant ship. Ike holds the rank of Lt. Commander, and a fairly large amount of experience and education in matters of personnel management and psychology.

This individual (ship's counselor) is liaison between the crew and the Captain (who can be a bit difficult to get along with), This individual is also responsible for keeping track of the psychological state of the crew - Including the Captain. This person looks out for the ships mental and emotional well being. He ensures that the strictest confidentiality is kept when possible. This individual is also used as a liaison with personnel visiting or traveling as guests aboard the Palisade. [Top]

Chondathan trade delegate Ekhahar: A Human Male of middle age; Ekhahar was an important trade delegate for the nation of Chondath. He was murdered onboard the Skyship Corona en route back to Chondath, after negotiating trade agreements in Sembia. Ekhahar provided us with a Writ of Passage in order to cross into Chondath from Sespech. [Top]

Newlonen Eivobrin: A legendary figure from one of the party's adventures. Newlonen was a mage/sage of notable power. Based on some visions of destruction and impending doom, Eivobrin created an artifact of great powere. A rare codex known as "Eivobrin's Incanabula". It's power was to be used in some ancient war between good and evil. Thankfully, this devastating war never came to pass and Eivobrin's Incanabula was lost in the sands of time. The book that can be identified by a great closed eye ornament on it's cover and yellow pages.  The book is protected by deadly magic and should not be opened or read. 

Tekelut Thringus (sponsored our adventurers to recover Eivobrins's Incanabula) believes a sinister agent is also seeking the Incanabula for nefarious purposes.  He believes another adventuring group has been searching the known area for the book for sometime but as yet has not located it. [Top]

Ellies: A Gnome holed-up in the Cube of Nth. A former adventurer who journeyed to the Cube of Nth in search of the Sword of Nth. Ellies journeyed with Bravic, Gavarize, and others. All that remains of this former party are Bravic, Sabatoo and Ellies. Thanks to the party, Ellies was able to escape from the cube along with a handful of his former party members. [Top]

Eludecia: Beautiful, strong, dedicated, detects as evil, but she's a Paladin? Who would have thought. Eludecia was first encountered by our party while they were adventuring south of Whillip. On a quest to protect the town of Deepwood from a marauding Blue Dragon. Our party learned about Eludecia from an 'Angelic Agent'. A woman approached Solmar, and told him of Eludecia. She would be found in skeletal form. A 'Silver Skeleton'. This silver skeleton was supposedly the remains of Eludecia, a Succubus Paladin who had once been consort to an angel. Wow! Skeptical at first, Solmar relayed the story to the rest of the party, and a side-adventure grew from that encounter. The party eventually encountered this 'Silver Skeleton' embedded inside a gelatinous cube. While the party eventually defeated the gelatinous cubes, and the traps protecting it, the silver skeleton was taken as treasure and stored in the party's 'bag of holding'.

A short time later, the party discovered that the skeleton had regenerated, reformed and was now a full grown (and naked!) Succubus. Needless to say, the party remained skeptical. Especially since she retained an overwhelming aura of evil. Only by her deeds and the endorsements of others was our party swayed to believe her.

As it turns out, Eludecia had been 'imprisoned' in the gelatinous cube as punishment. After being ambushed and defeated by a general of her former Balor (a type of Tanar'ri Demon) commander, the general imposed a most diabolical form of punishment upon her. As punishment for betraying the Balor, and becoming a Paladin, this demon (the Balor's general) placed a ring of regeneration upon Eludecia's skeletal form (silver clad to resist the gelatinous cube's corrosive digestion process) and embedded her bones within a gelatinous cube. As her body continually tried to regenerate, she would endure everlasting pain as the gelatinous cube continually dissolved the regenerating flesh of her 'corpse'.

Restored to full life, Eludecia is now free to continue her mission on the path of good. [Top]

Terrance Enkirrit: The leader of a spice caravan we were hired to guard from the city of Ordulin to the Thunder Pass.  He is a fat, balding, middle-age Human. [Top]

Eric - The pimply faced kid: Eric is an apprentice mage at Whillip's Mage's guild. Eric greets most visitors to the guild, determines their needs, arranges meetings with the appropriate individuals, and guides visitors through the guild's mazelike interior. Eric is a young Human with a slight build, an acne punctuated face, and a voice on the verge of changing. [Top]

Capt. Erik Redbeard (aka Erik): Captain Erik Redbeard (played by Derek Bassett from Mar of 2015 - May of 2016) was a Dwarven sailor from a far away Island (filled with dinosaurs and volcanoes!). He joined our group and fancied himself the Captain of our group - Commanding a royal navy (in his mind), the Captain was a brave fighter who never backed down from a fight. After adventuring with the group for a period of time, he decided to return to his island where he no doubt became an Admiral. [Top]

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Falco Hearthfoot : Falco (Played by Chris Parks from July of 2014 until August of 2015) was a carefree adventurous Halfling who traveled far from the warrens of his family to partake in the wanderlust of his kin. Falco joined our adventurers for a time. His Rogue and Druid skills assisted our party immensely, and his leopard companion (named Raya) was a playful addition to our groups assortment of familiars and animal companions. After the death of Raya, Falco left our group to join a more nature focused group. [Top]

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Gamorette: Gamorette was the leader of an outlaw band of Orcs (number unknown) who plagued the Dragon Coast and mountains to the south of this region. Raiding various caravans and small communities, Gamorette and his band were responsible for much hardship and suffering. The party met and slew Gamorette in a fateful encounter on the 24th of Mavis. Gamorette was a god-blooded Orc. A favored of Gruumsh. He was said to have Gruumsh's blood flowing in his veins. Rumors indicated that he had the ability to instantly paralyze his foes and spells cast at him were directed back at the caster.

On the 21st of Mavis, 1004, the party encountered a group of 20 Orcs - an apparent hunting party/group of trackers. These Orcs asked if we had encountered Gamorette. They claimed that they were trying to track and captured Gamorette. According to the Orcs, Gamorette is a renegade. Defying Orcish leaders, he was intentionally attacking Humans in order provoke open warfare between Humans and Orcs. This puts Gamorette in our enemies category. The last thing this area needs is another war.

On the 24th of Mavis, 1004, the party encountered Gamorette and his gang of uber Orcs. A group of powerful Orcs intent on our destruction. During this encounter the party confirmed many of the rumors regarding Gamorette and his gang of Bandits. The party confirmed Gamorette's ability to project a paralysis beam from his empty eye socket. He paralyzed Pyrceval with a red-tinged beam which bathed the parties shelter. In addition to Gamorette's ability to paralyze opponents with a gaze attack, the party discovers another ability. Apparently, Gamorette is able to reduce damage from physical attacks. In an attack from Enola (using a sword!), Gamorette took far less damage than one would have expected. Gamorette's gang of bandits includes a bard, a lieutenant of some sort (bigger than the other Orcs), and a handful of beefy looking Orcs. They all seem able to turn invisible at will, while someone in their group employs a teleport ability!

The encounter on the 24th of Mavis didn't end in Gamorette's favor. As a matter of fact, all but three of his crew were slain by our adventurers. Gamorette's body now lays in state, preserved for reward in Skif's magical storage sack.

Garivek: A priest of Helm. Garivek is a Human Male in his mid 40's. He doesn't move as quickly as he used to, but Garivek is still a powerful man with broad shoulders and a healthy constitution. This 10th level priest still strives to do his best in the service of Helm. He was sent to Whillip by church leaders in order to establish a true temple. So far, he has established a small shrine in the main city guard barracks. Many of the city guard, private guards and a few Paladins that call Whillip home are worshipers or recent converts of Helm. His carefully laid plans include a practice of charity to children's organizations, and relief for the families of the guards who protect the city. He has foregone the cheap and easy route of payoffs and supplication in favor of this more difficult policy.

Update - 11 Detenday 1002: Garivek was slain in his sleep by some unknown miscreant during a 'time of troubles'. Whillip was in chaos, terror reigned, and neighbor feared neighbor. It appears as if the murder was committed as part of a robbery, the building was then burned by persons unknown. Could there have been a more sinister motive? Garivek was a fairly powerful and important person.

Update - 24 Detenday 1002: Garivek has been resurrected. After receiving a letter from Solmar, Inaen and the leadership of the church of Helm (in Waterdeep), have decided that Garivek's life/presence in Whillip is far too precious. They sent funds to Solmar, and he used the funds to have Garivek resurrected. Back at the head of Helm's presence in Whillip, Garivek has resumed his work to forward the goals of his church. [Top]

Takaél Gathar: An evil Gnomish engineer. The party found this poor soul crucified upside down on an "X" shaped cross. After rescuing the elderly Gnome, the party discovered that he was in very poor health. Having suffered torture and abuse at the hands of some Kobolds, Takaél would surely have died in no time at all if it hadn't been for the Paladin's healing touch. Ironically, the party soon discovered (The Paladin detected evil) that Takaél is as evil as the night is black. The Kobolds hired him to install various subterranean traps beneath the keep. In the end, this blind Gnome was left at the mercy of the forest. Tied to a tree, and gagged to prevent him from alerting the Kobolds, the party left him in Tymora's care.[Top]

Gavarize: A dark figure - A powerful warlock, dressed all in black. A former adventurer who journeyed to the Cube of Nth in search of the Sword of Nth. Gavarize journeyed with Bravic, Ellies, Sabatoo and others. All that remains of this former party are Bravic, Sabatoo and Ellies. Like Bravic, Gavarize was a worshiper of Belotar IV (The god of Courage and fate). Gavarize was searching for a powerful intelligent evil sword. He believed it would help him escape from the cube, and make him all-powerful. The party thought that anyone willing to submit to the sword was either evil or crazy. In the end, Gavarize was defeated easily by the party when he tried to take an Evil Sword from the party. His strength was all magic, and without it the party was easily able to overcome him with physical prowess. [Top]

Old man Geete: A resident of Deppershire. Geete is a human male of indeterminate age. Somewhere between 65 and 85? Lock's on long white hair frame his thin and frail body. Geete never sleeps for more than an hour at a time, but he sleeps whenever the mood strikes him. A shrewd businessman, Geete owns the barbershop and a stables in Deppershire. [Top]

Kelton Lantis Gentwell:
The second eldest of the Baron's sons. Kelton is a Human, male of mature age. 71" tall, weight 180#. He acts as an emissary of the Town of Whillip, often embarking on adventures endorsed by the Baron - Missions which further the image of the Gentwell family, Whillip and Sembia. As a low level Ranger, Kelton has little experience in the field, but his training in matters of leadership and diplomacy are quite extensive. He is an optimistic and kind individual. [Top]

The Baron; Kyle Lans Gentwell:
The Baron rules the city of Whillip/Willip, under the auspices of the nations true rulers. The merchants. Although Baron Gentwell's title, and power are the result of ancient ancestral service to the rulers of Hadeska/Sembia, he could soon find himself in dire straits without the tacit approval of the merchants council. The Baron has a large extended family who all enjoy some measure of privilege as a result of their relation. The Baron is respected by the people of Whillip. But seen more as an economic asset than a regal head of state. [Top]

Lt. Cdr. Vitus Gothings:
Lt. Cdr. Vitus Gothings is the Inspector General onboard the Sky-Ship Corona. He's a big-nosed Gnome with a pushy attitude. Apparently he's the chief of inspections and investigations, and works directly for Captain Highlander. Update: As of Septev, 1003, Vitus is serving aboard the Sky Cruiser Palisade. Serving under captain Zacharius Thybender, this move was a considerable promotion to a much larger/more important vessel in the fleet. [Top]

Greywing : Greywing was a male Illumian monk, cleric, war mage (enlightened fist) played by Sean O'Brien. The party knew very little about Greywing (aka Vy - as in Vykeron or 'Bob'). He was first encountered outside the city of Silverymoon, at a Shrine to Fharlanghn. He was there with a couple of other adventurers; Quinton and Gregor. The three of them were members of the 'Cleanup Crew' until the group decided to hire out as mercenaries to a clan of exiled Duergar from a Dwarven fortification called 640. Greywing decided to accompany the party on their journey back to Whillip, and joined them aboard the Skycruiser Palisade for a rather short journey. Greywing left the party abruptly when the ship stopped for a port call in the city of Suzail. Some sort of family business required his attention and he was forced to leave in something of a hurry.

Later, Greywing reappeared as an NPC joining the reformed SCREWOFFS. [Top]

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Hadley: A young human male, Hadley is a monk of the Order of the Night Sky. He serves Shalfey and his scribes as a ferryman. He ferries visitors across the treacherous waters of lake Icemelt, to the Tower of the Heavens. Hadley wears a green tunic and a hooded cloak. Hadley claims to be an ally of Shalfey, and greeted us with a secret pass phrase: "Fair is the day"; to which we knew the proper response: "..but fairer the jewels of evening". After receiving the proper response, he assumed we were friends of Shalfey, and asked for our help. [Top]

Order of the Night Sky - An order of monks, the Order of the Night Sky provides members of its brotherhood to guard and serve the sages. Each of the lesser Pupils (Sages who serve under Shalfey while studying and interpreting the Books of Prophecy) have two monks assigned to them. Piyarz has four, and Shalfey had four, but these are now dead. Their robes are the same color as those of their master. [Top]

Hammerinoch: The burrow warden of the Kagu-Svirfnebli.  Like all of his tribe, Hammerinoch is a Deep-Gnome.  He handled all of the negotiations between our party and the Kagu-Svirfneblin tribe when we visited them to trade a meteorite for the books of prophecy on behalf of Shalfey of the Tower of Heavens. Hammerinoch struck us as extremely business like, and a little bit cautious when it came to outsiders. [Top]

Conrad Heider: Human Male, middle-aged, physically fit. Conrad is a middle echelon official in the Church hierarchy of Whillip's temple of Tempus. As a Shield of Tempus, he is charged with management and relations when it comes to the churches 'external affairs' division. Priests in this division are tasked to hand out assignments, act as mentors, spiritual leaders and manage the affairs of adventurous church members who quest and crusade to promote the church, it's values and those of it's allies. [Top]

Highlander: Human Male, middle-aged, somewhat overweight, very gregarious. The Capt of the Skyship Corona. A drinking buddy of Dokren's.[Top]

Danieth Hisarne: The wife of a poor farmer from Orlane, Danieth saw her husband charmed into the service of Explicita Defilus.  She managed to resist the charm, so she was locked up in a jail cell with Kelond Tannersoth.  She would have been raped and worse if Kelond had not valiantly defended her from the troglodytes that held them prisoner.  As it was, she witnessed them repeatedly rape a young girl in a neighboring cell, and she saw them butcher two other prisoners for food.[Top]

Castelly Hothmana: The manor's Groundsman. Castelly is a Wood Elve and a Ranger. This gnarled elve, with weather facial features, is not what you'd expect from an Elf. His gruff no-nonsense manner rubs up against all elven pre-conceptions. Anything but frail and graceful; Castelly presents himself as a powerful and thorough woodsman, the kind who doesn't give much quarter. [Top]

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Il-I-Kay: A central figure in the Legend of Nth. An evil warlock who attempted to enslave all humanity by conquering them through the dark arts and by the use of Devils and other undead creatures found only in the darkest corners of Oerth. Il-I-Kay's forces initially conquered a large portion of the known world, slaying and enslaving millions in his stead, the forces of evil were never so powerful. Il-I-Kay created and ruled over a true 'Hell-on-Oerth'. [Top]

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Jatani: A Duergar gem cutter in 640 – a Dwarven fortification currently inhabited by a clan of exiled Duergar. Well known within the community, and somewhat flamboyant, he also has the ability to repair some kinds of magic items. [Top]

JFK Enterprises - JFK Enterprises is a business/corporation (headquarters, out-buildings and shipping operations) based in the city of Whillip. It is also the name of a former adventuring group based in Whillip. Jointly owned and operated by former members of the adventuring group, JFK Enterprises is now concerned (primarily) with the operation of a large shipping operation. This particular shipping operation makes use of a large fleet of flying ships (numbering somewhere around 20 - 40 ships). These ships are based in a handful of cities thoughout the Realms. Many of these ships call Whillip their home port (with anchoring points offshore - In Whillip Bay and the harbor), and JFK Enterprises makes a considerable profit operating numerous trade routes through the use of these flying ships.

Gary Johnson: Mild mannered young male human. Gary is a soft spoken crew member of the skyship Eclipse. Gary serves as a cook aboard the Eclipse. [Top]

Julianne van Asper (aka Julianne): Human, female, Fighter - Played by Alexis. The party knew very little about Julianne. She was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Julianne and a few other characters (Members of an adventuring group known as 'Nothing But Trouble') were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing coccoons. They were engaged in a quest to find Eivobrin's Incanabula when they encountered a powerful group of spiders. Thanks to the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights, they were freed from their cocoons and given a second chance at life. After adventuring with the HKs, Julianne returned to 'Nothing But Trouble' in order to reform that former group. At 6'5" and 155 lbs. Julianne is an incredibly tall and thin warrior. Don't let her slim looks decieve you - She's a power house built of brick and spit. [Top]

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Palindar and Kabeckum: One of two emissaries from the Duergar community at 640. These two individuals are stationed at the Monastery of the hallowed doctrine in the Nether Mountains. As the Monastery and 640 have good relations, these two are representatives of the Duergar community's interest in the Monastery. Palindar and Kabeckum are mates. Palindar is a weapons expert and tactician. His expertise is used to assist in the Monastery defenses.  Kabeckum's expertise is banking and finances. She uses her skills to assist in procuring funding for the Monastery. The pair live and work at the Monastery, but long for the days when they can be reunited with their clan inside Firestorm Peak. [Top]

Kagnythus: A male Dwarven Ranger. He fights with a battle axe in one hand and a magical boomeranging kukri in the other. We hired Kagnythus to lead us to Sharisthek, and to help us determine when we had found the Rondolim (see the journal for more details).  We wouldn't be at all surprised if we found out that Kagnythus is Dokren's long lost twin brother. Kagnythus died during the quest for the Rondolim, but his efforts were essential to the parties survival. Without Kagnythus, our group of adventurers would most surely have fallen victim to any one of the deadly traps found beneath the keep of Sharisthek.

Kagnythus was played briefly by Sean O'Brien. Sean was introduced to our gaming group by Stacy (who played Nibori). [Top]

Khoronach: Khoronach the Stormtrooper of Death. Summoned from a scroll by Rezigrene, Khoronach is an ugly Human. He looks pretty buff though, and he carries a big ass axe. Khoronach is a wild card for sure. Even though the party summoned him, they don't have any control over his actions. A high level fighter for sure, but where do his loyalties lay? The party did manage to get one promise out of Khoronach. He promised 'Not to attack them'.[Top]

Teferon, Eiderry, and Llandris are Killoren Hunters that we met near Derwyth's forest. At the time, they were tracking some kind of furry white lizard that was running amok in the forest. Killoren are green skinned, have brown horns and ears that look like leaves. This race of people live closely with nature. Wearing leaves, bark and skins, these creatures look more like a part of nature than apart from it.[Top]

Edvard Kititch: Mayor of Deepwood, a small town in the south end of Shilmista forest. This individual sent the party a letter of introduction and offer. This small town is being plagued by a 'young' blue dragon, and they've beseeched the party to help them and vanquish this dire threat - The 150,000gp reward is likely nothing compared to a blue dragon's treasure hoard. [Top]

Kraetia: A weapons mage from Waterdeep. Kraetia creates and collects magic weapons. She commissioned the party to find and retrieve the legendary 'Sword of Nth' for her. [Top]

Kraven: A middle aged, Human, male. Employed by the 'S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.'; Kraven acts as an administrator for the groups business and properties. Kraven has no legs. He's confined to a wheel chair, but always maintains his upbeat personality. [Top]

Kusindra Tuvari: A female, Half-Orc, fighter hailing from Waterdeep. Kusindra answered an advertisement posted by Zeddishous. Kusindra joined the SCREWOFFS in the hopes of finding adventure, wealth and the camaraderie of an adventuring group. The adventurers know very little about Kusindra, but she came recommended by members of the Clean Up Crew. After adventuring with the SCREWOFFS for a while, she went back to the Clean Up Crew, and Skifander Sun joined the SCREWOFFS. [Top]

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Llvarniq: Llvarniq is a Leprechaun who lives on the Astral plane. Llvarniq lives in a vast warehouse which our party of adventurers uses. The party posesses a magic item (a pouch) which grants them physical access to a region of the Astral plane known as "Llvarniq's Warehouse". Llvarniq seems to be tied to this location and bound to servitude on the behest of the pouch holder. No one knows how old Llvarniq is, or how long he's been tied to this location. Llvarniq dutifully stores items in his warehouse at the request of those who hold the pouch. Llvarniq is seen by the adventurers as an 'Ally', and he treats them with deference, but they deftly ignore the fact that he is something of a prisoner in his duties...

It is rumored that anyone who enters the warehouse through the pouch is permanently tied to the pouch - Someone entering the warehouse through the pouch would trade places with Llvarniq. Llvarniq would be freed, and the person who crawled through the pouches opening would then be compelled to serve as storekeeper to the pouch holder(s). [Top]

Dorian and Llywillan: Two Elven residents of Orlane. Zakarias had hired to investigate the strange occurrences around the town. Shortly after that, they were woken up in the middle of the night and kidnapped by a group of Troglodytes aided by the carpenter and one of the local farmers.[Top]

Lurg: A human sage. Lurg resides in the Tower of the Heavens. He wears red tunic and robes. Lurg has been dutifully defending the Tower and the books of prophecy ever since he became convinced that Shalfey was dead. [Top]

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Maalthiir: The ruler of Hillsfar. First Lord of Hillsfar - Maalthiir is a shrewd, ruthless, and independent merchant-mage. Neutrally aligned, this 18th level, male, human, wizard is the current ruler of Hillsfar. He commands the Red Plumes, a former mercenary company that has grown to more than five thousand strong. Despite Maalthiir's harsh rule in Hillsfar, he is staunchly independent, and will brook no influence from other factions around the Moonsea region. He has close trade relationships with many trading houses in the region, including powerful merchant families in Sembia. [Top]

Madreus: The mad wizard (aka 'The Alienest'). The party knew very little about this Human, male, alienist (a type of magic user). He was searching for secrets of alien power deep within Firestorm Peak. Darius Osaleate (of the Nether Mountains monastery) indicated that Madreus entered the gates of Firestorm Peak several hundred years ago. Madreus was more than 500 years old when he was encountered deep inside the accursed mountain. Darius had information that indicating that Madreus was still alive, and he was close to unlocking the vile mysteries of a "Vast Gate". A speak with dead spell (cast on the remains of a Duergar high priest) revealed some additional information: Madreus did not age (lending credence to the 'fact' that he's been inside Firestorm Peak for several hundred years), and he had the ability to dominate anyone who looks at him. Until recently, he was Wellfast's master.

On the 28th of Aug, 1003 (game date), our party of intrepid heroes encountered, and slew Madreus. The rumors regarding his ability to control others were true. Merely looking into his eyes can cause you to fall under his spell. This ability allowed him to control a vast network of accomplices, allies and slaves. With his demise, all those under his control are released from his subjugation. Accompanying Madreus - in the Vast Gate chamber - was an entourage of hostile companions. He'd even enslaved a pair of peace loving Myconid. The battle with Madreus was mercifully short, as the party managed to bypass his security measures and take him by surprise. One of the allies with him was Nigel Stormcloud. Tanar's father. The man this party had come to Firestorm Peak to find was alive - Then the party killed him, and left his body behind? What of Tanar's wishes? Will his father forever be known as an ally to the evil Madreus? [Top]

Madge Madgerson: The Dwarven Innkeeper at the Hostel of the Sacred Stone. This former adventurer is very curteous to weary travellers, willing to share stories, handcrafted beer, and his boundless energy. With an accent that reminds one of a far, far away land. We all felt secure sleeping in Madge's Hostel.

Not only is Madge a curteous inn keeper, he is also know to be a master brew master. His beers are famed in the region, and they've led him to become an amateur potion brewer. [Top]

Maximillian Mandelbrot (aka 'Mad Max'): Maximillian Mandelbrot - aka 'Mad Max' is a Human Wizard/Wild-Mage of some renown in Whillip. Max is a wild card of sorts. A specialist wizard capable of bending raw mana to his will. Max is a 'Wild-Mage'; an unpredictable agent of fate and a master of luck. As a trainer in Whillip, Max is a member of the Mages guild, but prefers to act as a free agent. His ties to the Thieves guild are known to some, yet the nature of those ties are uncertain at best. Accompanying Max is fire elemental familiar known as Barix. A dancing mote of flame with a mind of its own. Barix is a fiesty creature which seems to dance about in the presence of Max. [Top]

Menelmacar: A constellation in the nights sky and a deity. Menelmacar is the swordsman of the sky. The stars in the constellation form the vague outline of a man holding a sword. Menelmacar was once a powerful deity. He is credited with gashing the earth with his celestial sword in order to create Rift Canyon. Menelmacar's sword points to the ground once every year, and once again every century. Now that the party has recovered the Sword of Nth, and Menelmacar is possession of the sword, perhaps his power will increase. Doing a favor to a god is usually a good thing. Provided you don't piss off some other god's in the process... [Top]

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Telkan Nacklu: Telkan is an Elven smithy and surgeon who lives in Whillip. His skill at the forge is second to none. Renowned for his ability to turn mere metal into works of art and objects of wonder, Telkan sometimes crafts magic items for the church of Tymora. Telkan enchanted Thalidimar's holy symbol. Telkan is also a skilled surgeon, having once been a member of Tymora's priesthood, Telkan learned the healers trade while adventuring in the realms. [Top]

Naentoth: Naentoth was a high level priest inside Firestorm Peak. He served Wellfast and the Duergar community within the mountain. The high level Duergar cleric was no match for the deception wielded in the form of a disguise. Dynnera and the SCREWOFFS had no problems dispatching this formidable foe. In the guise of Wellfast, Naentoth's surprise was ultimately, deadly. His remains were then carted off to the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine for a session of 'Speak With Dead'. [Top]

Karesh Nahmesek: A chosen Dwarven warrior. A 10th level Dwarven Berserker, chosen by a council of Dwarven elders. Karesh was chosen to wield the Rondolim. He lead a Dwarven warrior in a battle against ancient enemies - Orcs and Goblins. [Top]

Ironstump Nailbitter: Ironstump is a Dwarven Captain with the tenacity of a mountain, and the strength of an Ox. He is commander of the guard at the Thunder Peaks Eastern base camp. Ironstump has a short temper, but he'll go the distance for his friends. [Top]

Nallond: This evil male Duergar is the elder of 640 – a Dwarven fortification currently inhabited by a clan of exiled Duergar. Known by the other exiles as 'The Foundation', Nallond is one of the few remaining Duergar from the original group of Firestorm Peak refugees. He was a leader among his people, a powerful, influential and charismatic general. He led his people out of Firestorm Peak, fighting for independence from the wicked rule of Wellfast. He helped clear the ruins of 640, fought the forces of Wellfast down through the ages, ensured the protection of the refugees in his following, and forged a friendly relationship with the followers of the 'Hallowed Doctrine'. Weakened by age, battle induced injuries, and an extreme aversion to daylight, Nallond is hanging in there. His last remaining wish is to see his people's return to their ancestral home inside the mountain. [Top]

Nathis. The House Man.: A Half-Elven male of indeterminate, middle? age. Dressed in formal wear when first met. He met Ellis and the rest of the party at the entrance to the Manor proper. He is "X's" house man. In charge of supervising the other staff members and ensuring that the needs of the master and his guests are well met. [Top]

Arevach N’drs: Captain of the skyship Eclipse. A flying ship owned and operated by J.F.K. Enterprises of Willip. N'drs is a hard drinking braggart, who fancies himself a ladies man, despite his crooked teeth and thinning hair. A Human of approximately 41 years age, N'drs is a consummate navigator and a shrewd businessman. [Top]

Peera Nelsonson: Peera is a middle aged human woman who helps keep the Manor clean. Her looks are fair; she has a slight build, and wonderful blue eyes. She takes no gruff, and will give you hell if you think that you can march through the manor dragging the corpse of a Dire Rhino to the kitchen. Use the back door Damn it!. [Top]

Deputy Nesbit: This bowlegged Half-Elven deputy assists Constable Billet in Deppershire. He doesn't appear to be all that tough a character. [Top]

Dalek Nordell: A large, very well muscled human male. Everything about him, from his piercing blue eyes and vice-like hand shake, his neatly groomed long black hair, his waxed handle-bar mustache, and his flatteringly tailored uniform, indicates that he is very well suited for his job as a Constable in the city of Willip. Perhaps the party will get to know Dalek better - In the very near future? [Top]

Galor Norivox: A Dwarven priest and member of a high ranking Dwarven council.  He sent a letter to X requesting help in finding the Rondolim - a legendary magical Dwarven axe - so that it could be used in an upcoming war with a large Orcish army. [Top]

Nothing but Trouble: An adventuring group based in Whillip. This adventuring group is infamous for taking on the most ridiculous, least likely to succeed jobs in Whillip. Legendary for their after adventure celebrations and outlandish promotional stunts, 'Nothing but Trouble' has lived up to the reputation of its name over the past few years. Here's the most recent line-up of this enterprising adventuring group:

  1. Rascal: Male, Halfling, Spellthief
  2. Zapotec: Female, Wild Elf, Ranger and her Eagle animal companion, Maribar)
  3. Leif: Male, Human, Cleric (of Tempus)
  4. Jobash Nifigra: Male, Raptoran, Sorcerer/Rogue
  5. Nicobar: Male, Hakheerian, Fighter
  6. Julianne: Female, Human, Fighter
  7. Scott: Male, Half-Orc, Cleric
  8. Ditty and Rex: Male, Chaos Gnome, Sorcerer/Bard (Wild Soul) and his Pseudo-dragon familiar, Rex)

'Nothing but Trouble' was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Rascal and a few other characters (Members of an adventuring group known as 'Nothing But Trouble') were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing cocoons. They were engaged in a quest to find Eivobrin's Incanabula when they encountered a powerful group of spiders. Thanks to the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights, they were freed from their cocoons and given a second chance at life.

Nth: Nth was a celestial magic user who experimented in other dimensions. Eventually, he became very adept and knowledgeable of the ways of the universe. The years, decades, eons and centuries passed and amazingly Nth lived on. Some say he still lives to this day. The name Nth would have vanished long ago if not for two things: One - He achieved a means of immortality. Two - He enchanted a sword of great power which is still spoken of all over Oerth: The Sword of Nth.[Top]

The war of shadows - The legend of Nth
Several centuries ago, a great war began. A war between good and evil which involved nearly all of Oerth. Il-I-Kay, an evil warlock tried to enslave all humanity by conquering them through the dark arts and by the use of Devils and other undead creatures found only in the darkest corners of Oerth. The war waged for 200 years until the forces of good gained a strong ally who had previously been neutral (Nth).

Nth the celestial magic user entered the fray on the side of good. He pledged his support to help overthrow the evil forces that were corrupting the land and killing millions in their wake. [Top]

The 'Sword of Nth'
Nth then proceeded to produce a sword (supposedly, the sword is made of extra-dimensional materials) which would be used against the forces of evil. Ten years later, the sword was finished. The sword was wielded by Siegrid; a 16th level ranger who slew Il-I-Kay using the sword, thus ending the war of shadows.

(Information obtained from Trelles the weapons expert in Willip)
The sword is said to be a broadsword, made from some kind of extra dimensional material, and that it sometimes looks like a regular metal sword, and sometimes it looks like it’s made from “a piece of the sky” — whatever that means, and sometimes it makes itself invisible.  It can cast spells at people, but it can’t swing itself at them.  If something living touches it, the sword can force them to do what the sword wants.  The sword has a true name, and if you know what the true name is (Trelles doesn’t), you have some power over the sword.

After the war of shadows, the sword fell into ill hands, and again trouble arose. Nth himself went to stop the one who held the sword. In the process, Nth died. Slain by his own sword (so the legends say). The sword had had it's fill of both good and evil, and caused Nth to thrust it into the ground. The place where the sword was thrust into the ground is now known as Rift Canyon.

In completing their quest to recover the sword of Nth, the party did learn the swords true name. But I will not reveal the true name of such a powerful weapon in this forum. [Top]

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Oerth First: A group of Non-Player characters encountered in Whillip. This odd group of apparently evil Druids was encountered by the HALLOWed Knights while they were between adventures. The party wasn't expecting any sort of 'resistance' while they were simply walking down the street. When you're an adventurer, you never know when or where you'll encounter danger. You must be prepared at all times. Splitting up the party can be dangerous, and we're often vulnerable in the places we consider safest. The 'Terrorist' label was applied by the party after their first encounter with this group.

Here's what Farro the Furry one had to say after the party's first encounter with the Oerth First group:
We ran into a cheerful group called Oerth First terrorists when we were walking around downtown.  They seemed bent on saving the land from dominion from the likes of us and thereby become obligated to destroy themselves because they are part of the problem. Go figure the logic in that.  If I see them again, I’ll know what to look for.  These cretins wore cloaks that resembled bark, had bare feet, greyish stone-like skin and oak staffs. They had lightning in their gazes and an odd spell that made weeds grow and almost impossible for me to fly. The buggers were really strong too.  We didn’t manage to take them out,  but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again...

Faro's description accurately describes some of the features of this group. The party encountered three members of this group. From their appearances, two of them appeared to be male Half-Elves, and one appeared to be a Human female. The party didn't manage to get their names, but they did seem to be extremely powerful. None of the party members were able to hit them, much less cause any damage. They were extremely quick and nimble and their skin looked like it was made of a grey stone-like material. Their eyes fired lightning bolts, flames or a gout of extremely cold frost. In their zeal to destroy the party members (only three party members were present at this first encounter), they completely incinerated an innocent Halfling child with a gout of flames fired directly from the eyes. The party member managed to dodge out of the way of the flames, but an innocent child standing behind the party member wasn't quite so agile. The small boy was completely devoured by the torrent of flames that shot out of the adversaries eyes.

Their goals weren't entirely clear, but they did manage to shout out that the "Dwellers of the City must die", "Those who offend the Oerth must die", "Those who seek to destroy nature must be destroyed" and various other epithets. Apparently they've got a real problem with people who build houses, stores, roads, and other 'modern day conveniences'.

When they struck the ground with their staffs, a mini-earthquake knocked down most of the party members (anyone standing adjacent to the staff wielder). Additionally,, when they hit party members with their staffs they almost always knocked them down. They attacked three times with their staffs and once with their eyes each round. They threw seeds of some sort on the ground, and from those seeds grew an incredibly fast growing plant of some sort. It sought out the party members and strangled them with thorn covered vines for continuous damage. This effect seemed to be a spell of some sort, as they uttered a verbal component as they scattered the seeds. Another effect that Farro mentioned was the fact that she wasn't able to fly... Apparently this group of opponents emit some sort of 'grounding' effect which prevented any of the party members from flying. It wasn't until the party was well away from their opponents that they were once again able to fly.

This group of NPCs dealt so much damage in such a short amount of time that the party fled! That's right, they actually ran away. The Oerth First group didn't pursue them, but they clearly overwhelmed the party members and any future encounters will likely be quite dire.

Zakarias Ormond: Zakarias Ormond is the Mayor of Orlane. He acts like your typical politician, and he seems to have a fondness for sun-tea and for smoking his large pipe. He lives in the most imposing house in the town. Its gables are painted red, and its wooden columns are ornately carved with a leaf pattern. Zakarias hired a couple of Elves (realizing that they were resistant to charm spells) in order to investigate the strange goings on in his town. Although he doesn't show it, Zakarias is greatly relieved that the characters are in town. He's given them his permission to investigate the strange goings on, and offered a reward as well. [Top]

Darius Osaleate: of the Nether Mountains. Darius is a Human of advanced years (75+?), with a long white beard, frail limbs, multiple scars and something of a limp. Darius is the Archimandrite at the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine, located in the Nether Mountains. Darius is a Cleric of Illmater and a Purifier. Darius took over as leader of this monastery, when it's founder 'Erland Buckley' went missing. Erland has likely fallen to the forces of evil, but the mission of the covenant must go on. Darius provided the party with healing, sanctuary, and information to aid them in their quest. To further the goals of the monastery, Darius has enlisted the help of the party in destroying the source of taint in these Nether Mountains. Darius believes that this threat originates from an alien, evil source deep within Firestorm Peak. [Top]

that 'Other group of adventurers': An enigmatic, possibly evil group of adventurers. According to sources/rumors; this 'Other' group of adventurers may be on a quest to: A-Find our adventurers (reasons unknown); B-Find the lost city of Lingice-Enz; C-Recover "Eivobrin's Incanabula" (same quest as the Hallowed Knights); D-All three (A-C) or something completely different. While our adventurers have never encountered this group, they learned about them during their quest to recover a book of legendary power, and they've accumulated some information about them. They know for example:

  • They appear to be Sextuplets. They all look the same physically - Remarkedly so, but no one said specifically that they were Human.
  • They had a 'Funny' accent. None of the people who spoke to them were able to place its origins.
  • They dressed mostly in black. Each appeared to be adorned and dressed differently. From the dress and equipment:
    • One appeared to be a warrior (this one had a scar across his face).
    • One may be a Wizard (or sorcerror). He was observed casting spells.
    • One may be a priest (no mention of holy symbols). This one wore a necklace of skulls.
  • None of them slept. They (all of them) kept watch all night as their guides and mounts rested.
  • They never left any tracks in the sand.

Other points of interest: The party has heard reports about the spellcaster being able to shelter/protect the party from the natural hazards (sandstorm) of the desert. Apparently, they have a map that they frequently referred to, but never revealed to their guides. [Top]

Ozzwehlyhxganhhakheron: Otherwise known as 'Ozzy', this 580 year old High-Elf was originally encountered in conjunction with the murder of a former party member. He delivered a powerful message (containing a demon summoning trap) to the party. The message that he delivered was a warning to the party. Stop your investigation of C.O.E.P.A.S., or suffer a similar fate. Based on Ozzy's appearance and accouterment, it's apparent that he's an adventurer or powerful individual of some renown. After a bit more investigation the party discovered that Ozzy is a Warlock who worships Bane (a dark and evil deity). Adept at making poisons and brewing potions, Ozzy was trained here in Whillip. Ozzy is a high ranking official in some sort of secret organization. Using the cover of C.O.E.P.A.S. as a front, Ozzy and other members of this organization assaulted Whillip over a period of several weeks. They attempted to overthrow the city leaders by crippling Whillip through a campaign of murder, terror, arson and chaos. Chaswelli and Ozzy were eventually defeated by the party, but they were never captured or brought to justice. [Top]

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Palindar and Kabeckum: One of two emissaries from the Duergar community at 640. These two individuals are stationed at the Monastery of the hallowed doctrine in the Nether Mountains. As the Monastery and 640 have good relations, these two are representatives of the Duergar community's interest in the Monastery. Palindar and Kabeckum are mates. Palindar is a weapons expert and tactician. His expertise is used to assist in the Monastery defenses.  Kabeckum's expertise is banking and finances. She uses her skills to assist in procuring funding for the Monastery. The pair live and work at the Monastery, but long for the days when they can be reunited with their clan inside Firestorm Peak. [Top]

Malakai Palmitori : Malakai Palmitori was a holy man who traveled the lands (of the Realms) for many years. In his advanced age, the people of Silverymoon built him a home on a ridge outside the city. There he lived for a short time before succumbing to the ravages of time. In his short time at this dwelling, the old priest was called upon many times. To heal the sick, tend to the wounded, and bless the union of many couples. All this he did without regard to cost, donating any coin received to local orphanages and efforts to aid travelers. As a worshipper of Fharlanghn, he was a humble, low-profile, priest, not trying to convert worshippers or build up the church. His life, and the future of many was changed one day, when this priest performed a miraculous act of compassion. On that fateful day, Malakai raised several (records indicate that 210 people were raised) flood victims from the dead. Unknown to the priest, this seemingly random act of nature (the flood), was actually an intentional act of retribution by a dark deity (Incabulos). In reversing the deity's act, the priest incurred the wrath of this dark lord.

Malakai's remains were interred in a crypt beneath the shrine, and from that day forward, the site was used as a place of sanctuary, shelter and contemplation for many travelers and faithful people. The slope beside the ridge became a burial place for many former residents of Silverymoon. The shrine was a place of healing, it's font providing minor magical restoration to the wounded. Various other churches made use of the font's properties to assist in the resurrection of faithful people. It became a 'way-point' in the lives of many followers of Fharlanghn.

To learn more about Malakai and the shrine dedicated to him, see the 'Fharlanghn's Shrine - At Silverymoon' entry on our 'Where Now?' page. [Top]

Kedris Peolan, Prince: Prince Kedris Peolan is a tall, regal looking Human, male. The Prince is from Tashluta, the largest (and Capital) of the Tashalar City States. Prince Kedris' younger brother Tehlas was out on a hunting expedition in the Jungles of Chult; he was gone longer than anticipated (three weeks vs one week). A week later, a ransome note was received; written in Yuan-Ti. Since Sembia and Tashalar are both merchant ruled nations on excellent terms with each other, Prince Kedris came to Whillip to seek assistance.

The party accepted this quest, and went on a journey to find the missing Prince. After a long and arduous journey they made their way to a long adandoned city at the foot of a volcano. The city in a canyon was under constant threat of total destruction from the pyroclastic cloud of the nearby volcano, but there it wasn't completely abandoned. Inhabitted by the dreggs of the Jungle, the party discovered the whereabout of the Prince, and rescued him from a group of Yuan-Ti. Upon returning to a Tashlutan hunting camp, the Prince (Tehlas) was slain during an ambush by the Yuan-Ti forces who had held the Prince.

But wait! There's more. While the party was fighting the Yuan-Ti who ambushed the party, the Paladin noted an over-powering aura of evil emenating from the Prince's body. He wasn't dead, and he was emenating extremely powerful aura of evil. In the end - The party was forced to destroy the Prince as he/it was discovered to actually be a Devil - a Pit Fiend, one of the most powerful types of Devils. The creature was attacked, hacked and pulverized, but it's body kept reforming. It wasn't until the party burned the creatures remains that it was fully and finally destroyed?

Who was the Prince (Tehlas), was Tehlas possessed? Was the Devil impersonating the Prince? Did the Prince make a deal with a Devil? Did the Yuan-Ti slay the Prince or a Devil? Did the party actually rescue the Prince? Was the Devil pretending to be the Prince? [Top]

Nikel Pilewhite: Nikel is one of four guards who work (in shifts) at the Manor. Nikel is a young Human with quick eyes and a wiry build. His shock of red hair and odd accent mark him as foreign born. Nikel boasts of his ability to do pushups and sometimes is known to engage visitors in friendly banter. Like the other guards at the Manor, Nikel has received extensive training in the martial arts, and he's not your typical store guard. [Top]

Piyarz: A young male Shade, and a high level sage capable of casting some wizard spells. Now dead, Piyarz was described by Hadley as Shalfey's pupil. Hadley indicated that Piyarz claimed leadership of the Tower of the Heavens and supposedly possession of the Books of Prophecy as well. Hadley claimed that Piyarz was an evil usurper who long sought the overthrow of Shalfey in order to claim the title, "Elder of the Tower of the Heaven's", and the power of the Books of Prophecy'. for his own designs. The party members have shared memories (from the 'Waters of Memory') regarding Piyarz: "...Piyarz, never far away ... Piyarz, with shifty eyes and malicious tongue ... his cursed shadow always at his side".

After rescuing Shalfey, it became evident that all the rumors about Piyarz were true. He was keeping Shalfey prisoner in the Tower, and he fought the party in an attempt to prevent them from learning the truth. Piyarz attacked the party in the Tower of the Heavens. Thanks to one of Rezigrene's magic items, Piyarz was dispatched (crushed to death) after he brought half the party to their knees with a well placed Ice Storm. If it hadn't been for the 'Cube of ebon tentacles', things might have turned out quite differently. [Top]

Pleedir: Pleedir is a Druid who lives in Rift Canyon. He protects the canyon as if it were a holy site. A Human of indeterminate age and questionable mental capacity. Some believe that Pleedir is much older than he looks. It's rumored that Pleedir cleared the canyon of a tribe of hostile Svirfneblin who were led by a clever group of Flind. Pleedir offered shelter and succor to the party during it's quest to recover the sword of Nth. [Top]

Poro: A human sage. Poro resides in the Tower of the Heavens. He wears yellow tunic and robes. Poro has been dutifully defending the Tower and the books of prophecy ever since he became convinced that Shalfey was dead. Now that Shalfey has been freed it looks like Poro may have know about Piyarz's duplicity all along! [Top]

Prince of Constructs: Despite the party's very high combined knowledge, we have no idea what this creature really is. We are describing it/naming it a 'Prince of Constructs' based entirely on contextual cues. It's servants - Golems and constructs (including a companion of ours named 'Zodar') all refer to it as 'The Prince'. It appears to be some sort of mechanical construct, probably a native of the lawful neutral plane of Mechanus, this construct is a mystery to us. Apparently we have been recruited (unbeknownst to us) to free the Prince from his prison on some distant plane (we're pretty sure he was being held prisoner on the plane of Mechanus - we've been planeshifted here (or at least we think we're on Mechanus), where he was being held by a group of undead and minions of Tiamat (a very powerful demi-god/evil Dragon). The Prince is on his way (with us in tow..) to the plane of Acheron (a plane of 'battle') for reasons unknown.

The Prince is medium sized, mechanical, highly-intelligent, capable of speech and has gears in his head. With some sort of golden radiance illuminating his body from inside, it's quite disturbing to look at him for more than a minute or so. If he is a construct - and we're 90% sure he is - he 's (I'm only applying gender for lack of a known pronoun) immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. The Prince is probably not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. Unfortunately, we're still uncertain as to his goals or where he's leading us. [Top]

Farin Proballi: A high priest of Tymora. Farin is the high priest at a temple in Arrabar. As the regional high muckity-muck of Chondath, Farin was able to raise dead on our fallen comrades, and for that we are very grateful. [Top]

The Books of Prophecy: A series of magical books that contain mystic writings. Through great study and guidance from the gods, an order of monks have learned how to read the Books of Prophecy'. The ability/secret of reading the books is passed down from one generation to the next by the leaders of this sect. The books are said to contain prophetic passages that foretell the future of important persons in the realms. [Top]

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Quik: Quik is a Kobold of the 'Aquaduct tribe'. Encountered during an adventure to thwart a Blue Dragon, Solmar knocked Quik unconscious after an initially hostile encounter. Quik is a member of a small tribe living in an aquaduct near the 'Sacred Stone Hostel'. As Kobold's go, he's slightly above average in intellect and brawn. After subduing Quik, a conversation led to a amicable relationship. Quik served as a guide while the party attempted to negotiate with the tribes Chieftain. Quik doesn't speak common, so the party needs someone who can speak Goblin or Draconic to translate when we're communicating with Quik. [Top]

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Ramne: Ramne is a Gnomish wizard with Druidic or Nature-lore tendencies. Perhaps he's multi-classed?. Life as a hermit appears to have addled his brain. He is accompanied by a very frisky weasel. Ramne has been keeping a close eye on the goings on in Orlane, and helped the party by donating a couple magic items to the group. [Top]

The Raven. Twilight: A large black Raven which can speak. Believed/supposed to be "X's" familiar? "Twilight is a terrific bird." This raven is capable of speech. Or so it seems. We've heard it speak on occasion. We're not quite sure how intelligent it is, but it certainly is a magnificent creature. [Top]

"Then the boy reaches out and pets the birds head as it continues to eat the apple. The bird is rather impressive. Surely it must be two feet from beak to tail. The beak is sharp and straight, the talons look rather formidable as well. It's handling that apple rather easily. And the coat. It gleams as if polished. The bird reminds you of an obsidian dagger.

Rondolim: Rondolim is old Dwarvish for "Killer of Orcs". The Rondolim appears to be an ancient, rusted, double-bladed battleaxe, worn and bent from years of use. The owners of most weapon shops would be ashamed to have it in their junk-piles. When in the hands of a Dwarvish warrior however, the Rondolim takes on its true form. It has a razor sharp golden-edged blade of steel. The blade is set above a haft of bone. The haft is covered with exquisitely carved bas-relief representations of a Dwarven army. In this form, it would bring a kings ransom.

The Rondolim may only be used by a warrior of full Dwarvish blood who has been trained in the use of the double-bladed battleaxe. When in the hands of such a fighter, it achieves it's true form, becoming a weapon of legendary status. The party successfully completed their quest, recovered the Rondolim, turned it over to the Dwarven army, and collected their reward.) [Top]

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Sabatoo: A Human encountered by the party while attempting to recover a sword from the Cube of Nth. Sabatoo is a male Human of indeterminate age. He looks to be in his mid 30's, but who knows how long he's been in the cube. Sabatoo journeyed with Ellies, Bravic, Gavarize, and others on a quest to recover the Sword of Nth. All that remains of this former party are Bravic, Ellies and Sabatoo. Thanks to the party, Sabatoo was able to escape from the cube along with a handful of his former party members. [Top]

Lt. Cdr. Shamus Sabertooth: Lt. Cdr. Shamus Sabertooth, the ship’s coordinator onboard the Sky-Ship Corona. He looks almost normal except for the extra pair of arms sticking out of his ribs. Somebody later told me that his race is called the Hakheerians. [Top]

Sapharia (aka Aishapra): A powerful demon. This Marilith is a foe of Eludecia, a Succubus converted to the cause of good. Sapharia is a general serving under an even more powerful demon. Sapharia is a sworn enemy to Eludecia, having replaced her in the demonic ranks when she betrayed the Balor who commanded both. The first encounter with Sapharia was a deception. She appeared to Solmar as a Human female named Aishapra. She claimed to be the emissary of an ally, and offered the party money to recover some silver bones. After the party had recovered the bones (the remains of Eludecia), Sapharia's true nature was revealed. After a brief conversatoin with Eludecia, Sapharia teleported away to deal with a group of disobedient Kobolds. While the party avoided combat with this powerful demon, Sapharia summoned two dozen Dretch (minor demons) to fight in her stead. Our party of adventurers now counts Sapharia as a foe. [Top]

Glan Sarin: A Human Necromancer from Dynnera's past. This man purchased Kassera (aka Dynnera or Mutteran) as a slave. He abused, tortured and tormented her until she was able to escape (see Kassera's background). She remembers that he was performing abominable experiments with several slaves that he had capture. His purpose was unknown to her, but surely it was sinister and wicked. He was last known to reside far to the west, two continents away in the lands of Ohnest. Kassera remembers Glan Sarin as being a rather nondescript man. Average in height and weight, with fair complexion, short brown hair and gray eyes, his mannerisms were casual. He was not a remarkable man in any physical way. Not the sort of man you'd pick out in a crowd.

Recently: While visiting Silverymoon, Dynnera was contacted by a paid informant, and she received some information about Glan Sarin. Apparently, somewhere outside the Realms (Could it be in Ohnest?) he had been convicted on murder charges and sent away to a prison.  He’d been in that prison at least six years ago (as of Septev, 1003), and this information was one year old by the time it reached Dynnera.  Unfortunately no additional information was available at the time.

More recently: While exploring the sewers beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz, our party of adventurers has discovered that Glan Sarin may be alive and well, ensconced in a secret underground complex, his experiments continue. The party hasn't discovered his plans yet, but it's clearly apparent that this evil man is up to no good. Why else would he be collecting Doppelgangers and kidnapping political leaders from around the area? Even more disturbing is the fact that he's aware of the party's presence in the sewers, and he's trying to thwart the efforts of Tekelut Thringus.

Even More recently: While exploring the sewers beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz, our party of adventurers has discovered that Glan Sarin is alive and well. Ensconced in a secret underground complex, his experiments continue. The party hasn't discovered his plans yet, but it's clearly apparent that this evil man is up to no good. Why else would he be collecting Doppelgangers and kidnapping political leaders from around the area? The party also discovered the fact that Glan Sarin was suffering from some sort of personality disorder - A mental ailment that caused him to manifest different personalities. Odd and mysterious personalities. Every appearance seemed to have a similar story: After being brought here by some form of sorcery, the personality claims that it has been trapped in this sunless complex for three years or so. Here are a few of the personalities that our party encountered (before healing Glan - thus triggering an encounter):

Winston Churchill: Winston Churchill is a well mannered gentleman of refined manners and a quick wit. The party encountered this Human in the 'living room' of a hidden complex, deep within the bowels of the 'Sewers of Oblivion'. No one in the party recognized this distinguished man in the smoking jacket and he couldn't recall how he happened to be a resident of this strange complex of rooms. Winston was sipping cognac and smoking a cigar when the party met him. He seemed somewhat confused by the party's appearance, was concerned that they might be 'Nazis'? and had a 'spell' when the party started to talk about other planes of existence. The party laid him down on the couch and left to look for more clues...

Thusadra Margus: Thusadra is a beautiful female Elf from the Kingdom of Palisonya, adjacent to the Republic of Keedra. She is quite large in Elven terms, larger even than Elven males. She has long brown hair and bright green eyes. She seldom smiles, and ignores most people unless they look as if they have been in many battles, or if they strike up a conversation on such topics. Thusadra seldom sits down. She dresses in polished ceremonial chain armor, the kind that leaves portions of her flesh exposed in a revealing manner. With brown and green trimming cloth her outfit looks both elegant and functional, but certainly not practical... She carries a silvered long sword, and carries herself in a proud and haughty manner. The party encountered this Elven female in the 'Den' of a hidden complex, deep within the bowels of the 'Sewers of Oblivion'. No one in the party recognized this warrior princess, and she couldn't recall how she happened to be a resident of this strange complex of rooms. Like Winston Churchill, she became upset when mention was made of other planes of existence. When she swooned, the party placed her on the couch so she could rest. They stayed to watch over her and observed an amazing transformation! She transformed into another person right before their eyes!

Varnus Chodarun: Varnus appears as a short, stout, elderly gentleman with a peculiar dweomer. Varnus is extremely wealthy and reminds others and himself of this fact on a routine basis. He is always seen wearing very expensive clothing and jewelry. Varnus tends to talk about business dealings and such; trying to gain partners for uncertain business ventures. Physically lazy, he prefers not to move around much, and when he does he walks in an odd accentuated gait with the help of a cane. Varnus appraised one of the party's gems. Dismissing it as a mere bauble. The party encountered this Human Male in the 'Den' of a hidden complex, deep within the bowels of the 'Sewers of Oblivion'. No one in the party recognized this odd diamond and silk merchant from a place called Greyhawk. As the party was healing their own, they also offered to heal him. He objected profusely and insisted that he be allowed to rest. After a short period of time, Varnus transformed into a totally different person in physical terms and personality.

Szeck Namataz: Szeck is a short man (a Human) in his late 30s with a scruffy beard. Szeck is not a pretty man. His face is marked with pocks from a childhood ailment, his dark skin is quite weathered and scarred. He wears white linen like robes and a turban. Szeck wears a fortune in jewelry upon his person, but it is no where as gaudy as the accoutrement that adorned Varnus' clothing. Szeck is a very amiable, likeable man who tries to please everyone. Willing to engage in conversation, the party learned that he arrived here after falling asleep outside his tent one night. Laying in the calm night air of an oasis, he was listening to the sounds of camels snoring when he drifted off to sleep. When he awoke he was laying on this couch. When asked about the scimitar on his side, he replied that it was a ceremonial trapping of his office... The party encountered this sultan in the 'Den' of a hidden complex, deep within the bowels of the 'Sewers of Oblivion'. No one in the party recognized this distinguished man, and he couldn't recall how he happened to be a resident of this strange complex of rooms. Like Winston Churchill, he became upset when mention was made of other planes of existence. Believing that they were dealing with a shape-shifter the party cast a 'healing' spell upon Szeck. They didn't ask permission, or pause in their effort. The spell was designed to cure all manner of ailment, and that's just what it did. After having panacea cast on him the being transforms into an old human male armed with a rapier and a quarterstaff, bearing eyes that do not seem in the least confused...

Even more disturbing than the fact that Glan Sarin is alive and insane, is the fact that he's aware of the party's presence in the sewers, and he's trying to thwart the efforts of Tekelut Thringus. Believing that they were dealing with a shape-shifter or menatally ill person, the party cast panacea on one of Glan's alternate personalities. This cured his 'insanity' and transformed him into his prime self. In his un-disguised form he appears as a very ancient Human with dusk gray skin and dark eyes. Dressed in strange leather armor, a soft floppy hat, a polished bronze brooch and a brilliant blue amulet. He appears armed with a rapier and a quarterstaff. Darkness seemed to encroach around the party as soon as Glan's true appearance was revealed. [Top]

Scott: Half-Orc, male, Cleric - Played by Dave Read. The party knew very little about Julianne. Scott was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Scott and a few other characters (Members of an adventuring group known as 'Nothing But Trouble') were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing coccoons. They were engaged in a quest to find Eivobrin's Incanabula when they encountered a powerful group of spiders. Thanks to the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights, they were freed from their cocoons and given a second chance at life. After adventuring with the HKs, Scott returned to 'Nothing But Trouble' in order to reform that former group. At 6'6" and 220 lbs. Scott is an incredibly tall and thin warrior preist. Don't let his slim build decieve you - He's quite powerful as Half-Orcs go. [Top]

S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.: Several, Crafty, Resourceful, Enterprising Wanderers Out For Fun & Simoleans - An adventuring group based in Whillip. This group of adventurers used to be composed primarily of player characters. Many characters in this new group were previously members of the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. This adventuring group is now composed of non-player characters.

  1. Zeddishous: Male, Aasimar, Ranger
  2. Grenco: Male, Mountain Dwarf, Scout
  3. Ysoac: Male, Painted Elf, Druid
  4. Khurshel: Male, Illumian Wizard/Beguiler (Ultimate Magus) and his familiar Esma: Khurshel's familiar is a little black bat
  5. Greywing: (aka Vy or 'Bob') - Male, Illumian Monk/Cleric/Warmage
  6. Duracell: Female, Human Monk
  7. Skifander Sun: Male, Whisper Gnome cleric/rogue (Shadowbane Stalker)

Like many adventuring groups based in Whillip (and Sembia), they are a chartered, officially recognized group of enterprising individuals looking for opportunities thoughout the realms. Ready to fight evil, loot tombs, and vanquish taint at any opportunity. The group is headquartered in buildings #397 (offices) and #398 (quarters) in Whillip. Kraven (a middle aged Human, male) helps the group administer their business and properties. The group prefers this low key presence to a flashier, more prominent standing in the community. [Top]

Scroggis: A female Goblin sex slave. This sexy siren was encounterd by the adventurers while exploring the caverns and tunnels of Firestorm Peak. While Scroggis may be comely to other dwellers of the Underdark, her condition as a slave created a less than desirable condition. When the party first found this spindly Goblin, she was covered in filth and rags. Imprisoned in a holding cell with other Goblins, her future looked rather bleak. [Top]

Dynnera (in the Guise of Clydeera) secured Scroggis's freedom, along with 19 other Goblin's, by buying them as 'slaves'. While this action forced Dynnera to 'act' as a slave holder, it did in fact free them from deplorable conditions. The party lost track of the slaves soon afterwards and assumed they had been 're-captured'. Dynnera then 'freed' Scroggis in the hopes that she would escape the den of Duergar inside Firestorm Peak. She quickly slipped away, and the party thought they'd seen the last of this spindly Goblin temptress.

While the party continue their quest, the thoughts of slavery quickly fled from their thoughts. The danger of this dungeon was much more compelling than dwelling on that sexy Goblin girl...

Later that day, the party was engaged in a dangerous encounter. As Belt and others did battle with a priest of the enemy, Dynnera spied potential danger as something squirmed beneath the vanquished priest's sheets. Whipping back the sheets, the party stood ready for any danger. Imagine their surprise when they discovered a nude and naked Scroggis! Recaptured in her attempt to return to the Underdark, she found her lot cast as sex slave to the now slain Ladugueran priest. Free again, this time she stuck closer to the party in her attempt to once again escape the confines of this accursed mountain.

Later in their adventures, the party was still spelunking the stagnant depths of Firestorm Peak. Attempting to find passage to a deeper level of the dungeon, the party triggered a glyph and found themselves teleported into a very large cavern. Unfortunately, the party arrived at ceiling height (~60 feet high)! While the adventurers were able to draw upon their great might and magical abilities to survive this precipitous plunge, Scroggis lacked such heroic reserve.

In the fatal fall, Scroggis was permanently freed from slavery. Her landing was less than graceful, with her head and neck obviously broken. Thus ended the career of a simple slave girl. Scroggis the Goblin only wanted freedom, her health and a family. Instead she found slavery, abuse and death at the hands of the evil Duergar of Firestorm Peak.

To this day, some specualate on the nature of the relationship between Scroggis and some of our party members. [Top]

First mate Serati: Human Male, young adult, sunburned and skinny. The First Mate of the Thistledown. Sold out his captain and most of his crew for a pile of loot. Made a deal with a pirate named 'Vurgrom the Mighty'. The party uncovered the plot, and Capt. Highlander dispensed a rather harsh form of high-seas justice after one of Serati's co-conspirators spilled his guts to save his hide. Serati's life as a low-life pirate came to a rather short conclusion at the end of yard arm one morning. [Top]

Roche Setaphone': A middle aged, Human, male of Desert descent. Roche (Known as 'Roach' by friends and enemies alike) is a very skinny man, with long white hair and deeply tanned coarse skin. Before his demise (at the hands of a player character), Roche ran a slavery/smuggling operation in Sembia. Headquartered in Whillip, Roche was involved in both 'legal' and 'illegal' slavery. The Thieve's Guild knew about, condoned and profited from this slave trade. They even provided material support to Roche's operations. Rumors indicated that Roche was also involved in a child prostitution ring servicing a clientele of twisted, evil, perverts across much of the realms. Roche had a family (wife and three children), who will undoubtedly mourn his passing, but they may be the only ones. [Top]

Shalfey: Shalfey the sage is the leader of an ascetic order of monks who live in the Tower of the Heavens. Shalfey is known to hold extensive knowledge of Astronomy, and he is said to have powers of premonition and divination. He is able to read and interpret the 'Books of Prophecy'. As the eldest and most learned sage serving at the Tower of the Heavens, Shalfey holds the title: "Elder of the Tower of the Heavens". Shalfey's an old man (Human), of slight build. He has long flowing white hair, a beard, and a noticeable scar on his chin. His robes are white in color. [Top]

Siegrid - A central figure in the Legend of Nth. Siegrid was a 16th level who used the Sword of Nth to slay Il-I-Kay, thus ending the war of shadows. [Top]

Sion: A young human male. Sion is Piyarz's pupil. Sion has been attacking the party late at night, when the shadows are deep. Sion, like Piyarz, is a Shade. Sion is often accompanied by one or more Shadow Mastiffs. A thorn in the party's side. Sion has been 'hounding' the party ever since they began the quest to free shalfey. Obsessed with obtaining a meteorite, Sion is as elusive as the nights shadow. [Top]

Skifander Sun: Skifander - aka Skif, was a male Whisper Gnome cleric/rogue. A Shadowbane Stalker played by Sean O'Brien. The party knew very little about Skifander. He was first encountered during a port call to the city of Evereska. Apparently, he'd wandered into the Elven enclave without permission. The xenophobic Elves held him captive until the Skycruiser Palisade happened to stop there as a part of its trade route. Skifander adventured with our party of adventurers until they completed their quest to purge the town of Deepwood from several evil forces. Skifander is now an NPC attatched to the reformed SCREWOFFS. [Top]

Nigel Stormcloud: This Human male was Tanar's father. Nigel was a magic user of some skill. He was missing for 20+ years. He left home on a quest to discover the secrets of a magical gate located in the northern shirelands, in the shadow of Firestorm peak. The only clue to his disappearance was a journal entry that came into possession of Tanar his son. As a member of the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S., Tanar and the party sought Nigel inside the tainted Firestorm Peak.

When Nigel's party of adventurers entered Firestorm Peak, it consisted of four (known) members:
* Derek Warcaller: Confirmed dead; crushed by rock-fall trap near entrance to caverns under Firestorm peak.
* Nigel Stormcloud - Originally presumed alive somewhere within Firestorm peak, the party eventually located Nigel (see below). Nigel was Tanar's father.
* Wellfast Brightblade: Confronted, battled, slain by S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.. Wellfast was the ruler of the Duergar community inside Firestorm Peak. Wellfast held one of the crystal shards needed by the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S..
* Quaren Ael Drim: Female Elven Ranger? Status unknown, presumed alive somewhere within Firestorm Peak. Their is some belief that her body or spirit was consumed by a living wall deep within that evil mountain.

The fate of Nigel: On the 28th of Aug, 1003 (game date), our party of intrepid heroes encountered, and slew Madreus. The rumors regarding his ability to control others were true. Merely looking into his eyes can cause you to fall under his spell. This ability allowed him to control a vast network of accomplices, allies and slaves. With his demise, all those under his control are released from his subjugation. Accompanying Madreus - in the Vast Gate chamber - was an entourage of hostile companions. He'd even enslaved a pair of peace loving Myconid. The battle with Madreus was mercifully short, as the party managed to bypass his security measures and take him by surprise. One of the allies with him was Nigel Stormcloud. Tanar's father. The man this party had come to Firestorm Peak to find was alive - Then the party killed him! They brought his body out of the mountain, carried it to the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine, and cast a speak with dead upon the remains. Unfortunately, the questions they asked of his remains served as confirmation. Nigel Stormcloud was a willing servant to the evil Madreus. His quest for power had corrupted his soul, twisted his life, and left him ultimately dead atop a heap of suffering victims. [Top]

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Talrath Filey: Drow, Sorceror/Rogue - Briefly played by Nathaniel Benton. A former member of our group of adventurers. The party knew very little about Talrath. He was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Talrath and a few other characters (Members of an adventuring group known as 'Nothing But Trouble') were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing cocoons. They were engaged in a quest to find Eivobrin's Incanabula when they encountered a powerful group of spiders. Thanks to the members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights, they were freed from their cocoons and given a second chance at life. Unfortunately for Talrath, that short lease on life didn't last very long. While searching for the Incanabula, the party encountered a powerful enemy. Engaged in combat with Glan Sarin and his minions, Talrath was slain by a barrage of magic missiles fired by Glan Sarin. Low on hit points to begin with, Talrath simply couldn't withstand the massive amount of damage dealt by this high level enemy.

At 5’3” and 102 lbs. Talrath was a little small for his race. As a Drow, his dark skin and red eyes often marked him for prejudicial treatment and he didn't take kindly to that. Strangers always assumed that he was an evil bastard intent on stealing their treasure, kidnapping their babies or murdering their men. The shaggy armor that he wore was a bit unusual and his dweomer spoke of spell casters. A shock of white hair down the crown of his pate resembled the mane on a proud and fiersome stallion, while his sinewy build spoke of agile and coiled power, strung tightly like the string of a bow. [Top]

Kelond Tannersoth: We freed this human male from a jail cell in the underground lair of Explicita Defilus.  He hailed from Ormpetarr, and he claimed to be the owner of a company that runs trade barges to Orlane on the Wintercloak River.  He said he was captured by troglodytes where the Rushmoor Swamp encroaches on the river.  He shared his cell with Danieth Hisarne, and he got himself beat up pretty badly for defending her against their troglodyte captors. [Top]

Tax Collectors/Customs Officials: The city of Whillip has a powerful regional government, and among it's employees are a group of people who enforce taxation codes. As a member of the Hadeska (aka Sembia) Nation State, the city is ruled by a governing board of syndicrats and an efficient bureaucracy. One of the official government bodies is a department which enforces taxation and customs regulation upon the goods and services of residents, visitors and various business groups that do business within Whillip. One type of 'goods' that are taxed is 'Booty' - Treasure, loot, salvage - Some call it booty. The treasure recovered, claimed and won by the various adventuring groups who call Whillip home. The group of tax collectors are a cordial and efficient group. They do their job with a sense of civic pride, knowing that the taxes collected help to maintain roads, charitable groups, education, the federal employees, and the modern infrastructure of their prosperous Nation State.

This group of taxation and customs officials is composed of various individuals/the Adventurers are acquainted with the following members:

  1. Padish: A middle-aged male Gnome who wears spectacles. Padish is one of the clerks who records responses to taxation/customs interview questions. He seems quite adept at taking notes, his hands seem to move more quickly than would be normal for a typical clerk.
  2. Farisha: A young Human female with good looks. Farisha asks most of the taxation/customs interview questions. Her charming good looks and easy going dweomer are somewhat disarming. Most people around her feel at ease when she's speaking.
  3. Etuarik: An elderly male High-Elve? Etuarik seems to be the supervisor for this small group of taxation/customs officials. Etuarik has a heavy shock of white hair with a box-cut beard and long nose. He's usually dressed in a conservative suit with vest, short cut polished black leather boots and a tan overcoat. He also has a silver chain connected to his vest - On the end of the chain is a small golden device which he frequently consults. When he's not holding this device in his palm (and looking at it intently), he stores it in a pocket on the front of his vest. Like Padish, he also wears wire-rimmed spectacles.
    1. Gomin-Ock: Accompanying these clerical workers are two members of the city-guard. The guards are young adult male Half-Orcs of considerable girth and physical stature.
    2. Khadorin: The city guard that accompany the taxation/customs officials wear chain mail and a grey and blue tabard which identifies them as 'City of Whillip Guard'. The uniform features badges bearing their names and chevrons to indicate their rank. They are armed with long swords a slung shield a dagger. They don't usually present arms drawn. When they're not moving about they stand at 'parade rest' near the city officials.

Adventurers who visit Whillip will invariably be sought out by a group such as these. Their purpose is to determine whether an adventuring party is bringing goods, treasure or booty into Sembia. Any goods brought into Hadeska are taxed upon 'first entry'. The city officials conduct an interview and ask for a 'Receipt' which would be available if the loot had already been taxed in some other Sembian town.

Adventurers might note that these taxation/customs officials seem to be quite adept at detecting deception in all its forms. Nuanced behaviors, as subtle as body positioning and posturing are the least of these cues. They also seem to ask very insightful questions while conducting their interviews. Their non-verbal communication skills seem other-worldly. Honed to a fine edge, catching one of these officials off-guard or flat-footed is nearly impossible. [Top]

Thastick: This evil male Duergar is the Captain of the Guard at 640 – a Dwarven fortification currently inhabited by a clan of exiled Duergar. Known by the other exiles as 'The Guardian', Thastick has assumed the role of interim leader of the exiles until they can rejoin the main clan inside Firestorm Peak. [Top]

Theradyne: Theradyne is a Dwarf, and a Priest of Moradin in Dunfee.  Using money he charged Ashedyn (Formerly known as "Mud") to remove a curse, he is going to build a shrine to Moradin outside of the villages mine. The shrine will be used by visitors to the little mountain community. [Top]

Tekelut Thringus: This Human male magic user is elderly, but his exact age is unknown. His skin is wrinkled and weather worn. He has short white hair, and an injured or blinded eye. Working with the church of Helm, Tekelut sponsored one of the party's adventures. He sent them on a quest to recover an ancient magical tome. Thringus has had attempts on his life and believes a sinister agent is also seeking Eivobrin's Incanabula for nefarious purposes. [Top]

Raven Thurinough: This Human female is the manager of the party's Inn. She's an educated, experienced, and well trained manager. She has degrees in business management and accounting. She came highly recommended by 'X', who hired her to manage his staff for a period of time. Raven is a statuesque, good looker with rusty brown hair, a slim build on a tall frame, and chiseled facial features. In addition to good looks, Raven is as sharp as a fencer's blade, and very assertive. Never one to sit back and take orders, she takes control of every situation she's in. [Top]

Zacharius Thybender : Zacharius is a Human male, in his mid 30's. He is tall, long limbed, and sports a shock of bright red hair atop his long narrow face. Zacharius is the captain of the Skycruiser Palisade. Highly skilled at managing the crew of his merchant ship. Zacharius is a stickler for protocol, and a skilled merchant.

The captains duties are largely administrative. Yet in his authority lies the final word in all maters. He gives the main orders of the ship. Determining what cargo to buy, transport and sell. He's even in charge of the port calls and trade routes traveled. He authorizes all pay and distribution of all monies. His is the authority on all promotions, hirings, firings and reprimands/punishments. He meets and speaks with all visitors on official business of an important nature. He is the final arbiter in regards to the ships safety and operations. The captain also performs inspections of the ship and its crew. [Top]

Too-Ate: Too-Ate is a Samurai who lives in a traditional Rokugan thatch hut and garden. Trapped in the Cube of Nth for who knows how long, Too-Ate helped the party by providing them with a clue that he had found long ago. He told the party that he would like to leave if the party finds the way out, but wasn't interested in traveling with them as they explore the Cube of Nth. Too-Ate was one of the cube denizens that the party brought with them when they figured out how to get out of that place. [Top]

Trelles: A short, overweight Half-Elf, of middle age. Trelles is a weapons expert who works at a museum in Willip. As an agent of Kraetia the weapons mage, he is constantly on the look-out for unique weapons of all sorts. He also acts as an agent for Kraetia in all matters concerning her study of weapons related magic. [Top]

Tunadholm: Tunadholm (of the Ovgradnon clan) was a Dwarven general of great renown. He was hailed as a genius by even the Elves for his sweeping victories in the great Orc war of 686. Once outnumbered, and low on supplies, he wiped out three hundred Orcish and Goblin troops by starting an avalanche from his mountaintop vantage point. Tunadholm always fought with the Rondolim; an heirloom from the early Dwarvish empire of Kanog-Thesh. Rondolim is old Dwarvish for "Killer of Orcs". With it, Tunadholm slew nearly two thousand Orcs and Goblins, without once suffering so much as a single scratch. Tunadholm went on to gather several followers and men at arms. He built a hold called Sharisthek, in the Oversember vale, near the Thunder Peaks of the Dalelands. Here Tunadholm grew old and famous with the telling and retelling of his adventures.

Tunadholm and nearly all the occupants of Sharisthek died of the 'Black Cough' sometime during the winter of 981. The keep was overrun by a troupe of Orcs and Goblins soon afterwards. The Orcs and Goblins were merciless, slaying everyone who remained alive. Some would say it was the siege and eventual cleansing that prevented the plague from spreading to the greater Dwarven community. It was widely believed that the Rondolim and all the other treasures of Sharisthek then fell into the hands of the Orcs and Goblins. The Rondolim was still there. Hiding amongst the ruins of Sharisthek. Our party of intrepid adventurers completed a successful quest to recover the axe, and it is currently in the hands of a Dwarven warrior at the head of a war against the Orcs. [Top]

The Raven. Twilight: A large black Raven which can speak. Believed/supposed to be "X's" familiar? "Twilight is a terrific bird." This raven is capable of speech. Or so it seems. We've heard it speak on occasion. We're not quite sure how intelligent it is, but it certainly is a magnificent creature. [Top]

"Then the boy reaches out and pets the birds head as it continues to eat the apple. The bird is rather impressive. Surely it must be two feet from beak to tail. The beak is sharp and straight, the talons look rather formidable as well. It's handling that apple rather easily. And the coat. It gleams as if polished. The bird reminds you of an obsidian dagger.

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Thereman Ulath: A high level elven priest with a touch of Human blood. Thereman is the ruler of Highmoon. Thereman lives in the tower of the Rising Moon. Thereman is an easy-going, informal ruler who tries to make time for any who want to see him.

Thereman Ulath is a three hundred something year old Elf Priest that we found in the Tower of the Rising Moon in Highmoon.  He performed a speak with dead for us on Nibori so that we could determine her last wishes after she was killed by Trolls.  We left her body with him for final internment since he knew of her and would know much better than we would the Elven burial traditions and rites. [Top]

Cussath Uthtah: Cussath Uthtah is a Lizard Man who works at the Mage's guild of Whillip. Cussath performs duties at the Mages guild as an identification expert. He expertly assesses the properties, charges, curses, keywords, and value of magical or enchanted items for interested parties. His services are 200gp per effort. Cussath carries with him a curious assortment of tools. A briefcase which contains a folding chair and a pair of gloves. Once the chair and gloves have been removed, the briefcase itself becomes a small table with metal folding legs. Cussath doesn't really match the Lizard Man stereotype very well. He's fond of poetry and spends much of his spare time singing. He's even composed several operettas in his native language. Cussath has piercing black eyes with red pupils. [Top]

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Hectar Venkary: One of Hoar's wandering priests. After accepting a sizeable donation for his church, he taught a Ashedyn technique for cracking open a combination lock. [Top]

Huzzach'ta Veyatar: Veyatar is male Kzinti (large tiger like humanoids/NPCs). He hails from Whillip, where he makes his home. Veyatar is an experienced Skyship Captain, but he operates independently of JFK Enterprises; prefering to take private charters and train new crew members for JFK. His rates (as an independent charter Captain) are reasonable, but work is hard to come by in that line. He supplements his income by providing security services to various individuals and companies across Sembia. [Top]

Vorick: A Troll! Vorick is no ordinary Troll. Vorick of the Nether Mountains is a lawful good priest of Tyr the just. Vorick is a disciple attached to the Monastery of the Nether Mountains. Vorick is second in charge at this Covenant of the Hallowed Doctrine. As a cleric and a purifier, Vorick is well equipped to battle the tainted monsters that inhabit the regions around Firestorm Peak. When the party first arrived at the monastery, it was Vorick who healed the grievously injured members. [Top]

Vurgrom the Mighty: We don't know what he looks like. A no good nasty pirate of some repute. The captain of the Maelstrom. Responsible for the death/enslavement of the Thistledown's crew; save for five conspirators who sold out the crew for a cut of the booty. [Top]

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Westlin: This Human male is the law in the town of Longbridge. In a town where the frontier is as close as a stones throw, it's good to know that a man (human male) like Westlin is there to keep the law. Middle aged, stacked high on a wiry frame, sharp as a tack and clear spoken. Westlin brooks no chaos in this small town. "The only thing that separates us from the animals is law, and I maintain the law in this here town". Westlin was helpful, fair and quick to take action when he was needed. [Top]

Whenit: A celestial emissary of Menelmacar. Whenit is definitely not Human. As a matter of fact, the party has no idea what he was. Let's just say he was a 'Celestial Emissary'. Whenit appeared as a four armed humanoid (much like a Hakheerian), standing approximately seven feet tall. One unusual feature was his draconic head. Not the head of a Dragon mind you, it's just that his head was somewhat scaly and it had horns and smaller hornlike projections about the chin, eyes and ears. Whenit also has a pair of birdlike wings protruding from his back. The wings were jet black and must have covered a 20' span easily.

Whenit appeared to the party on a cold windless night in order to take possession of the Sword of Nth for his master - Menelmacar. Who knows what would have happened if they'd tried to resist? [Top]

Inaen Whitherclaw: This Human male is a 14th level cleric in the service of Helm. His primary duties at the temple in Waterdeep include administration of the training programs for clerics with fewer than 10 levels, and supervision of the various instructors. Inaen has supported the party's endeavors through Garivek, the church of Helm and Solmar. [Top]

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X crestThe Master. "X".:
True name, 'Maghrehv Eiddiesse Ekhhs'. Otherwise known as "X". He is an aged man. Human, at least 60 years old. Bald on top, with a well trimmed gray beard on his chin. His eyes immediately draw your attention. You note that he is most likely blind. As his eyes are but two milky white spheres showing no pupil. Most disconcerting. He seems to walk somewhat more assuredly than other blind people you have seen. Yet that slight hesitation, that tilting of the head, and other tell tale signs, assure you that he is indeed blind. It is believed by most that X has a familiar. A Raven which was first noted accompanying the boy Ellis.

"X" has been noted wearing gray slacks and an off white shirt with leather lacings and embroidered cuffs. Over his back and shoulders rests a light brown robe with black embroidered glyphs or symbols along the edges. He wears leather sandals, and carries a dark wooden cane. "X" owns/lives at the Manor. A large wood and stone villa outside of Whillip. "X" was responsible for the parties initial summoning. He worked magics to gather the group together so that he could offer them a job. Much more remains to be learned about the one called "X". For now we should suffice it to say that his intentions do not seem malefic. [Top]

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Yorgel: A druid who acts as protector of Willip's wild places. Ward of the druid's grove/community in Willip. The protector of the river that flows through Willip.  To meet this druid (the first time...), one must catch fish from the river and leave them hanging on a fence that surrounds a protected grove in one of Willip's parks. Yorgel is a tall, thin Human with pronounced facial features; a narrow pointed chin and sunken eye sockets - Or so it seemed a second ago. Yorgel's facial features and apparent age are in a continuous slowly changing flux. Yorgel's hands seem somewhat raptor-like. Where one would expect to find normal finger nails are sharp black talons like those of a bird of prey.

Yorgel is never alone - He seems to always be accompanied by an acolyte or druid in training. When there is no apparent humanoids accompanying him, one can note that some animal seems nearby. A bird, a stag, a badger or even a lowly squirrel. Our group of adventurers knows from experience that Yorgel is some sort of leading figure in a secretive sect of wild-folk and protectors in and around Whillip. Yorgel serves this sect as a trainer, mentor and superior to a group of druids and rangers. [Top]

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Zhabovekh: Standing five foot eight inches, and weighing in at 180 pounds, Zhabovekh is hardly your ordinary Kobold. A true giant among his kind, Zhabovekh has mithral scales, wears orange robes and an iron breast plate adorned with a white deaths head design. He wields a koda-maki-chu, and carries himself with an air of command unlike any opponent our party has previously encountered.

Zhabovekh is the leader of an extraordinary tribe of Kobolds known as the Rusty Hinge tribe. Zhabovekh is the leader of a military academy and he is a high level priest of Kurtulmak (A Kobold deity). He can use a spell that makes a pillar of fire shoot down from the sky, and he can teleport himself whenever he wants. [Top]

Zodar: A medium sized construct; Zodar served our party as a companion and guide during an adventure amongst the outer planes. We first encountered Zodar outside a country inn where we were investigating rumors and gathering information about an upcoming adventure. He (we don't know his gender, or even if he has a gender, but we've been calling Zodar a 'he' for the sake of convenience) began following us everywhere. Zodar is incapable of speech, but he understands common, and it took us some time to ascertain that Zodar had decided to join our party (or been directed to join our party) in pursuit of a common quest. Zodar has also been known to converse in writing, but only in a limited capacity - We're unsure if this is by choice or due to an intellectual limitation.

We don't know exactly what type of construct Zodar is, and there is some debate as to whether he is actually a construct. He appears to be a medium sized suit of armor with no bits of flesh showing, and only a golden glowing light shining forth from the holes in his helmed head. Zodar carries a rather large sword (hand-and-a-half sword) which he wields in combat. In addition to the sword, he also seems fond of grappling and his crushing attacks cause a considerable amount of damage. One particular thing we learned about Zodar was his great strength - Rivalling Titans and greater Giant's, Zodar's physical might is second only to the greater gods!

Updates - After adventuring with Zodar for some period of time Mot asked him a series of questions, and he actually provided some answers. Apparently Zodar is a member of a race of beings called 'Inevitable'. These creatures are natives of Mechanus - a Lawful Neutral plane of existence. Inevitable are constructs. We were right! They exist primarily to enforce the natural laws of the universe, and Zodar is on a mission to protect 'the Prince' from harm, so that he may achieve his goal. Zodar is a specific type of Inevitable. He's something called a 'Zelekhut'. He seems to be made out of some sort of metal, (we're not sure what sort of metal), and a close observation shows hinges and gears where his joints fit together.

Like other constructs, Zodar is immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. Not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. We don't know a lot about Zodar, but we have learned that he hails from the plane of Mechanus, and he is a servant to the Prince of Constructs. [Top]

*Some non-player characters may not be included in this listing. If a player character meets an NPC and chooses to keep that characters identity secret then that NPC will not be listed here. One example of this might be the name of a 'guild' member or contact. In addition, not everyone the party meets is important enough to list here.
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