(Illustration at left is copyright: Jim Bader 2003)

Eilownwy: Female, Wild Elf Ranger. Played by: Jason Hohler, now an NPC

As a player character, Eilownwy was only run for a short period of time. Jason had to drop out of the campaign due to scheduling problems (Too much overtime/business trips at work) that left him unable to attend regular gaming sessions. The party knew virtually nothing about Eilownwy (pronounced Eye-laun-we). They judged her solely on the basis of a short conversation. Accepting her into the group on trust alone, the party has shown a great willingness to accept the unknown. To embrace the uncertain, to tempt fate and dare the odds.

Eilownwy is a Wild Elf. She's stockier and sturdier than your typical Elf. Eilownwy's sword arm appears to be finely tuned for carving up trolls. Eilownwy has dark skin and abstract tattoos on her face and arms. Slightly wary of strangers, and very wary of the big city, she enjoys the outdoors immensely and respects all of natures creatures.

Surviving numerous battles and close calls on her own. Eilownwy eventually hooked up with the adventuring group known as 'The Clean-Up crew'. Last we heard, she was fighting Dwarves in Firestorm Peak.


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