Male, Half-Elven Wizard. Played by: Nicholis Bufmack

Emrikol-Oz was Nicholis's first character in this campaign. After playing a Wizard, and a Barbarian as NPC's. Nicholis's Wizard ended up with a personality that could best be described as a combination of the two NPCs he'd played.

Brash and callous. Emrikol wasn't one to mince words or hold back. He wasn't adventuring for fame, glory, or some lofty moral goal. He was in it for the money. He was in it for his own personal gain. If he happened to save some sniveling villagers along the way, well then that's fine for them, but there better be some pay in it, or some of those villagers are gonna owe him big time!

Unfortunately, one of Emrikol's character traits was impatience, and on one gloomy day it got the better of him. After a day of trap detection and slogging through a dungeon with no opponents, Emrikol got fed up with the constant searching for traps and secret doors. Choosing to expedite things, Emrikol strode boldly forward, entered a steel lined room (by himself), and closed the door.

A short time later, his remains were discovered. Broken and lifeless. Emrikol's trip to the wall of the dead (he professed no faith) was short and sweet. No suffering involved. It wasn't the first time Emrikol met the final beyond, but it was the last time.


Physical Description
Emrikol-Oz was only 21 years old when he died. Standing 5' 10" tall, and weighing 130lbs, Emrikol was a bit on the light side, but as strong as a whip. Emrikol-Oz's skin was a bit pale, as the young wizard tended to librarys and crypts more so than fields and streams. Black hair and jet black eyes accented his jutting chin and angular features.

Homeland (Country/City)
Emrikol grew up on the streets of Cimbar. The Capital city of Chessenta. Not exactly a home-land. Emrikol-Oz suffered as a youth. Running away from home, getting into trouble with the law, and serving as an indentured servant. Emrikol never really considered Cimbar home. Just one of those places he'd rather not visit again.

Emrikol-Oz grew up alone, at first ignored in the home of his uncle, Abratal-Oz, and when he was old enough to run away, in the streets of Cimbar (Chessenta's supposed Capital). His uncle claimed that Emrikol-Oz's "parents had abandoned him because they didn't want a useless little whelp holding them down, and it was only because of his kind and generous nature that Emrikol-Oz had anywhere to live at all."

If his uncle was kind and generous, Emrikol-Oz never saw it. His life with his uncle was toil and misery. He was a slave, doing all of the menial work at his uncle's glass works and serving as the target for all of his uncle's frustrations. He was beaten, starved, and continuously ill-treated.

The final blow fell when Abratal-Oz discovered that Emrikol-Oz had taught himself to read. Late at night, while his uncle slept off a drunk, Emrikol-Oz would sneak books from his uncle's library and ponder the words and pictures inside. When his uncle, rising from a half-drunken slumber, noticed a light coming from Emrikol-Oz's loft, he went to investigate. What followed was a near fatal beating for Emrikol-Oz. When Emrikol-Oz was able, he vowed to never be beaten again and ran away, leaving his uncle forever.

The next few years saw Emrikol-Oz living on the streets like a wild dog, stealing when he could, starving when he couldn't. Eventually, he was caught trying to break into a house. Carted off to the city jail at the age of 12, all seemed hopeless for Emrikol-Oz. As it turned out, this was the best thing that could have happened to him. The city of Cimbar had a policy that before sentencing, a prisoner could have a bond paid to the township by a respected citizen of the town, making the bonded prisoner the indentured servant of the bondholder for a certain amount of time. Emrikol-Oz was lucky enough to have someone bond him out.

At first, he didn't think of it as good fortune. Visions of serving as his uncle's slave haunted him and he repeatedly attempted to run away from his new masters; Benay and Airees. Each time, they found him. To the young Emrikol-Oz it seemed as if they always knew when he was plotting to run away and they always found him, no matter where he ran to or where he tried to hide. Much to his surprise, they never beat him or punished him when he ran away. They always treated him with loving respect. Something he was unaccustomed to receiving.

After a time, Emrikol-Oz began to realize that what he had suspected about his new masters was true; they were workers of magic. He became fascinated, enthralled by the world of mystery that they lived in. To his delight, they approved of his interest and took him under their wing as an apprentice. Eventually, his term of service came to an end, but he stayed, not only because of the invaluable education in wizardry, but because they had become the parents that he had never known. In turn, he had become more than an apprentice to the wizard couple; he had become their son.

Over the years, Emrikol-Oz went on many adventures. Some of them as errands for his masters and sometimes accompanying his masters. Often, he journeyed to Willip on their behalf. Recently, a group of adventurers asked him to take up temporary service with X, an enigmatic figure from Willip. This led him to joining an adventuring company called the Clean-up Crew, and later with another group known loosely as 'The Summoned Six'. Together with his new companions he went on a couple of adventures before meeting his unfortunate demise at the bottom of a trapped elevator.

Emrikol was accompanied by his familiar; a raven named 'Crebin', and two war dog companions, 'gog' and 'magog'. Both of the war dogs were killed on the parties quest to find the Rondolim, and Crebin flew off on his own after Emrikol died.

Author: Robert L. Vaessen e-mail: robert robsworld org
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